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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Everyone, I was hoping I could get some help on the First Aid skill? On my first attempt at reading I failed my roll : ) ( LOL actually I re-read it more than a few times) I love the idea of first aid and want to use it properly but must admit the rules confuse me in the wording. I am a very precise person and words matter but I see a few ways to use First Aid. The way I read it from page 149 is that first aid stops bleeding, revives characters and can restore HPs. (I love how you can actually do first aid on wounds and not just hit locations). But it seems that a succes
  2. I went through the entries in the Bestiary and collected up each skill I saw which AFAIK isn't listed in the RQG core rulebook. For the most part, I've left out attack skills and skills which just fill in predictable blanks, like Speak Aldryami and Cult Lore (Kyger Litor). Figured that such a list might trigger some interesting conversation. I've organized it into three sections. Described Skills are those which have a dedicated sidebar elucidating the skill's functions. Adventurer Skills includes all skills listed in "Creating a X Adventurer" sidebars. These are skills which could see us
  3. In the RQG corebook, in page 73, in cult starting skills you can read "Each cult has starting skills taught to his members. Add the listed skill bonuses to these skills. Add an additional +20% to one of these starting skills and + 15% to another...", but in the Vasana's saga (the sample character), I don't see this bonus and I think that you can get a +40 to one skill via cult is too much increase. what do you think? You take this bonus in the character generation? thank you.
  4. So an idea for my current game is in its fetal stages inside my head. I was inspired by another thread on the forums about a skill list and I thought about the following: How to define a skill, i.e. how broad or narrow is its reach? How to avoid derivative skill discrepancies, e.g. where someone who is knowledgeable in physics isn't knowledgeable in math because they didn't put points in that? I know BRP has symbiotic skills, where you can add 1/5 of a related skill to your skill roll, but that doesn't solve the first problem. Some skills are super broad like "Athletics" and so
  5. As an idea for my house rules, I'd like a rough mechanic of somekind to track relationships between individual NPCs and groups/guilds/etc. My rough idea so far is that every new relationship starts at 50% (neutral). "Any time you use a skill and score a special success working towards something that can reasonably be considered for that individual or group and/or are wearing an insignia or tabard clearly displaying your affiliation, those relationships increase by 1% and any faction or individual you are reasonably considered to be working against goes down by 1%." Relationships would ha
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. I'm looking for advice from experienced Keepers & Investigators. Our group has been playing for a couple of months now via a weekly Roll20 game and I've found that I've fallen into a pattern of asking for numerous Psychology / Spot Hidden rolls throughout the session. Typically these rolls are made to allow the Investigator the opportunity to sense the NPC's attitude/demeanor, or in the case of Spot Hidden, find a clue, or perceive some feature of the environment around them. I'm struggling with how to take the Players described actions for their Investigators and quickly come up with a re
  8. Something i am working on, tinkering with for Duke Nukem RPG I currently have no gaming group, i like to hear opinions! Thanks in advance I wanted basic starting skills directly related to characteristics! Everything as far as my rules mods will be optional, use what you like skip what you don't like. Duke Nukem RPG stats CHAR BASIC STARTING SKILLS (not skill modifier) STR Experience( INT+POW) CON -- Action(avg of STR+DEX)+EXP represents skills like climb, jump,
  9. What is the degree of skill complexity that you, as a player and/or GM prefer? I have seen systems that break skills and attributes down into basically mental, physical and social blocks (although I would posit that Spiritual should be in there as well) so that a PC would basically only be rated numerically in those 4 areas. Also there are games that are attribute based like AD&D where skills basically acted as attribute modifiers of +1 or +2 on a roll of a D20, although interestingly enough weapons and magical skills and capabilities were very well defined and far more integral
  10. So everyone loves criticals and fumbles, I can appreciate this. I wanted to make changes that fit my own philosophy not just make changes for the sake of change. So here is how it looks right now. Skill Use 01-10 is always a success. 01-05 is always a critical success. There is no "special" success. 91-100 is always a failure. 96 - 100 is always a fumble. Critical Success on a non Combat Skill 04-05 - Next Use of this skill has an Easy modifier 02 - 03 - Next use of this skill has a Simple modifier 01 - Next use is Simple and you gain 2% to the skill Fum
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to the BRP system and found it when looking for a rule-set suitable for an 'A Song of Ice and Fire' campaign I'm trying to put together (that's 'A Game of Thrones', for anyone who hasn't read the books). I know that Green Ronin have a game out, and that there's a D20 version (which I have), but looking through the BRP, Chaosium seems like a better fit. For anyone who isn't familiar with the world of Westeros -- A Song of Ice and Fire is a story of war and political intrigue set in a low fantasy world that (at first) has a lot of historical realism. It is rarely a
  12. I'm looking for rules or options for Extended Actions. The best I could find was in the Quick Start PDF under Extended Research. It touches on how the GM can require multiple successes (pg. 23). I'm looking for more extensive guidelines on this, where a complex task may require lets say three or more rolls. Where can I find this?
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