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  1. Anyone else using freeform magic in your Magic World game? If so what rules are you using? What GM challenges have cropped up? As for me we use our own house rules The Second Way which is a take off of deep magic. My biggest challenge so far are the player's creative use of magic to solve problems in general and the availability of gate spells in particular.
  2. Version 1.0.2


    A collated list of the Magic World and Advanced Sorcery spells. Arranged alphabetically by category (Sorcery, Necromancy, Rune Magic, etc. MP cost Effects Range Source and page number. There is a field for "Type" that you are free to use or ignore which is for a house-rule I use for keeping track of Black Magic, and affects to Allegiance through spell-casting. The .docx file can be used to add/delete whatever want .
  3. About two years ago, I tried to sit down & actually figure out how in the world my group's sorcery rules worked. After all, I'd played a sorcerer using them for two to three years at that point, and had a friend who had been using them for about a year as well (and who I helped teach the system). How hard could it be? Very, very hard, it turned out. Our current group plays mostly-RQG, but we've taken to calling that game's rules "RuneQuest Bastard" for a reason. They were a mishmash of official stuff, house rules, and things my friends & I didn't know were house rules which had ac
  4. This may be an odd question, but I'm curious and I'm pretty sure this is the right forum (as opposed to one of the specific game fora): Are all sorcerous grimoires written texts in Glorantha? Are there any cultures that have secret songs (for one example) that function as a grimoire, something one can study and gain insights into the impersonal forces of the universe, allowing the individual to cast a certain number of specific spells? A related question: in western, caste-based societies, how likely would it be for one to find, say, a donari who is basically a powerful sorcerer
  5. Greetings from the Tragic Kingdom! I'm working on a project for the Jonstown Compendium which will be a combined bestiary and rogues gallery of chaos creatures going under the current title of the Chaos Compendium. While working on the section for Dancers in Darkness, I realized something interesting regarding the rules for Sorcery, and I'm hoping the designers of Runequest Glorantha could give me some information. Since Dancers in Darkness and Vampires are Undead and repelled by the Death Rune, it would be natural to believe they cannot learn the Death Rune or cast Sorcery spells using it. Th
  6. I'm experimenting with some sorcery spells tailored for use by the Black Arkati in a scenario I'm writing (or other Illuminates, I suppose), and looking for a bit of feedback, if anyone's interested in looking it over. Not necessarily meant to be a comprehensive write-up, just a few spells to make an adventure more interesting or unusual. The general theme I'm going for is "meta-sorcery," where they manipulate magic with their magic, letting them do strange things normal sorcerers/priests/shamans can't. Arkati Sorcery draft.pdf
  7. One (unexpected) feature of The Smoking Ruins is that we get our first glimpse at Sorcery in full action. We get a look at a Rokari sorcerer who knows five runes and four techniques (why so many? they all can be inferred from one or two), and we get a short introductory description of the House of Black Arkat. The description of the House of Black Arkat in The Smoking Ruins p.136 (sidebar) mentions that I seem to have been under the wrong assumption that the Magic Rune in sorcery spells was a place holder for other runes as it is in divine rune magic. This makes it jus
  8. I was lurking around RPGnet today and came on a thread that was talking about The Old Days, specifically RQ1/2. What caught my eye was that someone got banned for asking for transcription of some rules that appeared in an issue of a fanzine called The Wild Hunt, and in a newsletter by Greg called The Son of Sartar #3. What did it look like? Did it bear any resemblance to what appeared in RQ3, or was it more like what we would now call Lunar Magic? SDLeary
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Liber Ka - A Summary of the Changes It Brings to Sorcery (and PC Generation) Originally uploaded to yahoo group by agarthan Jun 18, 2004
  10. Version 1.0.0


    A bare-bones, names-only list of the 2nd & 3rd Circle Sorcery spells given in Liber Ka - for players without access to a copy. For further details on a given spell, mail your GM. Note 1: These REPLACE the spells in the main Nephilim rulebook! Note 2: They're just examples - any Neph can create its own spells in any case. Again, see your GM. Originally uploaded to Nephilim Pentacamerum yahoo group by agarthan Jun 18, 2004
  11. So I've been re-reading over p.382-390 of the Sorcery chapter and I'm trying to figure out how the rules indicate the Magic Rune works. Previously, I thought that it was similar to how the Magic Rune is treated in the descriptions of Rune magic, where the sorcerer could substitute any other Rune when that symbol appeared in the spell description. However, I think that assumption was in error because I'm not finding an actual statement of that in the rules text. Am I missing something? The spells this is relevant for are: Castback, Drain Soul, Magic Point Enchantment, Neutralize Magic, Pie
  12. How do y'all think we should calculate sorcery spell percentages for starting adventurers? My initial instinct was that the actual percentages were equal to the percentiles gained from Philosopher and/or starting membership in Lhankor Mhy. However, as I've been re-reading some of the material I'm second-guessing that because on p. 390 it notes that new spells are learned at 1D6+Mag Mod after the requisite training or research. So for example, the Philosopher occupation notes they start with three spells, and has (Sorcery spell) +10% twice and +20% once in the Occupational Skills on p.70.
  13. Hi All, I'm returning to Magic World and the Southern Reaches and this time have two dedicated sorcerers in the group. I see the use of sorcery ramping up over the coming sessions. My question is about Undo Sorcery. It seems pretty clear that a spell of lower level is undone, that is, a Level 4 Undo Sorcery spell will completely dissipate a Level 3 Unbreakable Bonds spell. It's also pretty clear that if a Level 2 Undo Sorcery spell is cast at a Level 3 Unbreakable Bonds spell, the Unbreakable Bonds is weakened but continues "running" at Level 1. How would you handle this weakeni
  14. I've attempted to put together a few more Sorcery spells, some of which represent adaptations of old favorite spells from previous versions of the rules (ETA: many of these are conversions from RQ6/Mythras), while others are completely new. None of these have been playtested yet except Tendrils of Hell. Feedback gratefully received. Abjure [Rune] - Separate Man [Element] Allows the recipient to do without an essential element for the duration of the spell. For instance, Abjure Air means the recipient does not need to breathe. Abjure Fire means the recipient does not need warmth, and i
  15. Hi everyone, As you have come to expect, after my actual play session I always have a few questions which we reflect on as a group and come to some agreement over these. So, I was wondering how you play the resistance to the Summon Spell. Gully, used it to summon all the swords from the bandits to his hands. They get a resist of evade to prevent them from being pulled from their hands. We have rationalised why evade over brawn but is it just a roll or is it actually 'evading'? So questions: Do you use evade to resist against
  16. What is a sorcerer's starting mastery of Runes and Techniques (an Aeolian in my case)? *Page 381 2nd column, bottom right, says every sorcerer begins play having mastered at least one Rune as described under Philosopher on page 70, (so 1 Rune here). *Then page 389 under Aeolianism (assuming i'm 21) says I get to select 2 Runes and 1 Technique at 16 then spend the next 5 years mastering them (2 Runes and 1 Technique here). *Next, going back to character creation, let's say I actually pick Philosopher as my occupation. I then get to start with mastery of 1 Rune and 1 Technique (1
  17. I'm finally getting an RQG campaign running. I have one player interested in sorcery (Lhankor Mhy Philosopher) - we are taking this first campaign slowly. As we have been trying to understand the rules and processes we came across implementing the Protective Circle spell: is there a limit to the number of spells you can cast onto the circle, and is it only sorcery spells or can you cast spirit/rune magic on it? It feels like a game breaker if it can hang Spirit/Rune magic. Thoughts?
  18. So while trying to test the munchkinery of Linked spells (for that other thread) I went looking in RQG's Sorcery chapter for the Spell Matrix Enchantment. There's no equivalent spell description, but rather a generalized section on p.390, "Inscribing Spells." The text I'm concerned with is: My questions are: How does this affect the MP cost of the spell? Can an Inscription be linked with other spell matrices? I see a few interpretations for MP: They do not cost MP, and the inscribed levels are added after the sorcerer's manipulation. They do not cost MP, and the inscri
  19. I'll start very soon a campaign in Umathela, where the Sedalpist are numerous. And most probably one of my player will play one. It is said (in the Guide) that : Sedalpists have incorporated many of the meditative techniques of the Cult of Silence, and seek to attain a state of Perfect Reason through meditation How could I translate this into game play? There is no 'mysticism' in RQG that could fit.
  20. Good morning, just a few questions for the group. Starting Reputation Page 82, upper right, Starting Reputation. Says most Free occupations add +5% and most Noble occupations add +10%. Looking at some of the occupations, Healer, Noble and Warrior for example, i don't see the bonus to reputation they offer. Is there a list i'm missing? Sympathetic magic p387. It says a sorceror can use sympathetic magic. Since it says 'can' does that mean it's optional? If yes, it brings up more questions. Casting an air rune spell on Windsday gives me a 10% bonus, but casting a water rune spell
  21. Sorcery seems very time-consuming to cast! What does the "x Points" number of a spell mean in game mechanical terms? Is this the amount of Free INT it takes? Is it the minimum intensity or MPs to get the base effect? If the latter, then the example on page 384 is wrong. Ah - I think I get it - it's the number of runes/techniques, and the example actually says it has a base MP cost of 2 because of the two runes (Fire/Sky, Summon). Presumably it does not take two Free INT, just one.
  22. Just wrote up some skills and Talents (not unlike Legend "Heroic Abilities") useful in the fight against the minions of the Blood Gods in D101's Savage North, as well as rules for Demonic Tattoos, something that the cultists probably would like. https://d-infinity.net/game-content/runequest-thursday-181-against-blood-gods
  23. So, after plenty of reading, I've got a solid handle on the various ways a character can have grimoires and spells, the interoperation of the techniques and the runes to describe specific spells within a grimoire's theme, and so on. I'm good on the principles. What I'm really struggling with are the fictional capabilities the rules are trying to represent. I never played RuneQuest or HeroQuest 1, the only examples I have to go on are the examples in the HQ:G book and the historical things referred to in the Guide. Are there things that are particularly difficult or impossible for sorcery
  24. Acording to HQ:G p.172, sorcery works by applying one of the four principles to one or more runes. Those logical principles are two pairs of opposite verbs: - Summon / Dismiss - Combine / Separate And two lonely verbs: - Command - Tap I somehow felt it was incomplete, and thus, trying to restore the balance, I searched the opposite verbs that are lacking to those two lonely principles: - When a sorcerer commands something, he is ruling over it: It obeys the sorcerer. The opposite of commanding is setting free, allowing it to act freely. So the balancing principl
  25. Version 1.2.1


    Hello fellow gamers! Unified Powers is Akerbakk's first contribution to BRP Central. This is a document that brings all powers from the BGB together in one place, eliminates redundancies, and assigns separate rulesets called 'Power Origins' to differentiate how characters use them. The ruleset is based on BRP from the BGB with some houserules. Most significant is that I added a characteristic, Awareness (AWA), and all Characteristic rolls are replaced with Attributes - this is to promote opposed roll mechanics wherever possible: Attributes are percentile scores determined by a combin
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