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Found 1 result

  1. So this thread is going to be about the default "play" area for Skaerune'. In the main rule book there will be a small description and adventure that I hope will introduce people to the setting in an adequate way. It will also be the first supplement for Skaerune'. After that I will gauge interest from players to see what they want. So a little about Salt Island: Sitting in the middle of the Sea of Woes, Salt Island is famous for being famous. Since the time of the First City, Salt Island has been a battle ground because of it's resources. One of those is the large amount of salt found beneath its dusty surface. Another is the plentiful dark red and orange fruit orchards that dot the island's more hospitable regions. Salt Island has always been a source of great wealth and whoever controlled it held advantage over its rivals. Now the Rakshasa rule the island and the power of the Fourth City has settled here. The salt mines run day and night with both slaves and paid labor. For a slave, the Salt Mines are a death sentence either from exhaustion or the hand of an overseer. Things are not much better for those who are paid to enter the mines because the contracts offered by the Rakshasa Salt Barons do not benefit those who labor. Yet many of those who have been dispossessed by the Glorious Empire have no real choice but to brave the mines. The lucky few who survive are never quite the same. Out in the “Hinters” or Hinterland of the island, the ruins of three other settlements dot the land. They are home to scavengers, cannibals, and dangerous beasts. Worse, they are home to several demon cults who don't give a damn where the Rakshasa come from or their status as “Lords”. Beyond the old settlements are the caves, the flats, and the swamp. Each is deadly in its own way, though it is only beyond these that one finds the most dangerous and fascinating place on the island: Nameless Rock. Touched by those who lived here before the First City, it is a labyrinth of ancient design and sinister intent. Most who brave its dark passages never return, though a few who have returned talk about meeting the Mistress of the Maze. Most think these people are crazy.
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