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Found 7 results

  1. So I was re-reading the bestiary today and I noticed that this isn’t true of all embodied spirits (Babaka Fegh, Snake Daughters and Black Horses, Wraiths) so how do I tell which ones die which ones discorporate and which ones return to the deep spirit world? For example do Nymphs, Voughs, Kogui, Thunder Brothers die when there hitpoints are reduced to zero or do they just return to the deep spirit world? Or are you using die in this context to refer to returning to the deep spirit world? On a more practical note am I correct in interpreting this to mean that when the elemental dies you have to sacrifice POW for a new one? Also this has been bugging me for a while: are demons embodied spirits?
  2. Let's say we have two spirits fighting each other: For instance an allied spirit vs. another random spirit or vs. a wyter, or the regimental wyters of two mercenary units: If one of the spirits gets low on magic points, tries to disengage but does not succeed in that round's spirit combat roll, then it won't be able to disengage (RQiG p.370). it is clearly in trouble! But what sort of trouble? Such a losing spirit could be reduced to zero magic points. In that case, can it be controlled by the winning spirit? I ask because unless I'm missing something, the rules only speak to control of a corporeal being by a spirit (p.370, possession), or control of a spirit by a discorporate shaman (p.368), or a corporate person binding a spirit using Spirit Binding magic (RQiG p. 249, p.265). Or does the losing spirit simply retreat into the spirit world, to gradually recover its MPs? What if it is a wyter, which is incapable of recovering its own magic points (RQiG p.287, first full paragraph)?
  3. Hi, I've posted this in the Magic World forum but I do suppose it applies to spirit magic in Rune Quest as well. If a character is attacked by a Disease Spirit and loses the MP vs. MP struggle, they are then possessed by the spirit and suffer the effects (wasting disease loses STR, brain fever loses INT). I suppose two questions spring to mind: Can the infected/possessed character fight off the disease spirit through mundane medicine or natural remedies? When cured (either by Healing Spirit or Physik or Potions, if possible) what happens to the lost characteristic points? Are they gone forever or do they regenerate over a period of convalescence? (Perhaps one point per week up to one point lower than the original level.) What I'm looking at is a 'race against time' scenario, where an important NPC is possessed and starts losing characteristic points. The PCs are tasked with finding the cure. I'd love to hear any suggestions. Thanks, Colin
  4. I've recently been reading about shaman's in RQG. If a shaman is ambushed by a malign spirit, how does he fight it in spirit combat if it takes him an hour to discorporate? What am I missing?
  5. I can't wrap my head around the Spirit World and magic. As far as I understand, contrary to HQ1 times, the Spirit World, Gods World and Sorcerous World/World of Forms/whatever are actually different perspectives or visions on the same Runic reality of the Otherworld. I get that the "Sorcerous" vision is of Runes as logical, measurable powers, building blocks of Cosmos, that have their properties and interactions and that can be harnessed for magic. I get that the Theist vision presents the confluences of Runic powers as persons and their interactions as mythical stories. But what about the Animistic vision? What kind of perspective on the Runes does it stem from? The idea that "a spirit is something you have" doesn't really help much. I am not even sure whether the spirits used in spirit magic and put into charms are beings of the Otherworld or of this world, and whether the Spirit World that a Shaman enters is the same "level" of reality as the one encountered in Heroquests [which, if I understand correctly, are mainly for theists, even if I'd probably change that in my Glorantha]. I was thinking that maybe the Spirit perspective is viewing the Runic powers as they interact and intermingle with the Middle World, seeing as the Spirits seem to be so much more connected to the mortal world than Gods/Heroes and Sorcerous abstracts. But I am not sure, so I am asking you kind sages for help.
  6. Has anyone done a write-up for RQG (or any other RQ, I guess?) for Argrath's White Bull Society/spirit cult? Does anyone have suggestions for what Runes it would be connected with, and what Rune spells the White Bull would provide to worshipers? I'm looking at the cults of Black Fang and Oakfed (p.379) as examples, in part because I don't imagine that the White Bull is a "greater" spirit than Oakfed (and so wouldn't have a cult much beyond the scope provided in those writeups). So far, I'm thinking the Harmony Rune makes sense, since the White Bull Society spans across a variety of Praxian tribes and societies. And then, following the models, probably the Spirit Rune as well--so any spells rolled would be on Harmony. Maybe Cure Chaos Wound, and Harmony or Inviolable? I could see it having the Beast Rune instead (or perhaps also).
  7. Been around a while. Read a lot. Here's what I know about Jaldon: He hates cities. He has a weird mount, a weird sword, weird spirits. He might be Waha. He can unite the tribes. He learned how to magically make teeth, and has some magic that let him (or was it Jorbal Rhino-khan?) chew through the walls of Pavis. And that's it. I think he's a sub-spirit/hero cult of Storm Bull, that his followers tattoo their faces into skulls, and they're berserks. But maybe not. Has there ever been a writeup? And I'm not asking for anyone to quote chapter & verse of the 300 words or so that are out there, mostly from Argrath's Saga--the stuff about Jaldon's Rest, how he'll come back, etc. I mean a decent explanation of his powers.
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