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Found 4 results

  1. When a shaman is teaching a character a spirit magic spell, can he do something else? Or is he/she committed to working with that character all week, 6 to 8 hours a day? If your clan only has one shaman with the teach spirit magic spell, and it takes a week, I'm assuming that they can only teach one spell at a time. Or can a shaman work with 3 or 4 characters at the same time during that week teaching each a different spell? My players will have some 7 or so weeks of down time and will want to learn some spells from their shaman and cult leaders.
  2. (RQ:G page 406) But what about the casting of Spirit Magic spells? What would be the normal cost to expect to get someone to cast a spirit magic spell?
  3. Conrad

    Curse Spirits?

    Can someone please tell me what a curse spirit is exactly, and where I can find more info on them?
  4. Going back to RuneQuest 3 (Avalon Hill) there was a question about how visible spell effects were. Strangers in Prax when covering Arlaten's arrival (page 70) stated that the Sorcery he used had no visible effects (other than the actual result) unlike the flashy lights etc. of the spirit magic used by the locals. Specifically: Conversely other products (I thought it was Shadows on the Borderland, but on re-reading it isn't the Tien shrine in there as I assumed) have had spirits attacking adventurers with spells, with the side comment that because there is nothing to see (the spir
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