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Found 4 results

  1. I appreciate the concept of Build in CoC7 (combination of Size & Strength) as it makes sense for maneuvers: in general, a strong and heavy person will be harder to push than a similarly strong yet skinny person. However, it makes no sense for the Build of a creature to affect how easily it is to shoot it. According to the manual, if the target is Build -2 or smaller, one penalty die needs to be applied to the shooting skill. If the target is Build 4 or more, one bonus die is applied instead. This is absolutely illogical. If two targets are of identical size, it shouldn't be easier to shoot one just because it has more Strength. As it is, a strong dwarf is easier to shoot than a weakling dwarf of the exact same size! Typically this weird quirk of CoC7 has admittedly low impact on play, as Strength & Size tend to correlate & investigators generally can't be of Size -2 or 4+. However, the rule fails spectacularly when dealing with small creatures of supernatural strength (think Chucky from Child's Play), in which case said creature may have Build 0, even though it is quite small! Hence, I decided to change the rules to the following: "When shooting at a creature with a size of 32 or less, a penalty die is applied. When shooting at a creature with a size 143 or more, a bonus die is applied." The modified rule should produce the same result as the official rule when Strength and Size are the same, but may give different results if Strength and Size are very different. This should make it more intuitive for your Keeper to add murdering dolls to your game. You're welcome.
  2. Still looking for the primal reference to the notion that Brithini are little. Here's a bit from the Mortal Lords manuscript that went out to some RuneQuest Classic backers: SIZ for the nobles at least is 2D6+3 so they're not teeny on average -- bigger than a dwarf or brown elf, as big as a larger typical trollkin -- but there's a distinct scrawniness here. In an earlier version of the text Greg blames this not on anything metaphysical (much as I'd like to) as on a poorer diet with more fish than bread or beef. Naturally none of this is modern canon, use at your own risk, past results future performance blah blah blah. However, the horalites are, as one might expect, quite weird. At certain stages in the text there are horalite knights. And "Brithini armies of the First Ages have not yet developed cavalry warfare for the homeland of Brithos knew no animals of a size suitable for riding and the major barbarian races (the Vadeli whom the Brithini all but exterminated and the horse-shy Pendali lion-worshippers) also did not know riding." For what that's worth!
  3. I've been watching The Expanse this past week (and found it to probably be the best sci fi show I've seen since Firefly) but when I started thinking about describing BRP characters growing up in low G it became a bit problematic. STR -3 and CON -1 works fine, perhaps lowered HP. But what about SIZ? Those people are easily 2+ meters tall but really skinny. Should I raise SIZ because they are tall? Lower it because their weight is low? Or keep it as it is because body volume is the same as for earthlings, just slightly stretched out? IIRC weight is the determining factor for SIZ in BGB, but it seems very unintuitive to lower SIZ for people 0.5 meters taller than most. How would you do it?
  4. Every time I skim through my copy of the BGB, this funny little example catches my eye: So knowing how the Resistance Table functions, it would seem to me, that the bigger you are, the easier it is to resist the effect of the hole to prevent you, and the bigger the hole is, the harder it is to get through. Big character vs. small hole is therefore easier than the other way around. I wonder what went on in the designers' minds when writing this? Is truly the very silly mistake I take it to be, or is there some hidden wisdom that I just can't grasp?
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