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Found 18 results

  1. Stranded in a Starship Graveyard Junkyard Blues is a sandbox scenario for M-SPACE, set on a hostile world comprised of starship wrecks and strange artefacts. Players take on the roles of stranded spacers and must venture across a vast starship graveyard to locate fuel, encountering strange aliens and desperate humans along the way. Five factions are locked in deadly competition over basic resources – air, water and food. But cooperation might be the wisest choice. Only a select few will be able to leave. Who stays and who goes? A scenario for 3-6 experienced characters. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/376189/Junkyard-Blues
  2. If it wasn’t for my birthday at the end of the month, November would probably grab the top spot as the worst time of the year. To brighten up this dreary month, I’m having a book giveaway featuring Elevation, the M-SPACE campaign I released this summer, written by Michael Larrimore. Check out reviews here: EN World and Runeblogger. The giveaway starts today and runs until Friday. Three winners will be announced on Saturday. First Prize: Softcover of Elevation. 172 pages, black and white print. Shipped anywhere in the world. Second and Third Prizes: PDF of Elevation. 172 pages. Sign up for the giveaway below and make sure you spread the word: https://gleam.io/V2h3N/elevation-mspace-campaign Clarence Redd
  3. EN World just published a favourable review of Elevation! 'Elevation is a well written and concise RPG with art, rules, and maps that provide concrete direction and detail. The setting is unique, the stakes are high, and the challenges are tough. Elevation is worth getting even if you don’t play M-Space for the clever ideas that will spark a GM’s imagination.’ Charles Dunwood Read the full article here: https://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?6480-Stay-on-Budget-Search-for-New-Life-in-Elevation
  4. What would happen if the Federation in Star Trek was broke? That’s the basis for two new M-SPACE titles written by Mike Larrimore (author of last years excellent Agony & Ecstasy for Mythras). Instead of a prosperous mega-government, as in Star Trek, the focus in Elevation is a tiny NGO - aptly named Elevation - running solely on the devotion of its members. Its goal is to find new life and new civilisations. The problem is, it only succeeded once and now funds are running out. They are in desperate need of new heroic recruits. But competition from greedy corporations, pirates, aggressive aliens and convoluted bureacracy is literally deadly. The race for new discoveries is on. Elevation will be released on July 8. Free Scenario To give you a feeling for the setting, you can download the introductory scenario for free on DriveThruRPG. The Triton Incident, 36 page scenario, is a freestanding murder mystery that introduces the players to Elevation. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/280146/The-Triton-Incident
  5. Hi everyone! I'm planning on running my first HeroQuest game set in a Sci-Fi world similar to Aliens, the Expanse, etc. Has anyone done some adaptation or rulings on using HQ for this setting? Any advice from the more experienced HQ narrators? Thx.
  6. GUIDE TO THE GALACTIC FRONTIER RPG Revolution D100 system Teaser 1 Teaser 2 Visit our Facebook Page for a sneak peek
  7. The Constellate never fell. It faded. The year is Y3260. The Ocath subsector is free, after many years under The Constellate’s brutal rule. Free, but in turmoil. REFLUX is a scenario for M-SPACE to be released early in 2017. It introduces The Weaver setting, telling an epic story about a dying empire called The Constellate. A starship fleeing from the The Constellate's armed forces disappeared 170 years ago, and now the characters must go to the world Qioria to search for it. But time is short. The planet is on a slow but deliberate course for destruction from aggressive extraction of omeril gas, and the hell holes of ignited subterranean gas grow every day. Their only hope seems to emanate from the long forgotten teachings of The Weavers. –––––––– I would also like to thank everyone for the amazing support since M-SPACE was released. It has been very inspiring to get such positive feedback from all of you, and there are several new books in the works, with REFLUX being the first follow-up release.
  8. There's a new review of M-SPACE on RPG.net, written by Joakim Waern. He gives it five stars out of five : ) Read it here: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17010.phtml
  9. Finally the test print has arrived! I'm very happy with the quality; Lulu do indeed make nice books these days. See photos below. There are a bunch of small corrections to make, but as soon as they are ironed out, I will make a PDF preview available. Shortly thereafter, the book will be released. I also want to alert you that the PDF BRP Starships in the download section will be taken down in a few days. There are a number of reasons, but mainly because of rights issues. I have no license to use BRP, and with this similar book going commercial, I cannot risk keeping the fan product around any longer. I think you will find M-SPACE a worthy successor, and that the additional material and rules upgrades makes it an attractive proposition.
  10. In recent months I have, for various reasons, kept character sheets on my iPhone while playing. It's worked surprisingly well, using the annotation function in Evernote to keep track of changes. But the constant moving and zooming around the sheets made it a bit cumbersome after a while, so I have designed a smartphone-sized character sheet in PDF. It's made to fit an iPhone screen, but I'm sure it will work fine on most devices. The PDF consists of eight pages: Characteristics, Combat, one page for each skill category, Powers and Equipment. Fonts are big enough for easy reading and empty space generous, to make editing less fiddly on a small screen. Color coding is used to make navigation between the pages easier. Stats are for BRP Space, but as it's based on the BGB it will fit reasonably well with other games too. I also couldn't resist trying it out as a small printed folder - see photos below! I can see this come in handy in a crammed space. Let me know what you think of it. Are smartphones banned from your gaming table or is this solution something you could use? Is a "character folder" an interesting development?
  11. Hi all, as some of you know BRP Space (formerly BRP Starships) has been put on hold for a while. To make a long story short, I've been waiting for the new BRP Essentials to be announced. In the meantime I have improved the book as much as possible and my plan was to have an early copy of BRPE for developers by now. I also set this summer as a deadline for the book and for a couple of weeks now I have restarted my attempts to get a license for the core rules. I've been in contact with both Chaosium and The Design Mechanism. The result, as I see it, is two options: 1. Wait for BRP Essentials to be released, without really knowing what it will look like. Release time unknown - perhaps 6 months (my own best guess). 2. Go for Mythras Imperative, available now, making a few changes to adapt BRP Space to that ruleset. I have slowly come to the conclusion that I don't want to wait, and that Mythras Imperative is a very good option. But as many of you here on the forums have been involved in the creation and discussion on the book, I want to extend this question to you. Is Mythras Imperative a good choice for you as the core of the book? Let me know how you feel about all this.
  12. There is now a small PDF booklet in Downloads detailing some of the iconic Star Wars spaceships. Stats for the BRP Starships/BRP Space rules are included for X-Wings, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyers among others. All modules are listed for each ship, to make them easy to tweak. Hit locations have been calculated for most of them. Hopefully all this will be useful to show how the ship building rules work. You will need BRP Starships (available in Downloads) to make sense of the stats. If your game is set in another universe, they might still useful as is or to use as templates. Please let me know what you think. All comments welcome. Written by Colin Brett & Clarence Redd
  13. I've been watching The Expanse this past week (and found it to probably be the best sci fi show I've seen since Firefly) but when I started thinking about describing BRP characters growing up in low G it became a bit problematic. STR -3 and CON -1 works fine, perhaps lowered HP. But what about SIZ? Those people are easily 2+ meters tall but really skinny. Should I raise SIZ because they are tall? Lower it because their weight is low? Or keep it as it is because body volume is the same as for earthlings, just slightly stretched out? IIRC weight is the determining factor for SIZ in BGB, but it seems very unintuitive to lower SIZ for people 0.5 meters taller than most. How would you do it?
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I was running a BRP Star Wars campaign using the rules downloaded from BRP Central. I needed a few more alien creatures, so I used a Perl script to convert the Warhammer 40000 statlines (M, WS, BS ... etc) to BRP. I've tried to keep the layout to a similar format to the BGB. Hopefully some will find this useful. Colin
  15. I have played around with this simple mind mapping scenario tool for a while now: http://omjonasson.se/rollspel/nodes/ You can change the setting between Fantasy and Serenity (ie. sci-fi, not buddhism), and either generate a complete mind map at the push of a button or add random nodes/relationships as you go. Relationships and nodes are sometimes described in a few words too; just enough for creativity to kick in. I found this to be ridiculously addictive : ) Click, see if i can make up a story, click again, new story, click again, new story…..
  16. Hi all, while waiting for the publishing formalities to get sorted out for BRP Space, I have been working on a scifi setting I'm very happy with. Last week I finished the groundwork for the book and would like to show you what I've been busy with. It's an alternate history set in the 1930s where Christianity never caught hold in the western world. As a consequence, traditional shamanistic magic has partly survived and scientific progress, untethered by religious prejudice (together with some luck), allowed humans to go into space much earlier. In the 1880s several intelligent alien lifeforms, stranded without FTL for two centuries, were encountered. But a terrible disease called The Odd Soot is assailing the interstellar community, and only a few tragic heroes are standing up to the threat. Cover plus short blurb below it. And here's a link to the introductory chapter: http://ge.tt/9acymz12 Let me know what you think; all comments welcome. More to come soon. Odd Soot Eorthe, 1932. A universe separated from our own only by a thin veil. It’s been 50 years since the first humans crossed the voids between the stars and found it teeming with alien life. The Odd Soot is spreading from planet to planet, driving humans and aliens alike into madness. After 230 years the gruesome disease is on the move again. But only a few dare see the truth. The Philosophy Engine is presenting stranger and stranger predictions and the Skreeder Shamans see signs of worrying times to come. Will the insanities of the infected once more threaten to throw entire worlds into chaos? Are the desperate actions of a few ragged individuals enough to turn the tide? Comae Space need heroes more than ever. The survival of civilization is in the hands of the characters. Cover: Depiction of an Aygaan Seeker, by xeno-anthropologist Karyn Oakley. 1929.
  17. I have recently tried some of the planet generators that's floating around the web. Here are the ones I found most useful. http://topps.diku.dk/torbenm/maps.msp Quite simple web-based generator. Not so many parameters to change, but it's still one of my favorites. Images can be in a multitude of projections and color schemes, and the land masses look good. With a bit of photoshop adjustments the end result can get very good. "Bump map on land only", "Non-linear altitude scaling" and coastal contour lines are fine additions to the images. Planetary Generator 4 (for Filter Forge) For photo-realistic blue planets, this is the best planet generator I have found. It has a lot of parameters, but never feels difficult. Optional cloud layer looks very good, and is highly tweakable. Photo-realism, as is often the case, takes some time to render though. The biggest drawback is that it's not free: The generator itself is free, but you need Filter Forge 4 to run it. The good thing is that you can try Filter Forge free for 20 days. It would also have been very useful to be able to export a rectangular map of the entire planet - hopefully it will appear in version 5. http://wwwtyro.github.io/procedural.js/planet1/ Web-based generator with a lot of controls. With this one you see the resulting planet directly as a rotating sphere, and the resolution goes up to 4000 pixels. You also get four different image maps, if you know how to utilize them (in a 3d program for example). My two biggest problems are that the GUI is a bit difficult, and that the actual maps just doesn't look very good. I might have to spend some more time with it, but so far I've not been very lucky with this. I would also have liked to try AstroSynthesis (as it is supposed to be very good), but as there is no Mac version, it wasn't possible.
  18. Hi all - first post here, so hello to everyone. Just wanted to share some thoughts I've had on a Blade Runner RPG using BRP so I'll apologise in advance for the length. Someof it is just copied and pasted from work and notes I did years ago. I once ran a couple of Blade Runner games using a simple system and it worked just fine but it had more to do with the atmosphere, and that's something that the simple rules helped with. There was no stalling over rulings and the players were able to get their teeth into a flowing, emotionally charged adventure. There were three players - one was a Blade Runner, one was a police detective, and the other was a private detective working under contract with the police (a bit of an Adrian Monk character). The story revolved around a powerful and influential - but very, very lonely - businesswoman in her sixties trying to hide a replicant by pretending it is her long-lost daughter. The London PD (the city was partially flooded so a lot of people got about in motor boats and spinners) knew there was a replicant in her company but, because the woman had contacts in the police (namely the Police Chief) they were limited as to who they could use the Voight-Kampff machine on. The businesswoman kept trying to convince them that the replicant was a boy who worked in the post room, but he failed the Voight-Kampff test because he was partially mentally retarded. Once the players realised this - after chasing the boy through the building and taking a couple of shots and almost killing him - they had to go after the buisnesswoman. They fought through her heavies (the private investigator was unfortunately killed) and forced the false daughter to take the Voight-Kampff test. She failed after the first ten questions and accepted her fate. The Blade Runner retired her. The police detective tried to arrest the businesswoman but the Police Chief interceded and she got away with it. Now she has sworn revenge on the Blade Runner and the police detective. It was all done with minimal dicerolls (except for the firefight, of course). The simple rules did not slow the game or interrupt the emotionally tense moments, and that was perfect. We agreed that the best way to run a Blade Runner game was with a simple, flexible system that would allow GMs to add their own twists and moral/ethical dilemmas. Looking at Chaosium's publications and now that I've been running Call of Cthulhu this last few weeks I honestly think that if Blade Runner was ever properly licensed it should be done with the Basic Roleplaying system, as it is already an established and enjoyable system with a great history and, if kept simple, would suit a Blade Runner game down to the ground. Chaosium could round off their list of alternative genres they've released BRP games for - Lovecraft's 'Cthulhu' (cosmic horror), Moorcock's 'Elric' (weird fantasy), and now Philip K Dick's 'Blade Runner' (existentialist sci-fi). Fair does, the Dick 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?' story wasn't much like the movie, but the title has a lot of draw potential, and you'll be offering the chance to play in his worlds and not just LA 2019 (though that will no doubt be the one most people opt to play in). I know that I've had a lot of fun over the years running after cultists in CoC, and there's a multitude of subjects you could cover in a Blade Runner game. The world of Blade Runner can be so much more if you want it to be. Not just because of the central theme what makes a human being, but also dozens of other moral dilemmas. What are the ethics of human cloning? The moral implications of genetic engineering? Do you agree with euthanasia? Where do you draw the line on human testing for new pharmaceuticals? Do the less fortunate have the same rights as those in power? Does power truly corrupt? Here's some other ideas I've had for general Blade Runner themes: The Hunt: A general chase-the-Replicant adventure. One or more Replicants have landed on Earth and the PCs must track them down and retire them, or at least inform the authorities so that they can be retired. As the Replicants have hidden themselves away in human society, the idea of the game is to follow clues, possibly use the Voight-Kampff machine, and then confront the Replicants. How will the PCs react to how the Replicants react to being found out? Could they shoot a machine begging for it’s life, or whilst it lies curled up on the floor, totally defenceless? The Railroad: Fully human Replicant sympathisers are helping escapees get out of the city, hiding them away until they can be smuggled out. Once they discover this, do the PCs stop them? Hinder them? Or ignore them? The Fake: Not all the people trying to stay out of the sight of the authorities are Replicants, but how can you tell who is real and who is not? If a Blade Runner made the mistake of retiring a human, even of that human was masquerading as a Replicant for their own ends – perhaps they were doing it for rich kid laughs or a party - what lengths would they go to cover it up to save their own hide? How would a Replicant react to a human who acts like them? The Vengeance: Sometimes even the people on the right side of the law are pushed too far – how would the PCs handle a Blade Runner gone rogue? A Blade Runner who would do anything to retire Replicants because of a pain they suffered at their hands? Who would they go through the get their target, and who would they make suffer to achieve their vengeance? The Passion: Like all living things, Replicants want to live. If only they could show the humans hunting them that they feel emotions the same way they do. What lengths would they go to convince humans of their humanity? Would they befriend them? Seduce them? Love them? I think there could be a lot of mielage in this. Even so, I hope this post has given you a few ideas.
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