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Found 42 results

  1. 'Sometimes, a random confluence of genes comes together to produce a child who is simultaneously gifted and cursed. Gifted, because their minds or bodies are capable of surpassing normal human capabilities; and cursed, in that their very oddness sets them apart from the run of normal humanity.' I have worked with Alex Greene, writer for Mongoose Traveller among other things, to create a new character path for Odd Soot. It’s called Oddities and Alex has crafted a unique concept to generate truly odd individuals, fitting right into Odd Soot. They possess fantastic abilities - but also weird looks that other people might shy away from. The character path can be used for PCs and NPCs alike. Patrons, villains and heroes work equally well for these quirky individuals. Oddities is based on the book Odd John by British sci-fi writer Olaf Stapledon. His work is often mentioned as direct inspiration for many modern authors, like Arthur C Clarke, Stanislaw Lem and Vernor Vinge. Oddities is a 15 page PDF and consists of generators for superlative traits, disproportions, alienating passions and several inventions. We’re offering it as a free download: https://mailchi.mp/77eafcc60dbd/oddities_download Clarence Redd
  2. Designing aliens is hard. By turning to an unexpected source, I found a way to by-pass my own ingrained notions of what aliens look like. As I mentioned in an earlier thread, Odd Soot is my upcoming game set on an alternate 1920s Earth. In that universe, a plague torments humanity and starliners trudge between planets populated by aliens. They differ greatly from humans and to find the right tone, my design process took an irregular path. Read more about the design process here: My Graphic Frankenstein Method for Genuine Aliens Download a Preview of Odd Soot! I’ve created a 28-page preview PDF to give you a better feeling for the game: http://odd-soot-preview.strikingly.com/ In the preview, you will find the introduction to the game, a star map from the 1920s and sample aliens among other things. You also get a link to download the introduction scenario for free. The alien below is an l'sesenaugh, living in The Sinking City on Sisymbrium. Among other things, they act as guardians and librarians in The Dream Library.
  3. For many years I’ve thought about how to design believable aliens. When we’ve only seen life on Earth, how can we even begin to imagine the otherworldly? Aren’t we predicted to just come up with variations on existing species? I realised a new approach was needed. I wanted to break my ingrained views of what an alien looks like. Around the same time, I explored the concept of science fiction in the 1920s. I dreamed of propelling humanity to the stars, decades earlier than in the real world. I wanted to combine these ideas – so I created something new. My next game – called Odd Soot – takes place on an alternate Earth in the 1920s and explores what might have happened if space travel had existed back then. And specifically, what aliens would look like in the 1920s. Here’s a sneak preview of the cover - and I'll be back with more soon.
  4. clarence

    Review of Planet Generators

    Drawing maps for your games can be fun, but sometimes it's convenient to use generators to speed up the process. I have recently tried out some of the planet map generators that's available, both free and commercial, to see what they have to offer for RPGs. Planet Map Generator The Planet Map Generator is a simple web-based generator. To get the actual land forms, you rely completely on the random generator to come up with something good, ie. landforms cannot be edited. The only way to alter land outlines is to change the waterline level. It’s still one of my favourites among the free generators, however, mainly because it produces some of the best looking continents. Images of the map can be exported in several different projections and color schemes. With a bit of work in Photoshop or Gimp the end result can turn out very good. I often find the options Bump map on land only, Non-linear altitude scaling and Make more wrinkly maps add a nice touch to the maps. http://topps.diku.dk/torbenm/maps.msp Read the rest of the review on FrostByte's blog: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/#propaganda
  5. clarence

    M-SPACE Giveaway Winner!

    I’m very happy to announce the winner of this week’s M-SPACE giveaway: MARCUS LEJA, Canada Congratulations Marcus! I hope you’ll get many hours of good gaming from it. The book is on its way across the Atlantic. And thanks to everyone who joined the giveaway. As I believe in spreading sci-fi roleplaying to more people there will be new giveaways in the future. I hope to see you again. Clarence Redd
  6. clarence

    M-SPACE Giveaway!

    I hate February. It's dark and cold. Everybody seems to have the flu and here in Sweden we haven't seen much of the sun for the past 4 months. It feels like winter will never end. To celebrate that February is almost over I'm doing a M-SPACE giveaway. Just click on the link below, follow the instructions and you have a chance to win a copy of M-SPACE in full colour print, sent for free anywhere in the world. http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/4fe33d5e1/? The contest ends on Friday and the winner will be announced by email later the same day. Good luck and don't let winter bring you down. Clarence Redd FrostByte Books
  7. Swedish YouTubers RPG Monday will play M-SPACE live tomorrow on Twitch! It will be in Swedish only, so if you haven't started practicing yet, you only have about a day to learn the language of ABBA, Ingmar Bergman and IKEA. As a bonus, you will be able to understand what the Swedish Chef actually talks about in the Muppetshow.* RPG Monday will take on the REFLUX scenario, and I will be present in the chatt to answer any questions from viewers. Link: https://www.twitch.tv/rollspelsmandag Time: 6.15 PM (CET) on January 15 You can also view a recording later on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGZG7rLj3r6P5gqrODGk9_w *Or maybe not, come to think of it.
  8. clarence

    Best sci-fi of 2017

    The Guardian has published a list of their favourite sci-fi books of 2017: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/nov/30/the-best-science-fiction-and-fantasy-of-2017 My own choice from the past year has even made it onto the list: Amatka by Karin Tidbeck. Very well deserved and highly recommended if you have missed the debut of this rising star (no pun intended). Did any of you read the other titles mentioned in the article? Any recommendations?
  9. clarence

    [M-SPACE] Black Friday Sale

    FrostByte Books is launching its first sale ever! Get 20% off both M-SPACE and REFLUX between November 23-27. PDF: http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10544/FrostByte-Books?term=frostbyte&test_epoch=0 Print (Lulu, Black & White): https://www.lulu.com/shop/search.ep?contributorId=1360886 Print (Color, shipping from Europe): https://widget.publit.com/frostbyte-shop_2629/page/1 If you’ve been on the fence whether to get them or not, this is a great opportunity.
  10. clarence

    Terraforming Mars in 100 years

    Terraforming Mars seems much more realistic after reading this: http://www.popsci.com/terraform-mars-climate-change After 100 years the atmosphere is still too low in oxygen, but at least no vaccsuit is needed. And sending robots to do the initial work is of course very clever.
  11. clarence

    New Version of Star Mapping App

    The Traveller-inspired star mapping tool Sector has been updated to 2.0. I've written about this iOS app before (http://www.frostbytebooks.com/blog/easy-star-mapping) and the new update makes it even better. The top new feature is a more flexible zoom tool. It now allows the user to see an entire sector at once or zoom in to just a few star systems. Using the standard pinch gestures, it’s very easy to move around a sector. Star maps generated elsewhere can now be imported, though I'm unsure what the exact file type requirements are. There’s also a new info pop-up that does a great job of explaining most symbols used in the app, though a few are still missing (like the colored hex outlines appearing in a few places). Editing is just as easy as before: hit Edit and then tap any hex to add or remove a world. Very straightforward. A generous list of information is automatically generated for every system and can be updated if necessary. If you own an iOS device and play sci-fi games, this app is close to ubiquitous. For iPads it really shines. In fact, you will never have to go through the tedious work of manual star mapping again if you get this app, all for the price of a cup of coffee. Highly recommended.
  12. clarence

    Vintage Sci-Fi Covers

    I just found this neat crowdfunding campaign: https://unbound.com/books/wonders-and-visions Two sci-fi critics have collected book covers from the history of science fiction and are turning them into a book. 300-350 covers will be included, from all decades of sci-fi publishing.
  13. clarence

    Space Suit Extravaganza

    If you need inspiration for your near-future campaigns, there is a Top 10 list of the best sci-fi space suits in The Verge: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/19/16104004/science-fiction-space-suit-worst-best-the-martian-alien-sunshine-gravity For a more historic approach, check out this magnificent poster of all NASA space suits to date: http://spaceref.info/space-suit-typology-3000x1046/ Or if you want the latest fashion in space suit design, take a look at SpaceX's and Boeing's new lightweight suits: https://www.theverge.com/2017/8/23/16188658/elon-musk-reveals-first-official-photo-spacex-spacesuit What are your favourite space suits?
  14. GUIDE TO THE GALACTIC FRONTIER RPG Revolution D100 system Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Visit our Facebook Page for a sneak peek
  15. clarence

    Valerian & Laureline. And M-SPACE

    The Valerian movie by director Luc Besson is almost here! To celebrate, we have added the spatio-temporal agent’s spiffy Astroship xb982 – both M-SPACE stats and deckplans – to FrostByte’s webpage. Check it out here: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/#_blog
  16. g33k

    the mythical "Class M" planet

    Elsethread, @Joerg made the following excellent point, that I thought deserved its own thread and discussion... Here's the thing: we actually have only a single data-point -- the Earth, Terra -- to know what a "normal" habitable world (what Star Trek calls a "Class M" planet) looks like. Drake equation notwithstanding, we don't actually have DATA in-hand that there is even one other world that fits the "Class M" fiction. Personally, I *want* it to be correct, but I'm keenly-aware of it as a VERY retrograde "armchair-science" pseudo-fact. But even if we conclude that Drake was broadly "correct" (even if a few details were a bit off): we have *ZERO* evidence of what sorts of worlds are "typical." Is ours? Or is ours a weird outlier? The Earth is about 7/10 water, so we call it a "water world;" but what if 99% of all "Class M" planets turn out to be 99% surface-water? Maybe Terra is nearly a desert-world... Or maybe 2/3 to 3/4 surface-water is the norm, and to be a "water world" a planet has to be 93% surface-water...\ Etc Etc Etc... *** *** *** How you set that "norm" for your campaign could have big implications for your universe!
  17. Six pre-generated characters are now available for download on the FrostByte webpage! Easy to use with REFLUX, if you want to get started quickly. Download here (in the Download section): www.frostbytebooks.com - Power Level: Beginners - Stats for Simplified Combat, to suit new players - Two Passions are provided for each character, with a third to be added by the player - All characters share a common background in the Keren System, not far from Anobe, the starting point in the REFLUX scenario. - Gender-neutral names - 10 portrait images (5 male, 5 female). Mix and match freely with the character sheets
  18. Fenix, the big RPG magazine here in Scandinavia, runs a poll every year to celebrate the best Swedish RPG products. For 2016, M-SPACE is nominated in several classes, for example Best Cover, Best Illustrator (Jadrien Cousens) and Best Rules! The winners are announced at GothCon, the largest convention here, on April 9. The poll is in Swedish, but if you want to vote anyway, here's the link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSejYdZhDYi4v4CyhhYIa5bDlSs0uRnXUs9plcZV6VS_hpQgow/viewform I can make a quick translation if you need. Just let me know. The Swedish RPG business is experiencing something of a golden age at the moment. Several games has become international bestsellers (Mutant: Year zero, Tales from the Loop and Trudvang, just to mention a few), and there are a handful of small companies doing very fine products. But there's also a rich undergrowth of indie writers making excellent games, and the poll has a very impressive line-up.
  19. The Constellate never fell. It faded. The year is Y3260. The Ocath subsector is free, after many years under The Constellate’s brutal rule. Free, but in turmoil. This scenario for M-SPACE introduces The Weaver setting, telling an epic story about a dying empire, collapsing under a baroque cornucopia of empty gestures and brutality. A starship fleeing from The Constellate’s armed forces disappeared 170 years ago. Now the characters must go to the Qioria system to search for it. But time is short. The planet is on a slow course for destruction and the hell holes of ignited gas grow every day. Their only hope seems to emanate from the long forgotten teachings of the Weavers. REFLUX will be released on April 4. Contents Include: - Scenario with investigative elements, social conflicts, puzzles and action - The rules for Extended Conflicts are used at focus points in the story to increase tension without having to resort to violence - Background on The Weaver setting, describing the major forces - Several alien species and their cultures - Stats and deckplans for a PC starship - Map of the Ocath subsector - Planetary maps of Anobe and Qioria - Town maps of Anobe City and Yllm - Location layouts: Cantina, Security Forces HQ and the Bone Caves - New rules on communications, FTL travel and three new careers - New equipment - Organisation stats - Suggestions on how to vary the difficulty level of the scenario - 106 pages, 10 in colour The main rulebook for M-SPACE is required to get the most out of this book, but the scenario is useful with any BRP-based game. M-SPACE 1.1 will be released on April 4 as well. As I’m sure some of you have seen already, this update is mainly about colour printing and a sturdier binding. The content is slightly updated but the new sections will be available for free on our website.
  20. clarence

    Solo Gaming with Mythras & M-SPACE

    There are several new blog posts where UbiquitousRat describes how he's using M-SPACE and Mythras Imperative for a solo campaign. The setting is called Serene Dawn and sounds very interesting. Check it out here: http://ubiquitousrat.net/ As I'm a big fan of solo gaming myself, it's nice to see M-SPACE being used for it.
  21. clarence

    M-SPACE 1.1 is Coming

    As some of you may have seen, the scenario REFLUX will be released in about 10 days - but that is not all! At the same time, we will release a 1.1 update to M-SPACE. The big thing here is not in the content however. Only a few small changes and additions have been made. The main feature is colour printing and a more durable binding. These are two of the most requested features among our players. And the good thing is, the price will not be much higher than for black and white. To pull this off, we had to track down a talented print-on-demand publisher here in Sweden. They offer something Lulu cannot do: print just a selection of pages in colour. With Lulu, it's either or, which means much higher prices. Just as for REFLUX, this will result in higher shipping costs for some of you. And that's why we have kept down the price of the book. The total cost will be very competitive. But we will still offer a black and white version through Lulu. And of course a PDF at DriveThruRPG. I'm very proud of this version. The print quality is amazing. Matthias Utomo's artwork really shines and the sturdier binding feels great. I hope you will enjoy it too. Changes in content: - Two appendixes: updated starship design walkthrough and starship combat examples. Both will be available as free downloads from our website. - Keeping track of ammunition. Covering the most frequent question I've got since the release.
  22. clarence

    What's in the Trappist system?

    It's almost too good to be true from a sci-fi point of view: seven planets orbiting a star, all of them cobbled together in the habitable zone. It's such a perfect fit for so many campaigns and settings, you almost think it was created just to make storytellers happy. So, creating a setting, what would you make out of this array of habitable planets?
  23. The new scenario REFLUX is almost ready! Just a few small details to fix here and there before it's off to the printer. It ended up being 105 pages, 10 in colour. Print and PDF will be released in the first few days of April. I uploaded a preview to our webpage, to give you an idea of what it looks like: http://www.frostbytebooks.com/blog/scenario-preview-reflux I hope you enjoy it.
  24. clarence

    Rubber forehead & pointy ears

    In pop culture, aliens are nothing but humans in light disguise. Rubber foreheads, pointy ears, and funny-colored skins are staples of countless movies and tv-series. Now you can quickly roll up species like that for M-SPACE. In a new 2-page PDF, Jargogle Bamboozle presents a few tables to get the right combination of quirkyness and humanity. Download here: www.frostbytebooks.com
  25. clarence

    M-SPACE RPG is launching today

    After three years of development, FrostByte Books finally releases M-SPACE d100 Roleplaying in the Far Future. Order at www.frostbytebooks.com. Built upon the Mythras engine (formerly RuneQuest 6), it's a game with a new take on a classic set of rules. BRP-based games are often quick to learn and have a slightly gritty edge, and with a few strategic innovations like Extended Conflicts, modular starship design, and combat Special Effects, opportunities for creative play are greatly expanded on in M-SPACE. Extended Conflicts is an entirely new mechanic, used to make any conflict as detailed as the players want. You can turn, for example, cocktail parties, pod races and interpretations of obscure manuscripts into thrilling gameplay. Any situation the players decide to focus on uses the same basic mechanics, making them very easy to adapt. Common elements of the d100-engine are used - opposed skill rolls and characteristics - but combined in a new way for more flexible storytelling. The modular approach to starship design is a first in the BRP/d100 world, with building blocks added in a very straightforward way. Combined with Mythras' creative combat, rewired for starships, the space opera genre is easy to recreate in all its dazzling glory. Additional chapters cover flexible character creation, passions, modular vehicle design, detailed alien creation, world building, star mapping and rules for creating and running organizations. All in all, a complete setup for most sci-fi needs. Returning to the roots of roleplaying, the game is not tied to a specific setting. Instead, it works as a toolbox for GameMasters and players to easily create their own imaginary universes. Several world books and campaigns are planned for release in the year to come. M-SPACE is available as a 220-page softback from Lulu today, on September 19. Link: www.frostbytebooks.com FrostByte Books is a small publishing company in the south of Sweden. We simply can't get enough of mesmerizing imaginary worlds, and the creative power RPGs bring to their players. M-SPACE is our first roleplaying game. M-SPACE is published under a Mythras Gateway license provided by The Design Mechanism. For more information and images contact: Clarence Redd clarence.redd@gmail.com www.frostbytebooks.com