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Found 22 results

  1. This popped into my head so I thought I would ask it here. Why don't the Lunar Empire just send a group of soldiers to each clan during the high holy days of Orlanth and Ernalda? They then could prevent the worship of these gods. This is probably easier said than done. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  2. I found the attached map somewhere on this forum, maybe posted by Jeff. I know the tribal borders of the Cinsina, Colymar, Culbrea, Lismelder, Locaem, and Malani tribes. Could someone please help me with the Curtali, Sylangi, Bacofi (?), Balmyr, Sambari, Balkoth, Kheldon, and Aranwyth tribe borders? Will all this ("current" clans and tribes) be detailed in the planned Sartar book, do you think?
  3. This is not about the eternal debate of Elmal against Yelmalio, nor the state of those cults in current Sartar. Straightforwad: In modern Glorantha canon, who is the sun god of the sartarites? Who recieves the blessings and prayers when your average farmer needs a sunny day? The focus of the usual discussion seems to be around the identity of Lightforge, but considering that Elmal was born so the orlanthi could have a sun god, I think this question is rather important.
  4. Hi all. I'm in the process of getting ready to run a Glorantha game using RQ Classic rules (so many fond memories), and after browsing through the old HeroQuest books I've decided I'm mostly going to be limiting my players to the Heortling-controlled areas of Sartar as described in Thunder Rebels. While I'm impressed by just how much background information is given in this and the associated books, I'm still having trouble picturing the layout of a 'typical' Heortling Stead. Can anybody point me in the direction of some suitable maps/plans/layouts for a Heortling Stead, or recommend a (currently available) publication that contains such maps? I currently have pdfs of HQ Thunder Rebels, HQ Dragon Pass and HQ Barbarian Adventures and plan on purchasing Storm Tribes and the other two Sartar Rising pdfs when I get paid next week. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was quite suprised to find this a few days ago while wandering on Lulu.com ... Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes (2009) Sartar Companion (2010) That's great, but of course it is also quite puzzling. Why isn't it mentioned on the Chaosium page for the PDF of each of these products? Why aren't these also available in hardcover? Why Lulu & why not (also?) DTRPG? Will Pavis: Gateway to Adventure (2012) also be available as it is also out-of-print? What about HeroQuest: Core Rules (2009) later on?
  6. So, we know that crossing a Tula’s border will have the interlopers confronted by fyrd members patrolling sooner or later and if all is well the sojourners will be taken back to someone in authority and the hospitality “challenge” begins. All things being equal, a good result will get some form of “hospitality” even if only the right to continue travelling. What happens at gates to a hill fort, be it small or large. When one comes to a city how do the guards greet you? When one comes to the “so-called” rural inns, okay bronze age B&B scams.. what is the policy. How do steads differ greatly from Clan Centres of the chieftains? Urban areas would have to have different customs from the wilds, no matter the size of the urban area, roads have different rules than forests. Bottom line, what are the codes and laws concerning strangers and travellers in urban Sartar. For bonus points, how would this differ under the lunars and after Dragonrise’s liberations? Cheers
  7. I was quite suprised to find this a few days ago while wandering on Lulu.com ... Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes (2009) Sartar Companion (2010) That's great, but of course it is also quite puzzling. Why isn't it mentioned on the Chaosium page for the PDF of each of these products? Why aren't these also available in hardcover? Why Lulu & why not (also?) DTRPG? Will Pavis: Gateway to Adventure (2012) also be available as it is also out-of-print? What about HeroQuest: Core Rules (2009) later on?
  8. So I’m drawing up a map covering a 10x10 km area around Two Sisters. Exactly how close to the Upland Marsh is Two Sisters? Spitting distance? Kind of swampy? Or clearly outside of it? Also looking for suggestions as to what else should be nearby. How close is Old Top? Thanks!
  9. Semi-oldie but goldie: here's my review of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes. Do you agree with it? https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2020/03/sartar-kingdom-of-heroes.html 😋👍
  10. The Aranwyth lost their great herd of cloudsheep [S:KoH 231]. But what if this tribe still has them? I looked some facts up: The best description of the cloudsheeps are in The Book of Heortling Mythology [p 49-51]. The cloudsheep are the Urothings, seems like the real sheep, and the Urothtrorol, which are more like rams. I've checked Anaxial's Roster and read the description of the Urothtrorol [AR, p 198-199]. Couple of questions: - are the cloudsheep of the Aranwyth only a herd of Urothings or are the herd a mixture of Urothings and Urothtrorol? In the AR-description are the mentioned habitats of the Cloud Ram far way from the Aranwyth tribe region and clan tulas - what is the benefit of herding cloudsheep? - how differs herding cloudsheep from herding normal sheep? I've read the Aranwyth description and infos regarding the geography of their tulas on the old mailing list. What I understood is, that the Aranwyth clans are semi-nomadic and travel from highland to lowland. - what will change for them [and for the neighboring tribes and clans], when the Aranwyth get their cloudsheeps back or didn't lose the herd at all?
  11. Hi ALl, I'm a relative newcomer to Glorantha, having discovered it first via King of Dragon Pass, and then going on a HeroQuest buying binge a while back. However, I'm increasingly intrigued by RQG and its somewhat "heavier," approach to the setting. I'm wondering if there's any equivalent to the Sartar clan questionnaire in preparation for RQ? If not, maybe something fan-made could be produced? I don't quite know how RQG plans to handle clans, aside from the obvious "Sacred time," rules in Previous Adventures and so forth. Any thoughts on this question would be appreciated
  12. Hello all, I've been wondering about the nature of the Sartarite clan structure, specifically how fluid the designation of Carl and Cottar is. I know Carls take on more responsibility and fight in the shield wall, but aside from that I'm not sure how one knows she is a Carl or cottar. Is it wealth based, where you just have to be rich enough to afford the equipment? Or is it caste-based, where even a poor Carl has greater standing than the wealthiest Cottar?
  13. I'm going to be running a game set in Sartar/Dragon Pass soon. The PCs are going to be the young adult children of members of the clan ring/prominent thanes who get tasked by the ring to be kind of problem solvers in an attempt to make a name for themselves and make them worthy of inheriting their parents prominence.The way I'm currently thinking about doing prep is taking the Dragon Pass board game map (available via google image search), noting where the PCs clan tula is, figuring out where the other clans/tribes are, stocking some hexes they are likely to go through using the Ruins & Relics tables from the old Judges Guild Wilderlands products (ignoring the ones that aren't very Glorantha), and putting 5-10 ruins/dungeons for them to explore because both my group and I like dungeons. Then I would use a random hook generator I have to make up what problem the ring needs dealing with (or what problems they can pick from) in a given session. Does anyone have any advice for this sort of game? What are some things that can be interpreted as dungeons that exist in Dragon Pass/Sartar? What are the best things I can read in a short time to get my head around that area of Glorantha? What would be a good way to introduce my players to being Orlanthi?If it matters I am using OpenQuest with some stuff borrowed from RQ 6.
  14. What are the clans of the Dinacoli? From the Coming Storm we have the Rain Blossom, Black Fox, Emerald Sword and Vanstach. A Glorantha Digest post from 1999 mentions these: Boarhead, Brown Boar, Donalf, Emerald Sword, Fox & Rain Blossom. I'm interested to know what the clans are northwest of those listed in The Coming Storm, particularly those in the areas of Blue Boar Fort, Herongreen and Chalk Man Vale.
  15. In Sartar Rising Part 1, Barbarian Adventures (november 2001) theres was an interesting list of prophesies from the Priestess of Kev. Has any of them come true or better yet, did you find an interesting way to use them in your game? From a secret hearth on the north-western borderlands of the Cinsina, forty-nine Vingans are dispatched to the clans of Sartar, each to seek men and women of courage. Commanded by an exiled queen, they draw strength from the new secrets of an old myth. In the hills above Whitewall, three exhausted men and a maid of spears together swear an oath to avenge their slain companions. The vow they make is terrible, and it will endure beyond death. They will go north, but first they journey south, to seek the counsel of one who worships a foreign god. Behind the markets of Swenstown, a Lunar sorcerer finds a new truth in the body of slain woman. In the eastern grasslands of the Balkoth and the Kheldon, small bands of Praxians, Sable and Bison and Antelope together, come in peace to the tulas, each wearing the badge of a white bull. Within an ancient Youf ruin hidden amidst the Wildlands of the Tovtaros, an imprisoned spirit chants to a solitary hunter. The hunter listens for three full days, crouching beneath a carved wall on which Orlanth rides a dragon. From a distant eastern land, a caravan of silken priests arrives at the high gates of Boldhome. They bring a new color and a new way of listening that even the most sophisticated Lunars have never seen. In the night sky over Alda-Chur, balls of blue fire flay the sky a full season long, and the stars are rocked by a dark wind. Midst the hidden heights of the Storm Mountains, in an ancient wind-stead made of lightning, six jars are broken, and new winds spiral and pern across the land in a long-forgotten gyre. In a castle made of lead by a lake fed from a hole in the sky, a dark priestess is driven mad by visions of what is to come. In a vineyard stead of the Colymar, a young Earth Priestess gives birth to three tattooed girl children, though one is taken in the night. By the mystic road to the east of the Dragon’s Eye, nine full priest dragonewts light seven pyres of green flame that shriek in darkness and do not fade. Two creatures are left afterwards. In Heortland, a young king receives answers to three questions he has not asked from a stranger who does not speak.
  16. "Lunar authorities believe the inns to be dens of sedition, but for the most part leave them alone as a sop to the conquered nation, although they did destroy one inn in 1618 ST" Do we know which Geo's in was destroyed, or any of the events?
  17. On p.55 of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes an information box is displayed containing the entry No. 9,807 of the Jonstown Compendium. This entry lists several treasures, which according to the text are "kept by one of the famous old clans of the Colymar tribe". Which tribe is it? According to Sartar Rising Vol. 3: Gathering Thunder Orane's Spindle is owned by the Orlmarth clan. Does this mean, that all the other treasure listed in the entry of the Jonstown Compendium are also kept by the Orlmarth clan? The fact that the Orlmarth clan has a strong connection to Orane (e.g. Orane's Loom is a holy place in the lands of the Orlmarth clan) is also a strong hint, that these treasures are kept by this clan. I guess the text entry is not naming the clan directly to make it possible, that these treasures could be assigned to any clan (of the Colymar tribe), which you want to use in your game. But I would like to know the canonical assignment.
  18. Composition of the Sartar Free Army A large portion of Sartar’s army consists of mercenaries and outlanders, with only the core drawn from Sartarite tribes and City Rings. Brotherhood of Death Sartarite Eaglebrown Warlocks Sartarite Earth Twins Tarshite Egglord Warlocks Hendriki Eleven Lights Sartarite Free Philosophers Sartarite Mularik’s Men Western mercenaries Snakepipe Dancers Sartarite Tosti Runefriend’s Company Light Sartarite Warm Sisters Esrolian Bullocks Praxian Swordbrothers Tourney Altar Twin Spear Praxian Antlercase Sartarite Kheldon tribe Colymar Sartarite Colymar tribe Headhunters Sartarite Culbrea tribe Pavis Royal Guard Pavis Thieves’ Arm Pavis - many Sartarite adventurers. Tworidge Sartarite Malani tribe Bush Rangers Tarshite, Grazelander, Sartarite mercenaries. Boldhome Royal Guard Sartarite Free Men Hendriki Gold Gotti Mercenaries Guildsmen Sartarite 1st Bush Children Tarshite 2nd Bush Children Tarshite 3rd Bush Children Tarshite Candle Dancers Sartarite Wolf Runners Sartarite Duck City Militia Sartarite Tribal Levies Sartarite Tribal Levies Sartarite Flash Jack High Llama Tribe And-Jay Bison Tribe Krise Sable Tribe 1st Pol-Joni Pol-Joni 2nd Pol-Joni Pol-Joni 3rd Pol-Joni Pol-Joni 1st Amber High Llama Tribe 2nd Amber High Llama Tribe Potor Bison Tribe Ansil Heavy Rhino Tribe
  19. Do we have the units and number of tropps involved on each side for Battle of Iceland/Battle of the Auroch Hills: http://toronto.eventful.com/events/battle-iceland-glorantha-miniatures-combat-/E0-001-004988531-1 http://glorantha.wikia.com/wiki/Battle_of_Iceland http://www.deviantart.com/art/Battle-of-the-Auroch-Hills-531534577 I'm about to embark on the fool's mission of setting it up with 10mm figures as well as building a scale model of the battleground.
  20. Some folks have picked up The Coming Storm, some have not. I wanted to create a thread where folks could ask questions, either about what they are reading or about whether they should buy. First of all, let me capture the answer to a few common questions: Why is this in two books? There are a number of pragmatic reasons: it would be cheaper to ship and the first volume would be completed faster, and could be interleaved more easily with other priorities as a result. In addition there is a natural divide between the two volumes. The Coming Storm (Red Cow Book I) is the setting material. You can use this as a sandbox campaign setting without the other volume (although we do provide some 'template' episodes there that will help with a sandbox campaign. In addition, players can read this volume as it represents what most people know of their local area (there are one or two secrets, but nothing players should not know if they can be trusted to only use that knowledge for MGF). With a more complex setting like this (we have over 60 NPCs) then having the PCs armed with knowledge of the NPCs and places can actually help with gameplay. The first volume focuses on the Red Cow clan of the Cinsina and includes details of their clan lands and primary settlement, Red Cow Fort. It also includes details of their rivals and neighbors, the Dolutha, and the settlement of Dangerford as well as the Red Cow's enemies the Emerald Sword clan of the Dinacoli, and the Two-Pine clan of the Culbrea. There is full detail of the Cinsina tribe, and their history as well. Finally we detail the Rebels in the area, Telmori, and the settlers of Wulfsland, including the settlement of Stonegate. The heart of the material is the description of over 60 NPCs, all fully illustrated. It is intended to form a sandbox campaign setting. The second volume, the Eleven Lights provides a campaign that runs from 1618-1625 and takes the PCs through the darkest years of the Occupation to the Liberation. It allows the PCs to take part in one world-shaking event (that has not been previously detailed in print, although the Guide alludes to it), which gives the second book its name. The presentation format is similar to that of the Great Pendragon Campaign. For each year we detail events of the Hero Wars that reach Sartar (by news or direct impact), local reaction to those events, and suggest scenarios that could occur in that year. We detail specific scenarios for key local events. These can be used as inspiration in a sandbox campaign, or interspersed with your own organic episodes to 'tell the story' of the Red Cow clan in the Hero Wars. The material is open to diverging based on player action and support is provided for managing that. (In playtest nearly all campaigns 'go their own way' by about 1623 so we provide more scenarios for early years to 'introduce' the setting and less later.) Can I use this with System X? The advantage of Heroquest for gamers using other systems for Glorantha (both official or home-brewed) is that it has very little need for system material in a campaign book such as this. Beyond a line for keywords for NPCs, which can easily be treated as inspiration for stating them for other systems, there is little 'game' text. So you get value for money, by comparison to using many products with a ruleset you don't play. Of course in play you have to provide the stats for those NPCs. However, in most cases the PCs will not 'fight' with kin so you only need to decide on the level of their social skills, as and when you need them, reserving fuller stats for 'enemy' NPCs as and when you need them. (We may do a stat pack for other supported systems, such as RQ2/4 and 13thAge - no promises though). But a Heroquest book looks much like a system-less book. When is Vol II coming? Soon. We are in layout (having finished the text and art). Once that is complete it joins the queue for printing. It's hard to give exact dates, because other Chaosium products compete for resources, but rest assured that the book exists in an advanced stage that this will be sooner rather than later. it's not just a piece of advertising copy in the back of RQ2 ;-) Is Broddi supposed to annoy the players? Yes. The key struggle is between the 'Three Rivals' to replace Broddi, whose hour is done. We trigger that in the campaign in 1623, but in your campaign it could occur earlier. One reason for the rivals is to force the PCs to take sides amongst the different factions vying for control of the soul of the clan. The 'situation' is built as a 'tense' status quo, ready for the PCs to throw things out of balance (it might even be a PC who replaces Broddi). Although it's worth noting that in one of my playtests one or more PCs decided to be loyal to Broddi 'right or wrong.' But fire away and I'll seek to anwer PS I don't expect there to be 'system' questions, so I am posting it on the Glorantha thread. If system specific questions come up, just post a link here to a question on a more appropriate forum.
  21. So I am soon to begin a new campaign of RuneQuest, reffing for my two best friends and girlfriend. They are all fairly green players so I am very much looking forward to introducing them to the wonders of Glorantha. I'm planning to set them in Sartar, near Starfire Ridge just after the initial, but not complete domination, of Sartar by the Lunars as Orlanthi that get embroiled in rebellion. It's looking like I'm getting two Babeestor Ghor initiates (played by the two most brutal women in my life, fittingly) and un-confirmed on the other friend but probably an Orlanthi warrior. My initial plan is to have the two Babeestor Ghorians at the Ernalda Temple by Clearwine, and have them tasked to escort an Ernalda priestess to the made up village of Broken-Sword, the sight of an old Humakti fortress (now ruined) which has been moved into by a small clan and turned into a village. My premise is, the crops are failing and the priestess is coming to pray for their renewal. There they meet the other player and begin adventures in Sartar, probably starting with a hunt for some missing villagers (it ain't going well for the people of Broken-Sword) that ends up with them on Starfire Ridge fighting broo. Beyond that and a couple of random ideas, I don't have a massive plan for how they end up embroiled in anti-Lunar rebellion or on general adventures for them. Anyone got any thoughts/concepts that have worked for them or they think would apply?
  22. The latest issue (No.4) of The Hanging Garden is 100% devoted to Glorantha. It contains a sandbox-style description of the city of Swenstown, along with an introductory scenario (the one I ran at THE KRAKEN in October). Available here: http://2ndage.blogspot.com/p/the-hanging-garden.html
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