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  1. So Thursday are going to be the update days for Skaerune'. Maybe all the Q21 games. I have updated the News section of the website (http://reigndragonpress.weebly.com/news.html) and the FB page for Reign Dragon Press (https://www.facebook.com/reigndragonpress/) Here is the update Skaerune' Update: 3.23.2017 Thursday is going to be our official update day for news on Skaerune'. There is not much news this week, but we wanted to kick things off and get the ball rolling as they say. Downloads: So in a little over a week we have triple digit downloads from the Drive
  2. These are things I need to add in the full version. I will put my list here to remind myself. Item Creation / Smith Magic Ad Hoc and Improvised Weapons (stones, benches, purses, barrels etc..) Necromantic Sorcery Full List of Cults Bloodweirds (Bloodspirals)
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Okay since it takes a few days for DTRPG to approve a file (makes sense), I am uploading Salt Mine Blues here for the folks here to check out. For those who may not know, it is based on the OpenQuest2 SRD, but it has been altered quite a bit from that. Q21, the name of the system aspects, are crunchier than OQ. Just be warned. This module should be fun, a mix of role playing and combat. As changes are made to it, I will upload new versions here and at DTRPG.
  4. So technically it is done. I have one more read through myself then have a colleague do the same. If all goes well launch day is next Wednesday. I will put it aside today, tomorrow work on the website and other things like a G+ presence etc.. and Friday do my editing. Should have it to my friend by Sunday and... well... Der Tag is almost here.
  5. So Salt Mine Blues, the very Quick Start version of Skaerune' will be out June 30th. It will include an adventure, an easy preview of the game systems, and four nameless and sexless Pre Generated characters. One from each of the four cities. I do not have the total page count yet, but will update this thread as soon as I have it. I am hoping its less than 30 pages.
  6. So here are some beasties from Skaerune, sans art. (Art is a long way off at this point). There are a few system specific bits: AUR = Aura (specific to Skaerune, not Q21 in general) Soul Magic = Divine Magic Spiral Magic = Spirit, Battle, Common magic. Would love to hear what people think. Neither of these is a playable PC race (though if the game became popular enough I could see that being a thing). The Elf is one of the Mythical beings created by the interactions of the people and the world itself. The Rakshasa are the latest power on the world, ruling the Glorious Em
  7. So I have been reading a lot of books and listening to podcasts where people talk about the development of games and worlds. It has made me realize that I need to think about why I am creating Skaerune', beyond the basic idea of making my own game derived from half a dozen games I have played over the years. What makes or may make a world or game successful and allows the players to invest in it? I don't want to do what has been done before; I want to do something different. So I will talk about those central ideas here in this thread. The City At first the cities were just a w
  8. Hey all.. so a funny thing happened on the way to the Internet. Yesterday on EN World they had an unofficial poll about which RPGs are you anticipating for 2017. So naturally I mentioned the two I have been working on Skaerune' (of course) and a lil OSR project called Pimmels & Paradoxes. Well to my surprise both made it to the official poll. So if you have the time and inclination could you pop over and give Skaerune' a vote? Runequest 4 is also on the list and had I thought about it I would have mentioned it here yesterday. For a basically one man show like myself, this kind of pu
  9. Sean_RDP

    The Cosmos

    So I want to talk a little about the Cosmos of the world of Skaerune' and a little bit about the gods themselves. The World Skaerune' was a plain sphere of thought, cast aside by the gods so that they could use it later. After a time it became clear the world and its random inhabitants needed someone to take care of them. This when they created (or imported) the Caretakers / Zero People. Skaerune' itself is not the center of the Universe and despite it having some Earth - like cultures, it was never, is not, and will never be Earth. What it has become though is a place for the lost
  10. So I wanted to update Skaerune' a bit tokeep everyone in the loop. Things have been thin lately with more life changes, all for the better, but working on the game and other projects had to take a back seat. Life seems to be affording me more time now, though. Changes to the Game World I have made some subtle changes to the world itself. I found a few aspects to be a little too derivative and I wanted to make a more unique setting. I realize there is not a whole lot of information on the world as it is, so folks may not even notice the difference. Changes to the Rules Agai
  11. So I want to use this thread to keep track of the game's progress. Estimated Quick Start Rules: January 2016 Estimated Full Low Art Game Release: June 2016* *I have not decided yet how to work a more artful and color version. Either through kickstarter or sales.. I am not really sure. So currently... Design Document - 90% Soul Magic - 90% Hit Points & Hit Locations - 100% Armor, Weapons, & Equipment - 75%
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Here is the character sheet as it will appear with the QS Guide.
  13. So Encumbrance is one of those things that has vexed game designers and games for a while. I think I have finally found the solution I like the best. You will have a slots for equipment and money. The body, backpack, and extra slots based on SIZ. Exceeding this will cause issues in skill use and combat, likely a 5% penalty per overloaded slot. The Body Armor, Shield, Back, Left Hip, Right Hip, Extra Slot 1, Extra Slot 2 Coin Purse 1 and 2 = 40 coins each Pack 8 Slots Extras SIZ 12, SIZ 14, SIZ 16, SIZ 18, SIZ 21 - Useable if a character is that size
  14. So one of the big chapters I am working (slowly) on is the Smithing Chapter. I feel like it is very important to not just list some magic items and explain how to make them, but to make it important to the game. Much of that comes from the influence of the M. Scott Rohan's Winter of the World series, which has leaked (happily) into what I am doing with Skaerune'. Forging a weapon, even one without any magical abilities will be a powerful symbol in the world. Actually finding such an item will be rare, but finding instructions or special materials for doing so will be part of treasures. O
  15. So things are getting very close. Yes I know, its just a QS guide but it feels like something bigger. I have been designing games for 30 years, but none of them really saw the light of day beyond friends and acquaintances. With a lot of things in life, sometimes it just is not the right time. Well this is the right time and I am getting a little nervous about it. People are going to look it over and judge it good or bad or, which would be worse, not worth anyone's time. I do not think that will happen but it is one of those things that sit in the back of your head. I have come to the co
  16. So sometime either at the end of this week or the beginning of next, the Skaerune' Quickstart will be out. For those who are interested, I will be trying to run some G Chat hangouts and hopefully running a few n person runs of the adventures designed to go with it. I will also be posting a thread specifically for errata and commentary.
  17. Tomorrow I will be posting a new and updated Intro to Skaerune'. It will be edited better (though not perfect lol) and somewhat more coherent. It will include a section where I briefly discuss some design decisions. In essence it is a preview of the QS guide. I just did not want folks to think it WAS the QS guide, which is coming along nicely.
  18. Version 1.2


    This is just a small introduction and teaser for Skaerune'. It discusses a little about styles of play and some themes of the world.
  19. The holidays did renew the energies a bit, for a great many things including the game designs. However, I am in a portion of the Quick Start guide which is dry and a little bleh. I know how the game works why do others need to know! lol So I am reducing the Skaerune time on a given day and devoting it to fun vanity designs or campaigns etc.. I know once I get over this hump it will pick up again. Also, it would be good to actually play a bit as I GM and design more than I play. Playing would definitely help alleviate some fatigue. I did figure out recently how many spells will be in the S
  20. So I began work on the Item Creation chapter, tentatively titled Forged & Fantastic Power. I have long wanted to weave item creation into a game design as something more meaningful than just making your own magic items or potions or gaining an advantage in the game. I have always wanted it to be an end (or a journey) unto itself. As I was working on the chapter,which deals with forging everything from mundane trinkets to powerful soul eating weapons, I found myself for a moment considering the heretical idea that all magic ws in the form of item creation, that it made something concrete an
  21. So while working on the game this weekend, I came up with some goals I want to reach, so that I do not wear myself too thin making content no one is playing or reading. I decided that if PDF and POD versions of Skaerune and Salt Island sell 500 and 250 units respectively, then it might be worth it for me to pursue more content. I would be honored if others liked the world enough to create content for it, but I will not presume people will do so. Along those lines, here are the three potential adventure packs I came up with. The Vagabond Series Crodspear's Lament: Adventures in
  22. My expectations for Skaerune' were that it would likely be third in line of the games I was working on. When I came here and really started getting into the site, I thought it might move up to #2. Well, now it's number one on my list and no regrets. The game is falling into place nicely and I feel like I have a good handle on it. I have made templates for myself. The layout is under way and looking good. Once I have a version people can look over, I have a good feeling about it. I am also keeping more of the OpenQuest 2 SRD than I imagined, which is as testament to that game and to Newt on de
  23. So this thread is going to be about the default "play" area for Skaerune'. In the main rule book there will be a small description and adventure that I hope will introduce people to the setting in an adequate way. It will also be the first supplement for Skaerune'. After that I will gauge interest from players to see what they want. So a little about Salt Island: Sitting in the middle of the Sea of Woes, Salt Island is famous for being famous. Since the time of the First City, Salt Island has been a battle ground because of it's resources. One of those is the large amount of salt fou
  24. So the quick start rules are not ever close to being ready for running and playtesting and handing out. However, my cover artist sent an initial sketch of the Rakshasa who will be part of the cover and so, somewhat bored I went ahead and played around some with it. What do you folks think?
  25. Sean_RDP


    This is just an introduction to the blog. I have been designing games since I was 10 when I decided D&D was good, but could be better. Once I was introduced to RuneQuest and BRP, I felt the system did a great job with what it was trying to do. It was only years later that I began thinking about what I would I change if given the chance. So here we are. I feel like this community will be invaluable for helping me achieve the kind of game I want to make. lL8R SMH
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