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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, Researching in Internet Archive, i have found the original Mongoose RuneQuest I (MRQ I) SRDs for download. Browse down to Free Downloads section and look for SRD. https://web.archive.org/web/20090413001742/http://www.mongoosepublishing.com:80/home/series.php?qsSeries=39 Internet Archive is a magical and important tool these days. One can browse back to the past and read / download old stuff... ___________________________________________________ --- ALERT -- ACHTUNG -- ALERT -- ACHTUNG --- After a long discussion (and some unnecessary words), we realize that MRQ-I SRD (2006) is no longer legally valid, since both text/rules and trademark belonged to Issaries at that time (now Chaosium). And since OGL grants perpetual rights, and Mongoose was not capable to ensure perpetuity because she was not entitled to do so, this SRD SHOULD NOT BE USED in public (commercially or not). But you can use in private, for study or gaming. Moon Design bought RQ rights from Issaries. Moon Design bought Chaosium and transfered rights back to Chaosium. From Chaosium FAQ: Q: Can I rely on the Mongoose RQ SRD to publish material? A: No. Mongoose’s license for RuneQuest was terminated in April 2011. At that point, Mongoose lost all rights to continue using the RuneQuest trademark, or to create and publish material derivative from the previous copywritten material, or to issue any sublicenses based on that agreement. Since Mongoose no longer had any rights to RuneQuest, it has no ability to issue a third-party license to that material (which is all an OGL is).
  2. How much content from the SRD would be needed in theory to build a d100 campaign supplement using Revolution rules? If it is to be understood by all d100/BRP players, is there any rules material from Revolution that would need to be reproduced?
  3. Now, I don't want to restart the 'typos' flame wars with respect to HeroQuest, but as we prepare the SRD it would be useful to find out which sections of the HeroQuest rules you find particularly badly explained and have struggled with. The SRD is our opportunity to inject some clarity into those rules, and try to resolve ambiguities. What I would ask in this thread is you list examples of text that you find unclear and an obstacle to understanding or play. I want to rule that this is brainstorming exercise. There will be no evaluation here. If someone says 'I find rule X confusing', they do. This thread is not for debating that or providing an explanation to them. Please start a separate thread for that if you must. Evaluation, the step that comes after brainstorming, is what Chaosium will do. We can't promise that we will get to everything, but let's see what we can do. So, don't evaluate here. Once the SRD comes out we will make it possible to submit changes for clarity or confusion etc. But let's get the worse of the issues nailed, if we can.
  4. I've re-uploaded the D100II SRD (version 1.3) to the downloads section, so everything should be fine and dandy. And I see it's up to 1,500+ downloads! And it's the highest rated file in there! So it occurs to me to wonder, what are you doing with it? I originally created it so people could have something to play the Gloranthan Classics with. Now that it looks like maybe possibly hopefully one day Chaosium will re-issue RQ2 in some form or other that prime purpose will (I hope) fade away, but that still leaves the main point of a System Reference Document - to write adventures and supplements for the mother system. So, where are your Gateway adventures, fellow BRPers?
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