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Found 1 result

  1. Monster High

    Inspired by a discussion over on rpg.net... Monster High! Choose the following array of Abilities: Choose a Ghoulish Heritage (Werefolf, Vampire, etc) as a Keyword rated at 15, give it two Breakout Abilities at +1 and one at +2 Choose a High-School Social Role as a Keyword rated at 17, and give it two Breakout Abilities, one at +1 and one at +2. Chose a Distinguishing Characteristic, either as a distinct Ability at 17 or as a +3 Breakout to one of the above Keywords. Chose two Abilities that are Relationships to other characters, one a PC and the other an NPC, one at 13 and one at 15. Chose your best subject at or activity at school as an Ability at 15. Chose any three other Abilities to round-out the character to your taste, rated at 13. Spend 5 points as follows: Adding a new Ability at 13 1pt Adding a new +1 Breakout to a Keyword 1pt Raising an Ability or Breakout 1:1, up to three above initial score. Raising a Keyword 1pt+1pt/full two Breakout Abilities, up to two above initial score. Chose four Flaws: One relating to your Ghoulish Heritage One relating to your High-School Social Role One relating to either another student or group of students One relating to a personality defect, weak subject or activity, or other similar shortcoming. Assign them ratings equal to your two highest and two lowest Ability ratings (including Breakouts), as you see fit.