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Found 3 results

  1. Two questions. Does anyone know (and can they tell me): The symbol of the city of Darleep. Who (or what) is Verrogors.
  2. Prompted by Hervé Carteau's note in the G+ forum, I posted the following fragment in G+ from my reworked Imther reflecting GtG and other input from Jeff and others over the years. I figure it might be more easily accessed here. As it is the area of Imther closest to Balazar, it may be of interest to those running Griffin Mountain-derived campaigns, particularly around Elkoi and the Elf Sea. Amber Fort is situated at the mouth of the Gap River (known to Balazarings as the West River - clearly a complete misnomer from the Imtherian and Lunar standpoint). Most of the clans in the eastern wilds of Imther are descendants of Orlanthi who refused to accept the Lunar Way and followed ancient traditions of withdrawing into the wilds to wait for the Day When the Winds Return. To: Iridascius, Aide to Quinscion, His Most Excellent General of Procurement and Disbursement, Mirin’s Cross Fr: Galacrustus, Geographer, Sage of Irripi Ontor, Imperial Survey Office, Hilltown Dated: Crescent-Come, Stasis, Dark, 7/46 The bad weather continues to make the roads, aside from Hwarin’s Singing Trail, all but impassable; and merchants venturing along the latter report attacks by particularly hostile spirits of darkness. With such news from the roads, it was difficult to even find a carrier for this report and impossible to find any caravan venturing out! So I remain here at Hwarin’s temple where her most reverend priestess, Rasefala, has seen fit to open the temple archives to me. I had not realized the Jannisor collection was so extensive! Did you realize that despite so many stories of this great hero, that it’s impossible to discern amongst which tribe or clan he was actually born? With this note you will find my survey of the eastern wilds, or as much as I could actually obtain given the hostility shown to all strangers! Thankfully, the merchant Appchus, a garrulous old trader who claimed Jillaro as his place of birth and bemoaned the current state of Imther, accompanied me for much of the journey. He is certainly well-versed and knows all the greetings of Alakarma, Khelmal, and Orlanth, and many of the knots of Gordaval; necessary he claimed if we wished to keep the clansmen peaceable. And, yes, the region is still under the stormy grip of Orlanth, though the clans seem to spend all their time squabbling with each other – as I heard from many of them: “no one can make me do anything!” Yours, Galacrustus. Eastern Wilds Clans Size: possibly 10,000 Clans: 13 Holy Sites: Old Oak, Skald’s Rock, Selkow’s First Tor, Wind Ridge Tor Beyond the Daltach lands stretches vast forest clear to the Elf Sea. It is a harsh, rugged, and broken land with wild untamed rivers, fields of tumbled stones said to be the broken limbs of ancient giants, and sharp rocky ridgelines. The clans here favor Orlanth, the Lady of the Wild, and their unruly children and kin. Once a great hero named Selkow formed a tribe here, and one clan still claims his name and his hills for their own, but the tribe is long gone and the current clans have formed from the dregs and refugees of other lands who fled here over the last wanes. They live by the barbarous Orlanthi mottoes: “No one can make me do anything” and “Violence is always an option”; and their blood feuds carry on from generation to generation. Amber Fort "The Amber Clan", "The New Clan", "The Sea Clan", Chief: Bulverius Ambereye The Etyries merchant Bulverius sought for many years to gain a great trade venture. After many ill-conceived schemes he finally convinced the Lunar Provincial Administration to grant him land upon the Elf Sea at the mouth of the Gap River at the close of the Civil War in Imther. He brought with him Lunar army veterans looking for plots of land, disgruntled refugees from the Civil War lurking in both Imther and Vanch, and an assortment of craftsmen, workers, and slaves culled from Saird. A great cache of amber has brought quick success to this wilderness outpost, as well as the envy and dislike of nearby Imtherian clans and Votanki tribesmen. The inhabitants have embarked upon a ritual to establish a wyter and form a new clan. Haylfang "The Dawn Clan", "The Bearwalker Clan" Chief: Old Vangorl Velorlanthsson Haylfang Vangonsson brought the Secret of the Bear, the Heart of Zardur, and the Horn of Last Mead to the Three Rivers land. Haylfang sought Velhara and gave her the Five Great Trophies to claim the place of his clan in the rugged wilds. His son, Umbarth, proved he was of the Bear when he slew the Moon Sakkar and took the great fangs for his own and placed them in the Great Hall. His grandson, Grorth, proved he was of the Bear when he ripped apart the Tentacled Salmon that could swim on land and run in the water, and reclaimed the Gap Ferry. His great-grandson, Torsoth the Grim, gained the Coonskin Cap and the Tooth of Wisdom and courted Orsahla of the Wild. With her aid, the clan fought the demon steeds and the Fire hordes who sought to burn down the wild lands and slay all the beasts, whether divine or spirit or essence. The great Bearwalkers are still feared by all the clans of the wild.
  3. M Helsdon


    [Not canonical but derived from studying illustrations in RQ2, the Guide to Glorantha, etc.] A great variety of helmets are worn in central Genertela; the selection below is not definitive. Whilst certain designs are historically associated with particular regions, this does not denote the territory within which a particular helmet is found. A: Pelandan 1 is knowns as a pseudo-mostali, claimed to be based on the helmets acquired by Daxdarius, and now worn only by gladiators. 2-6 are hoplite helmets, and may be worn by phalanx soldiers across Peloria, Dragon Pass and Prax. B: Dara Happan 1 is a simple bronze cap; 2 adds a cranial ridge; 3-7 a nose-guard and various levels of added protection. C: Pelorian Some are clearly developed from the Pelandan helmets, though others, such as 5 are virtually identical to those worn by some Orlanthi. 10 is decorated with an embossed or incised moustache and beard. D: Saird Related to the Pelorian but 1-5 have a high and forward inclined lobate apex; in 1-2 stylized as a horse’s head. 6-7 are Yelmalion ‘hawk helms’. E ‘Barbarian Belt’ 1-3 are simple ‘pot’ helmets; 4 is more complex; 5 is imposing and the helm of a king or champion; 6 is fashioned from boars’ tusks; 7 is an example of a Grazelander helmet. F: Helmet Furniture A variety of forms of decoration are added to helmets, though usually only heroes, champions and officers so advertise their presence on the battlefield. Such furniture adds to the weight of the helmets and poses the risk of an enemy grasping it, so may be made to be easily detachable. The helmets shown are only examples; such decoration can be added to almost all helmet designs at the whim of the wearer. 1-3 add horse hair crests; 4 has a plume; 5 a feather; 6 horns and is typical of an Uroxi helmet; 7, the Grazelander helmet includes a horse figurine with a tail made of hair. Nose-guards are often styled as Death or Truth Runes.
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