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Found 1 result

  1. kr0p0s


    It is said in the Book of Heortling Mythology: "Dalarok Redsail, the famous merchant captain of Slontos, was the most famous proselytizer of the Zistori faith. His crews, slaves, and admirers all accepted it, and their success encouraged more to join as well. Soon there were thousands of people throughout Maniria who embraced Zistorism, and worked hard to fit into the system. The pernicious thought had not taken root in the Shadowlands, where the old gods fed daily with their worshipers, unpolluted by such ideas. Already, many times, the people of Kethaela had thrown off invasions by their ancient foes of Slontos. For this Dalarok Redsail wished them ill. But wherever humans live there will be both reason and treason, and the Only Old One could not prevent its taking root. And some of the “New Knews” came ashore, and lived among the cities of Kethaela, and built up cells of believers. One day Zistor the Destroyer showed up, in person, to help during the invasion of Esrolia. It was a huge monster, made of gleaming metal and wires, which tore down the walls of cities. Across Maniria the Zistori people had dreamed of this, and were glad for it. They liked it." This implies that the movement was very important, if not centred, in the Duchy of Slontos, and that it was an deadly contribution to the the Middlesea Empires struggle against the Empire of Wyrms Friends. This all ended with the destruction of the Zistorites in and their Machine City in the Iron War. But what of Zistorite belief, sorcery and artifacts, especially in Maniria. May some of this have survived in the cities of Highwall and Vision, especially in the Slontan relics there in the Low Temple. May unholy machine creations lurk in the ruins on the shores of Maniria?
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