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Found 8 results

  1. BRP fans are always looking for the next globe-trotting mystery campaign for Astounding Adventures or Call of Cthulhu. But Agatha Christie has already written two of them for you, complete with exotic locations, tangled conspiracies, and ruthless but colorful villains. And they're even set in the right era. "The Man In the Brown Suit" (1924) is crammed with murder, hidden identities, sea voyages, mysterious NPCs with shady agendas, and colonial adventure in South Africa. "They Came to Bagdad" (1951) has very much the same action -adventure feel, only this time set in the Mideast with a
  2. The Cult of Ubasti Source: "The Return of Chandu," Principal Pictures, 1934 Here are some bad guys to bedevil Astounding Adventurers, Cthulhu investigators, and Superworld crime-fighters. Based on Magic Isle, a fragment of the lost continent of Lemuria, the cat-worshipping Cult of Ubasti is a global conspiracy stretching its sorcerous tentacles from the South Pacific to posh European capitals to the United States. Its goal is to resurrect the ancient witch-queen Ossana, an event the cult believes will cause Lemuria to rise above the waves and restore the Ubastian hegemony to p
  3. Yet another scenario seed for my fellow Cthulhu-philes to twist and play with. During her enforced sabbatical my wife has been binge-watching "El Clon," a Mexican remake of a Brazilian telenovela set in modern Morocco. It is stranger than Star Trek and Babylon 5 together ever dreamed of being. The plot has something to do with a Sexy Young Thing who finds herself romantically drawn both to a distinguished older gentleman and an attractive man closer to her own age, both of whom have been treated for the same type of skin cancer at a nearby research hospital that also hosts a cutting edg
  4. Today we usually associate the name "Harley Quin" with a relatively recent female Batman villain. But in Agatha Christie's 1930 stories, Quin is a mysterious, possibly supernatural, male righter of wrongs. While on the side of the angels, Quin strikes me as somewhat creepy -- a sinister fairy godfather with a nose for murder. Sounds like adventure fodder to me, since he prods the protagonist of the tales into taking action to prevent or redress crimes.
  5. Recently major news outlets announced that temperatures in Antarctica had hit 65 F. "It's melting! What a world, what a world!" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-65-sixty-five-degree-antarctica-record-high-20200207-zm6jxtpofjgtvmp7itwkuibvqe-story.html%3foutputType=amp However, a two-week forecast says the hottest temperature this fortnight will be a scorching -18 F. https://www.timeanddate.com/weather/antarctica/south-pole/ext What's going on? Well, the 65 F hot spot isn't at the south pole. It's on a peninsula that veers far north (relat
  6. "Your temperament's wrong for the priesthood, and teaching would suit you still less; So be a dentist. You'll be a success!" We've had CoC adaptations of Clue, RUR, even Murder On the Orient Express. Has anyone tried to adapt "Little Shop of Horrors"? It's got a setting similar to "The Horror At Red Hook," a cast of disreputable characters/suspects, and an unusual (and ravenous) monster. I'm not so much a fan of the original 1960 black-and-white movie, which I found boring, but I absolutely love the musical and the 1986 film. Why throw mere cultists at your players when you can conf
  7. Musing on possible Halloween scenarios, I had a random thought. What if instead of ramping up the eldritch terror to 11 we drifted in the other direction (or misdirection) a bit? I'm a fan of both the board game and the comedy movie "Clue." What can we do with it? So, we've got our six color-themed player-characters/suspects and a nine-room mansion map complete with secret passages conveniently already laid out in a grid. We've saved our Keeper some work since it is the players' job to stat out the cast and justify why Professor Plum has Epee 60% and Electronics 45%. Also, although t
  8. I have a few ideas concerning scenarios bouncing around in my head. I'm quite new to CoC (but not horror rpgs) and would appreciate a tad of input/help. The scenarios are nothing more than some scribbled notes, and some historic research. Below are some of my scenario seeds: Voyageurs I have always been fascinated with the historic fur trade in Canada and North America. Voyageurs will be a scenario were the PCs/Investigators will be Quebecois fur traders who travel down some remote river only to notice that something is stalking them among the trees of the riverbank. It's basi
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