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Found 3 results

  1. This blog is about settings. And immersion, and getting a sense of belonging. And rejection of the hack'n'slash mentality of gaming. It is also about hypnosis, and hypnotic language, and high weirdness, and the ocarina. Everybody here got into gaming for their own reasons. Give me five minutes, and I bet I could draw out your reason for playing d100 games, or for playing tabletop games at all. What do you get out of your favourite d100 game / setting? What's the payoff for you, that brings you back to this specific game, world, or setting, or even makes this your go-to place for adventures? This blog will explore that payoff. In my case, those payoffs plural. By exploring the things that bring others to the table, you might find the things within you which motivate you to game. And I'll reveal my payoffs, the reasons why I do what I do - writing game material, playing the ocarina, and hypnosis.
  2. Now up for sale. Men of the West The timeless appeal of the legends of the Hero Wars has resulted in an enduring interest in the period. Surviving texts, supplemented by archaeological evidence, are used here as the basis of this reconstruction of the combatants of the initial phases of that world-shattering conflict. This volume is a companion to The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass. Many mercenaries and adventurers from the West have been drawn to the conflict in Dragon Pass. Their homelands of Seshnela, Fronela, and Ralios are also fighting their own Hero Wars. Seshnela strives to impose the ambition of One God, One King, One Empire on the divided city-states and kingdoms of Ralios, where many look to the long-prophesied return of the hero Arkat for their salvation. In Fronela the idealists of Loskalm must confront the bloodthirsty armies of the Kingdom of War raging across the land bringing destruction and death. And there are yet more threats and perils. This book presents details of the warriors, soldiers and mercenaries fighting during opening periods of the Hero Wars, their arms and armor, their ships, their cultures, histories and organization, terrain, the battlefields on which they fought, their fortifications, their magic, and their religions. Army Lists provide details of some of the regiments which fought in these epic conflicts, supplemented by numerous illustrations of the participants. Warning: adult themes - some aspects of Bronze Age warfare may be distressing. There is also a description of Gloranthan sorcery. Note: The Armies and Enemies of Dragon Pass provides details of arms and armor, formations and many other things useful to the reader. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/325525/Men-of-the-West?src=newest_community
  3. Hi, I finished the translation of my Lysang clan sourcebook for the JC. Lay-out is nearly done thanks to @Nick Brooke' help. I am waiting for the art as my drawing skills are SAN roll-inducing. But here are some pictures I composed for the "Glorious past of the Lysang" chapter. For two centuries and a half, the Arfritha Vale has been disputed between the warlike Malani and the proud Colymar. The clans settled in the valley, Lysang, Namolding, Antorling, Jensteli and Karandoli, struggled to survive. After Kallyr Starbrow’s defeat, the Lysang clan has betrayed the Colymar to join the Malani. But the clan’s chieftain had not anticipated all the difficulties born from this bold move and yesterday’s enemies make for uneasy friends... The clan is rife with internecine rivalries and old foes are stirring. Now, Governor Fazzur Wideread has proclaimed an amnesty for Lysang warriors outlawed in the wake of the 1602 imperial conquest. Most of them are dead, but their sons and daughters are beginning to return to the clan’s tula. In a merry green vale offers you the opportunity to play one of these former outlaws... Return to the land of your ancestors! Rediscover their secrets while gaining acceptance! Enter the fray of clan politics and lead your kinsmen to freedom, whether from the empire or their own barbaric ways! In a merry green vale is a systemless sourcebook describing the Lysang clan and its surroundings in 1615. Its offers a comprehensive history of the clan and a full presentation of its ring, bloodlines, sacred mysteries (including a fully-developed heroquest) and major “movers and shakers” (ca. 46.000 words). Alongside the clan’s economy, a Lunar slave farm founded by the Assiday receives a complete description. Furthermore, a ca. 9000 words chapter details the neighboring clans, with special focus on the Malani tribe recently joined by the Lysang clan. As the clan is stuck between the hammer of the empire and the anvil of the resistance, a 17.500 words chapter describes both factions: the imperial army, missionaries and carpetbaggers face true heroes as well as dangerous fanatics, while darker forces intend to profit from their struggle. Finally, a ca. 8000 words gazetteer of the Arfritha Vale describes in details the more significant locations of the valley, offering many more story hooks. This sourcebook will be supplemented by a ca. 36.000 words Lysang scenario pack. It includes three scenarios: the first two are respectively a classic cattle raid, with a political twist, and a sandbox-style rescue mission; the last one is far more complex. A mysterious creature is attacking the Lunar slave farm: when ordered by their chieftain to hunt the beast for the benefit of the imperial steward the PC fall into a nest of intrigue where politics and myths are on a collision course. The scenario pack is already written since it was initially conceived as a part of In a merry green vale. However, I would like to use the profits from the sourcebook to pay for extra art, hence the decision to publish two separate volumes.
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