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Found 2 results

  1. Mikus

    RQG- Wish list

    Just got a copy of the RQG-QS rules and I must say I like them. What I do have hopes for is the following. Hit locations for missile weapons separate from melee weapons, just as in RQ3. As any hunter knows you nearly always aim for the vitals in the chest. I can guarantee you that having only a 1 in 20 chance of striking the chest with a missile weapon weapon, including spears, is just silly. Thats why RQ3 had separate tables. Although I love the parry rules which are similar to Stormbringer, where you can parry in any SR in which the parrying object is ready with each cumulative parry at 20%, there is a big issue IMHO. Morg the Wicked is using his longsword and attacks on SR7. On CT1, SR3 he is attacked and parries at his full 87%. On SR5, (approx 2 seconds later), he is attacked again and parries at 87-20 = 67%. Morg attacks on SR7 and is then attacked again on SR8, (approx 3 seconds after the second parry this CT), and parries at 87-40 = 47%. Now about 4 seconds later on SR12 he is again attacked and parries at 87 -60 = 27%. Its now CT2 and on SR1, (approx 1 second later!), he is again attacked yet now parries at 87%!! For some reason in 1 second he regained his wind and starts all over again simply because it is a new CT. Might I suggest dropping SR and CT and use something we are all quite familiar with. Time. We have to count CTs and SRs and also calculate when you can strike or act so why not just determine how long an action takes in seconds and start counting from the time you get initiative? For example, it takes Morg 7 seconds to make an attack with his Longsword. He is surprised by a Troll and Combat Time begins. It is second 1 and the Troll gets to act because he surprised Morg. This is an ambush. Morg rolls a d6 for Initiative and gets a 6. He begins his turn on S6 which means he cannot attack until, (6+7), S13. If the surprise had been mutual they would have both rolled a d6 and added their Attack Time. If there was no surprise, such as cussing each other from across the room, no initiative is needed and they both attack on their Attack Time for the weapon being used. The Troll attacks on S1 but luckily Morg had his longsword ready so he can parry, yet at -20 due to surprise. If the attack had been on or after S6, (his initiative roll), then there would be no -20%. This makes his current chance 87-20 = 67%. Each parry temporally reduces Parry by 20. So after the parry, on second 2, his Parry chance with the longsword is 47%. Parry recovers at a fixed rate of 5% per second so he will be back up to full parry in 8 seconds, (8x5=40), or second 10. The Troll requires 8 seconds to attack with his club and will get another attack on second 9. If Morg were to parry that attack he would still be at a -5 to his normal chance. After the parry on S9 he would once again suffer a reduction of 20 so would be at (87-5 on S9, then -20 for the parry bringing him to 62% on S10. This is not that hard, just count up time and note who did what on a particular second...[ S9 - MSP ]..shorthand for Second 9 Morg sword parry 62. There are 2 types of actions in general, supplementary actions, which can be used along with a primary action. Like drawing a dagger while fighting with a sword. Although drawing the dagger takes time it does not affect time between sword attacks. Tying a shoe might take 5 seconds, during which time you cannot be counting down for your next sword attack. Tying a shoe is a primary action. Morg attacks with his Longsword on S13. He then must wait till S20 for his next attack. Drawing a dagger takes 2 seconds and will be drawn on S15 but it takes him 5 seconds to use the dagger so it will also be ready for action on S20. Yet on S17 he realizes that his shoe is untied and drops to tie it. It takes 5 seconds and is tied on S22. He gets up and will be ready to attack with the dagger on S27 and the Longsword on S29. Hackmaster uses a system similar to this and it really is no more difficult that abstract Melee rounds or Strike Ranks and is how people think. It really is second nature and only requires knowing when you did something and how long it takes to do something you want to do. These are really the only things on my wish list, and the combat time has been on my wish list since the 80's. I also like damage to location rules better than both RQ2 and RQ3. Seem a bit more survivable while still being wicked.
  2. Just continuing a discussion started on G+ (check it out here). How do you find that the original RQ2 strike rank rules hold up compared to that of RuneQuest 3? I'm curious not just conceptually, but how easy are they to apply in game? Do players have difficulty understanding them? Are there elements of them that don't make sense to you?
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