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Found 25 results

  1. Friedland1807

    Suggested Scenarios and Supplements?

    Hi Everyone, I recenty bought an old copy of Stormbringer (4th edition I think!) along with some supplement books. These include Atlas of the Young Kingdoms vol 1, White Wolf, Stealer of Souls, Sorcerers of Pan Tang and Demon Magic. I've noticed a few others out there on Ebay (some for very high prices!). I'm intrigued by the Sea Kings, Rogue Mistress and a few others but a bit hesitant, as I'd like to hear from a few folks who have played them. Also, are there any essentials, stone cold classics etc out there that I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance
  2. muminalver

    Fun with Stormbringer ruleset

    Due to reading, and fixing with my roleplaying collection.. And reading far to much on blogs and forums.. Has made me yearning for playing Strombringer and D&D esque games.. So during this vacations i sat down and played around with my old Spanish edition of Stormbringer.. and painting 10 deamonettes for use in Age of Sigmar/ 40 k. this made me want to stat up some demons so Here comes my first work in progress deamonettes for Stormbringer 4th.. If someone more versed in this rule set could point out errors i would be happy,, will probably do more demonic types soon.. Deamonette of Aanesh... STR 3d8 14 CON 3d8 14 SIZ 2D8 14 INT 3D8 14 POW 3D8 14 DEX 4D8 18 Cha 3D8 14 (63p characteristics) Abilities / Skills: Baffle attack 40p 3d6 pot up to 5m, shape change 40p, Garras 20p 3d10% 1d6 damage *2, Hands 30p, Eyes 10p (+1d10 search, detect), saber 20 (int*5 one topic)jump 10p (4 m high), legs 30p 60m/round 200p skills total 263p to invoke hmm, feels kind of weird.. will probably adjust size so it will be smaller, if i understood the Spanish text correctly it costs 3 point per d8 dice. I can not find any mention how to raise the combat skills of the demons... I suspect that there is inconsistencies compared with the English version.. input appreciated.
  3. After perusing the threads, other than the Big Two (Runequest and Call of Cthulhu) Stormbringer/Elric! seems to get the most love of all the BRP iterations, even forming the basis for other versions of the game. What makes Stormbringer special in a way that other out-of-print products, say Ringworld and Superworld, aren't? (I mean, with the latter two your character could one-punch that giant cave troll and sent it drifting off into space!)
  4. Hi everyone. I popped by this site to find a Stormbringer game I could join. It would have to be a play-by-post, because where I live there are no players even for D&D. There aren't any active games here, though, so I have to ask for leads - at least some popular resources I could browse. Which edition of Stormbringer - that probably doesn't matter much. I'm familiar with the 1st, but I could adopt to the others. Elric!, from people's comments, seems to be streamlined but rather dull - as any once-again revised rule set for the same setting would have to be. And it's the setting that I'm really interested in. Moorcock's books simply had genius in them, and their themes are productive for the imagination. I don't care much about rule systems, so long as they let me accomplish what I desire, and care about rules less and less with the years. The oldest systems, like the first incarnation of Basic Role-Playing or the original D&D, are strong in part because of their awkward features. One of these is having to stick with, in many cases, a seriously random character. Another is tremendous power, and the final say, given to the referee. Yet another is a relative dearth of special abilities, feats, perks etc. All of these traits of early games have been assiduously filed away at by their revised editions, in the name of variety, consistency, fairness, flexibility, psychodrama, power to the people and so on, especially with the advent of videogames and "personalization." And I understand those arguments, but I think they end up missing the point and blunting the edge. Mutual understanding between the referee and players can substitute for any amount of legalism. Likewise, an interesting adventure is something that should come out of actual inventive ideas, not ready abilities and their combinations. So I was pleasantly surprised with the BRP system - clear, flexible and to the point, though with room for a bit of simplification. The rule about special successes in particular had to be changed (what is 1/5 of skill 62, answer quickly). Demons acting as items don't need the majority of creature stats, which just clutter the page. And so on. But these are mostly small gripes, and perhaps they were addressed later on. In the case of BRP's treatment of magic for the Young Kingdoms, I was also greatly relieved to be relieved of powers. Cross my heart, I am sick of characters with powers, "special" powers in particular. Wizards shooting lightning bolts from their fingertips aren't a frequent sight in the better fantasy fiction, and that must be for a reason. Give me demons, elementals, sleight of hand, artifacts, sacrifices and actually having to do something instead of just being special. I also like it that in the Young Kingdoms there is no resurrection, no raising of the dead, which too often makes death a joke in D&D. The Tomb of Horrors is just random kill - it's not the same thing; but life must be actually dangerous to rejoice at victory and survival. I digressed a bit, but with this outline you can see better what I'm looking for. So, any tips on where to find it?
  5. Hello! I have lost the adventure from white dwarf 97 And I wonder if someone have an pdf. Copy of it? Its the second part of the madcap series. Help, please
  6. Meanwhile in Switzerland.... Smiorgan receives his copy of the gorgeous Mournblade kit d'initiation... This French rpg has already won me. I'm not going to stop with the starter set. There's a high risk I will buy all the beautiful books and boxes they have put out. If people care, I will post info on this game as I go on reading and hopefully playing it. Some basic info. It's not d100. And is not to be confused with the French edition of Mongoose Elric. They initially had some connection with Mongoose, but when the Mongoose license expired, they got a license directly from Moorcock. http://www.multiverse.org/fora/showthread.php?t=30016
  7. Version 1.0.0


    A copy of Chaosium's Stormbringer 4th Edition Character Sheet.
  8. colinabrett


    Version 2.0


    This project started as an attempt to adapt Decipher Inc's LOTR game to use BRP mechanics. Over time it evolved and expanded.The basic mechanics should be sound, as these are largely BRP-based with some additional rules from Stormbringer 3rd Edition. This was the first BRP-based game I ran and, as such, is the version I feel most comfortable with. SB3's influence is seen in the Skills System (the Agility, Manipulation, Communication, and so on skills groups), the Magic System (the Rank-based organisation of the various Magical Arts) and Combat.
  9. colinabrett

    Other Rules

    Version 1.0.0


    A few additional rules used in the Golden Grimoire campaign.
  10. colinabrett

    NPC Encounters

    Version 1.0.0


    A selection of NPCs to be used as needed.
  11. colinabrett

    New Skills

    Version 1.0.0


    A selection of new skills for Stormbringer 3rd Edition
  12. Version 1.0.0


    The Golden Grimoire is finally within the PCs' grasp
  13. Version 1.0.0


    The quest continues on Sorcerer's Isle.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    An interlude in the Dreaming City
  15. Version 1.0.0


    The PCs are recruited to find the Grimoire
  16. Version 1.0.0


    Lord Arioch begins stirring up trouble
  17. Version 1.0.0


    The background to the Golden Grimoire campaign.
  18. Okay I have a dumb question. On page 42 of Advanced Sorcery (lower left), it says that a bound demon counts against the binding sorcerer's INT-limit of memory... Does anyone know how much it counts? I read the the entire The Summoners Art chapter but can't find the answer... Thanks!
  19. Dirk_the_Dice

    Stormbringer Podcast

    Hi All I have published a Podcast today that you may find interesting. http://wp.me/p4DjgL-83 OR https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-grognard-files/id1028591522?mt=2 It features a potted history of Stormbringer, my personal experience of playing, how White Dwarf in the UK covered the game and an analysis of some of the rules. Hope you enjoy it and listen to some of the other episodes. Thanks Dirk
  20. Chaot

    Young Kingdom Gazeteer

    Version 1.0.0


    A four page pdf describing the lands of the Young Kingdoms. Each page deals with a different area, the north, west, south and the islands. This is a handy guide for players to get a quick overview of the YK.
  21. All, I am running a Magic World game ostensibly set in the Moorcock's Young Kingdoms geography (and using sorcery) but with scarcer use of demons and more mundane threats than than what is suggested in the various Stormbringer adventures. I am constructing a sandbox with the Purple Towns, particularly the Strong Arms as the central location focused on mystery, political intrigue and outdoor adventure more so than combat. I am avoiding building a dungeon crawl of any ilk. I have been considering buying Clockwork and Chivalry so as to leverage its setting, but am worried that it is so closely tied to historical England that applying the setting to the Purple Towns would be too troublesome. Can anyone suggest a setting that has political intrigue, outdoor adventure, mystery, etc... that I could leverage? It could use any rule set (D20, D100, etc...)... A few notes that might be helpful: My world is experiencing the Renaissance with the cultural and technological advances that brings.There are two forms of magic. My own free-form magic and tweaked sorcery rules from Mongoose's Elric of MelniboeMagic is more rare in my game and it is associated heavily with sorcery, murder, evil, etc...Of the plot hooks I have developed much of them tie in some grand way to the conflict between law and chaos.
  22. All, I wanted to make a shout out to Colin Brett! I found his Golden Grimoire campaign on the web recently and it is the best material I have seen for Stormbringer in forever! Thanks for sharing! You can find Colin's campaign at http://www.colinabrett.me.uk/htdocs/storm.html.
  23. Here's what I already know: Magic World is an update of the Stormbringer rules. Advanced Sorcery is a rules supplement with more subsystems and magic systems for Magic World. Stormbringer/Elric have a bunch of magic systems. So; I've got a question: Are there any mechanical subsystems that I would need to hunt down the old Stormbringer books to use, or are there modern updates of all of them? What am I be missing out on (mechanically) if I don't go hunt them down?
  24. I'm running a campaign in Stormbringer 1e. So far we've had 2 sessions but one thing everyone seems to really dislike is the fact that every successful attack seems to be thwarted by a parry (I have had a lot of lucky rolls). It has made combat drag out way too long. I realize that the idea is to use multiple PCs on an opponent so that their parry percentage is decreased with each attack but when you have say 5 players and 5 or 6 opponents, that doesn't really work. I looked all the way through Stormbringer 4e so far and it doesn't look like they had changed the attack/parry rules any. I'm not sure if they changed them after this. One thing we have thought about doing is bringing in Action Points from RuneQuest. I'm not sure this really helps when a PC or opponent has 2+ APs and the number of attackers and opponents is equal. It seems like combat can still screech to a halt in this case. Any ideas? Anything you've used in your own game to make this better or is there a later rule I don't know about?
  25. Bert

    Stormbringer Online

    I will be running a Stormbringer 1st edition game on Google + hangouts next Saturday. All are welcome, come and join in. Title: Stormbringer: The Tale of an Egg Time: Saturday 15th October 21.00 BST (20.00 GMT, 16.00 EST, 15.00 CST etc) Hagar the Skeletal, the Beggar-Mage, wants the shell from the egg of a Dragon Turtle and is willing to pay any number of reckless, foolhardy and downright crazy adventurers to fetch it for him from the desolate, barbaric and chaos-tainted land of Yu. A one-off adventure only, soon to be appearing in print in Fight On!. (If it comes out in the next week DON'T READ IT.) Rules: Stormbringer 1st Edition, beginning characters. Pre-gen characters available, but if you want to dice up your own, let me know by e-mail and send me a copy. GM: Barry Blatt (If you add me to a G+ circle I am the one who looks remarkably like The Mekon, arch-nemesis of Dan Dare) Contact me on bazblatt@gmail.com.