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Found 15 results

  1. So while trying to test the munchkinery of Linked spells (for that other thread) I went looking in RQG's Sorcery chapter for the Spell Matrix Enchantment. There's no equivalent spell description, but rather a generalized section on p.390, "Inscribing Spells." The text I'm concerned with is: My questions are: How does this affect the MP cost of the spell? Can an Inscription be linked with other spell matrices? I see a few interpretations for MP: They do not cost MP, and the inscribed levels are added after the sorcerer's manipulation. They do not cost MP, and the inscribed levels are added before the sorcerer's manipulation (so further manipulations are more expensive, I think?). They do cost MP, and only remove the need for the sorcerer to manipulate the spell. To my eye, (2) seems to be the closest to a RAW interpretation, but as a GM I would probably play with (3), since that seems the most balanced. Interpretation (3) makes sorcery inscriptions basically parallel to the spirit magic Spell Matrix Enchantment (but without an actual spell description, unlike both sorcery and spirit magic's Magic Point Enchantments). I'm curious what others think the correct RAW interpretation is here, as well as if there's other options I've missed. Personally, I think the RAW is that sorcery inscriptions can't be linked with spirit magic or Rune magic spell matrices, and that is part of why they weren't written up as a spell description. As a GM, I'm inclined to allow a linked matrix by an adventurer who has access to multiple methods of magic (such as an initiate of Lhankor Mhy or the Seven Mothers & other Lunar cults) for MGF, but the consequences and potential munchkinery of that choice are best left for the other thread.
  2. Manu

    Sedalpist sorcery

    I'll start very soon a campaign in Umathela, where the Sedalpist are numerous. And most probably one of my player will play one. It is said (in the Guide) that : Sedalpists have incorporated many of the meditative techniques of the Cult of Silence, and seek to attain a state of Perfect Reason through meditation How could I translate this into game play? There is no 'mysticism' in RQG that could fit.
  3. Good morning, just a few questions for the group. Starting Reputation Page 82, upper right, Starting Reputation. Says most Free occupations add +5% and most Noble occupations add +10%. Looking at some of the occupations, Healer, Noble and Warrior for example, i don't see the bonus to reputation they offer. Is there a list i'm missing? Sympathetic magic p387. It says a sorceror can use sympathetic magic. Since it says 'can' does that mean it's optional? If yes, it brings up more questions. Casting an air rune spell on Windsday gives me a 10% bonus, but casting a water rune spell on Windsday gives me a 10% penalty. So, since i'll be casting air rune magic most of the time, can i chose to have Sympathetic magic effect me only on Windsdays? What if i want to pick and choose other days? Or, what if I choose to only have the bonus effect me and not the penalty, since it's optional? I think i'm missing something because my above doesnt sound right. Thanks, Gil
  4. Version 1.0.2


    A collated list of the Magic World and Advanced Sorcery spells. Arranged alphabetically by category (Sorcery, Necromancy, Rune Magic, etc. MP cost Effects Range Source and page number. There is a field for "Type" that you are free to use or ignore which is for a house-rule I use for keeping track of Black Magic, and affects to Allegiance through spell-casting. The .docx file can be used to add/delete whatever want .
  5. PhilHibbs

    RQG Sorcery

    Sorcery seems very time-consuming to cast! What does the "x Points" number of a spell mean in game mechanical terms? Is this the amount of Free INT it takes? Is it the minimum intensity or MPs to get the base effect? If the latter, then the example on page 384 is wrong. Ah - I think I get it - it's the number of runes/techniques, and the example actually says it has a base MP cost of 2 because of the two runes (Fire/Sky, Summon). Presumably it does not take two Free INT, just one.
  6. Baelor

    Against the Blood Gods

    Just wrote up some skills and Talents (not unlike Legend "Heroic Abilities") useful in the fight against the minions of the Blood Gods in D101's Savage North, as well as rules for Demonic Tattoos, something that the cultists probably would like. https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-181-against-blood-gods
  7. So, after plenty of reading, I've got a solid handle on the various ways a character can have grimoires and spells, the interoperation of the techniques and the runes to describe specific spells within a grimoire's theme, and so on. I'm good on the principles. What I'm really struggling with are the fictional capabilities the rules are trying to represent. I never played RuneQuest or HeroQuest 1, the only examples I have to go on are the examples in the HQ:G book and the historical things referred to in the Guide. Are there things that are particularly difficult or impossible for sorcery to accomplish? Things like instant communication from afar or teleportation have significant impacts when present within a setting, are those available? Are they easy? It seems like life extension must be difficult or impossible since people like Delecti or the Brithini have to go to such extreme lengths to achieve it. I expect ressurection to be off the table for Malkioni as they don't believe in the afterlife the way that the Theyleans do. Might a Lankhor Mhy sage develop a Seperate Death from Man spell though (even if using it might draw unwelcome attention from Humakt or Daka Fal cults)? Could a Combine Man & Air spell permit flight, or is the Middle-Air just for Air Rune Theists? In the play examples, Magatheus & Orensulva both cast spells more or less instantly within the flow of the narrative, so there's a bit of a baseline there for things that a competent sorcerer can do on the go. OTOH, we also have allusions in the fiction for things that require groups, rituals, preparations, holy/astrologically-significant days, etc. Are those just augments or calling on a community's magic resource? What are things that a sorcerer would need to go to such lengths to accomplish that they couldn't do alone or quickly? Tapping is mentioned as a way to gain magical energy to empower one's spells, but without any detail. It it just a way to get an augment in the future? What about the magnitude of spell effects, do those play into the resistance one might roll against to cast them? Say a grimoire had a Banish Man from Your Presence(Dismiss Man) spell and a Force an Army to Retreat (Dismiss Man) spell within it. The caster's ability rating with this grimoire is the same either way. Should the former face Moderate resistance while the latter Nigh Impossible? What about Tapping Earth from a pebble vs a boulder? (I have a similar struggle with what the bounds should be for things that a Theistic Initiate cannot do, but the Devotee level feats in the cult write-ups at least give some guidance there.) Ian commented on RPG.net the last week, "You only really need materials if they have a shared fiction that you don't all share or know." I need materials to provide this shared fiction, please. I know it's OK for my Glorantha to vary, but I really have no clue what the baseline is from which I might deviate. The examples in HQ:G and the Sartar & Pavis books are very few, while the Guide mostly mentions epic things that Zzabur or the God Learners did, which is a bit out of scope for typical PCs. I'm half tempted to hunt down old RQ & HQ1 books for examples, but with so much changed since then I don't know if that's really a solution. Help, please?
  8. Anyone else using freeform magic in your Magic World game? If so what rules are you using? What GM challenges have cropped up? As for me we use our own house rules The Second Way which is a take off of deep magic. My biggest challenge so far are the player's creative use of magic to solve problems in general and the availability of gate spells in particular.
  9. Acording to HQ:G p.172, sorcery works by applying one of the four principles to one or more runes. Those logical principles are two pairs of opposite verbs: - Summon / Dismiss - Combine / Separate And two lonely verbs: - Command - Tap I somehow felt it was incomplete, and thus, trying to restore the balance, I searched the opposite verbs that are lacking to those two lonely principles: - When a sorcerer commands something, he is ruling over it: It obeys the sorcerer. The opposite of commanding is setting free, allowing it to act freely. So the balancing principle of COMMAND is FREE. - When a sorcerer is tapping something, he is draining its "itselfness", what causes it to be it. The opposite of taking away essence is giving existence. So I name the balancing principle of TAP as VIVIFY, despite a stone is not alive. Anyway, with these two new pairs, we envision the forgotten and forbidden tecniques of the God Learners: "Freeing" and "Vivifying"! And this immediately reminded me of Zistor and the Machine City. What do you think? Am I missing something or am I elaborating too much?
  10. Akerbakk

    BRP Unified Powers

    Version 1.2.1


    Hello fellow gamers! Unified Powers is Akerbakk's first contribution to BRP Central. This is a document that brings all powers from the BGB together in one place, eliminates redundancies, and assigns separate rulesets called 'Power Origins' to differentiate how characters use them. The ruleset is based on BRP from the BGB with some houserules. Most significant is that I added a characteristic, Awareness (AWA), and all Characteristic rolls are replaced with Attributes - this is to promote opposed roll mechanics wherever possible: Attributes are percentile scores determined by a combination of two characteristics each. They collectively quantify your character’s mental, emotional, and physical resilience. 1. Willpower =2(INT+POW)+10: Determines if the character’s mental focus will hold up. Use to resist mental probes and attacks and to avoid distractions. 2. Composure =2(AWA+AFF)+10: Determines if the character will startle or balk under pressure or fear. Used when calm or levelheadedness is needed. 3. Physique =2(STR+CON)+10: Measures the character’s overall health and fortitude. Used to resist injury, poisons, and diseases or for prolonged physical exertion or hardship. Unified Powers is a draft, and comments/ideas are welcome!
  11. View File Magic World & Advanced Sorcery Spell Index I simply collected all of the Magic World and Advanced Sorcery spells and put them in tables. Arranged alphabetically, show MP cost, effects, range, source and page number. There is a field for "Type" that you are free to use or ignore which is for a house-rule I use for keeping track of Black Magic, and affects to Allegiance through spell-casting. The .docx file can be used to add/delete whatever want and save out as PDF. Submitter Nick J. Submitted 10/19/2016 Category Magic World  
  12. hi ! i'm wondering if Lhankor Mhy initiates will be full sorcerers or if they still can use runic magic like before in RQ2/RQ3? thank you
  13. pachristian

    Hrestoli in RQ6/Mythras

    Has anyone out there set up rules for Hrestoli advancement in the Nash-Whittaker RQ systems? I put this in the Glorantha section because I thought I'd get more response. Their standard system of order advancement is Rank 0 (common) - nothing, Rank 1(dedicated) - 5 skills at 50%, Rank 2 (proven) - 4 skills at 70%, Rank 3 (leader) - 3 skills at 90%, and Rank 4 (overseer) - 2 skills at 110%. Hrestoli advance through the castes of Commoner, Warrior, Wizard, Leader. My thought is that a character would have to qualify for the rank of "Leader" in his existing caste, to apply to become a common member of the next caste. The skills required for each caste may have some overlap, but not much. Can anyone tell me about their experiences with a Hrestoli-based game?
  14. Akerbakk

    Unified Powers for BRP

    Hello fellow gamers! I have uploaded my first contribution to BRP Central. It is a document entitled Unified Powers, and can be found here http://basicroleplaying.org/files/file/516-brp-unified-powers/ Unified Powers was born out of a desire to have all powers in one place. I've played GURPS. I've played Savage Worlds. I like the way they do powers, but I prefer BRP/ D100 as a system. I want my players (and myself as a GM) to have as many options available for powering characters, and I feel that the different power categories with separate spells/powers/etc is too confining for my tastes. In Unified Powers, powered characters choose a 'Power Origin', a ruleset that governs how their powers work systemically and narratively in the game. Then they choose their powers from a generic list, flavor it all to fit the game, and voila! Your [wizard, sorcerer, priest, psi, super] is ready to go. Here is how I have set up my Power Origins, in quick bullet point format: WIZARDRY (Rote casting of magical formulae to create mystical effects.) -Moderate amount of starting Spells (INT/2) -Fast power progression: Buy a new spell with Experience (EXP) = PP Cost for one level. -Very skill dependent; Powers are split across 5 different skills (Spell Colleges) with an occupation required. -Access to a versatile craft skill that greatly expands the wizard's power and abilities (enables wizard to make staves, familiars, and scrolls). -Can increase skill percentile by increasing casting time. -Can cast spells silently with extra PP cost and successful simultaneous Stealth roll. SORCERY (Fantastic manipulation of reality through improvisatory enchantments.) -Lesser amount of starting spells (INT levels of spells) -Moderate power progression: Buy a new level with EXP = PP Cost -One skill (Sorcery), with disastrous fumble results. Armor penalizes skill. -Metamagic can alter the statistics (targets, range, damage, duration) or link spells. -Sorcerers can weave Power points into spell. Safely done with time, extremely risky if rushed. DIVINE MAGIC (Channeling the power of a deity into the world.) -Vast amount of starting powers, but limited PP to use (Deity Alignment = PP Cost limit) -Slow power progression: Increase Alignment or gain further blessings. -Less skill dependent: Faithcasting casts the powers, Knowledge (Religion) has supportive roles. -Blessing: a free power gifted by the deity that fits the individual cleric's calling. -Requires attention to the tenets of his faith for cleric to retain his powers. PSIONICS (Unlocking hidden powers of the mind.) -Small amount of starting powers (POW/5) -Expensive power progression: EXP cost = 5x Power Point cost of new power. -Skill dependent: Powers split across 3 Psionic categories. -Higher skill means greater Power Point efficiency. Can further extend Power Points by Rending (1 HP = 1 PP) -No limit to power level except Power Points available. SUPER POWERS (Extraordinary abilities from a myriad of sources.) -Moderate starting powers: Point-based budget from highest Characteristic to buy powers per level at outset. Power modifiers can increase budget. -Laterally increasing cost to upgrade powers. New powers typically unavailable. -Generally not skill nor Power Point dependent. -Power Stunts enable super to use powers in creative ways and temporarily mirror effects of other powers. Requires Power Points. Unified Powers is a draft, and comments/ideas are welcome.
  15. Daelkyr

    Necromantic Magic

    I have the BRP system and was thumbing through it. The magic and sorcery system is very basic and that's fine, but what I didn't see in it was anything pertaining to Necromancy. In the world that I've been making, Necromancy plays a huge part in it. Are there rules on making Zombies/Skeletons and the like, or even lichhood? I don't mind if it goes to either Magician or Sorcerer as I plan on using slightly modified versions of both as it is. I just want there to be Zombies and Skeletons running around messing the day up and having the option for my players to do the same.