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Found 5 results

  1. We know about Belvani and his Sun Dragon heresy. We know he worked as an ambassador during the Lunar occupation of Prax. We know he is a Nysalor Illuminate. Does this mean he follows the Lunar Way? Is he a fan of Chaos? Does he "play" with both Chaos and Dragons? Does he simply not "care" and just uses all the options available?
  2. Jonathan Webb's third Sandheart scenario is out now in PDF from the Chaosium's Jonstown Compendium web store on DriveThruRPG: TRADITION. This book is lavishly illustrated, with artwork by Mark Baldwin, Kris Herbert, Jacob Webb, Ludovic Chabant and Beverley Webb, and cartography by Jonathan Webb, Diana Probst, Kris Herbert and Nick Brooke. I did the layout, because I loved reading the scenario so much when Jon sent it to me for feedback. My marketing spiel: "This scenario is just beautiful, it's pure Glorantha. You want a hero-questing dungeon-crawling police-procedural martial-arts siege situation, featuring weaponised bison, ninja raids, hot archival action and a hippy VW camper-rhino? Jon's got you covered.” Link: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/319251/Tradition-Sandheart-Volume-Three?affiliate_id=192945
  3. While trying to deepen my understanding of the Sun County I detected this forum thread: which contains in one of the last comments a list of links to @MOB's very helpful site containing *a lot* of additional information about the Sun County. As I'm always interested in stories colouring the environment (i.e. all kind of Gloranthan fiction), I like the entries regarding Jaxarte's Journal, but sadly the entry regarding 'Jaxarte and the Bison Khan' is a dead link. The same is true with respect to 'The Son of Light Awakens'. Any chance, that the contents of these pages could be made available again?
  4. Hello, everyone! Our group with me as their GM have started going through the harvest festival related (trying to avoid any spoilers here) scenario from the old RQ Sun County book using HQ rules, as described in this thread: There are three players, all Orlanthi characters, two of which are taking part to the festival activities. The third one, a female Issaries merchant, can not participate, but has been asked by a local town leader to investigate some Lunar activities in the town. However, the player also clearly was interested in doing some merchant business, too, which makes total sense and is something I absolutely want to encourage. Unfortunately there was a lot going on during the first session and I came up short with providing her some trading related leads for her to follow and I would like to do better next time. However, I'm drawing a bit blank here. I would like to tell her that "oh, you also notice there is this and that going on" without too much forward planning and see where it goes, so that she would have something small but interesting going on during the festivities (lasting a week). Also, if possible, I would like it to be something, that teaches the players something about Glorantha, which they are not very familiar with. Any ideas, oh you wise people? Garhound is not a very big city, only less than 1000 people, but it is the time of the most important event of the year, so there are lots of people visiting the town, including those trying to make some business there, legally or maybe planning something shadier. Governor Sor-Eel from Pavis and Count Solanthos from Sun Dome are both also present, with their delegations and soldiers, and things may be heating up...
  5. To the wise Magi and Priests of Gloranthan lore: Well, after some adventures and misadventures in Talastar, Larkene, the Skanthi Wilds, Brolia and hellish Dorastor the surviving party members and two new characters to replace the departed player characters plus one NPC have their hearts settled on returning to Pavis County, the Zola Fel Valley and the Prax. They figure more than four years away is enough time to let the local authorities forget their past indiscretions and misdemeanors (even though they were more like anti-Lunar sedition, rebellion and out-right felonies). But here is the problem. By the time they get to Pavis it will be mid to late 1622. The aftermath of the Fimbulwinter will be in full force and no doubt the Zola Fel Valley, Pavis County and Sun County will be in the midst of desperate famine, privation and turmoil. One of the reasons they left the River of Cradles region in 1617 was the hardships of drought and famine which along with their Lunar-difficulties made their lives untenable. The aftermath of the Fimbulwinter will no doubt be much worse than1617-18 so I need some information to update the campaign setting. Given the potential for disorder and open revolt, I am wondering what the canonical history of the region is up to the conquest of Pavis by the Praxians and rebels and the post conquest order in Pavis, Sun County, the former Grantlands and the rest of the Prax up to 1627? Let's say for the five-year period from 1622-1627. This is what I know (or think I know) or have pieced together as best as possible. The combined forces of rebellion under Aragrath White-bull, Aragrath Dragonspear and maybe other liberators overthrow the Lunars in Pavis County and the Zola Fel Valley. The Aragraths and Praxians plus many rebels hastily march west and get themselves mauled by Lunar demons and miltary attacks; the survivors scattering and falling back in disarray.. Rather than consolidating power in Pavis the new regime moves on to Sartar and Tarsh leaving behind a rump force and leadership to manage the collapse of Lunar authority. So whose in charge in post "Liberation" Pavis? How damaged was the city of New Pavis, the Rubble communities and the rest of Pavis County from the Fimbulwinter and the liberation? How did places like Garhound, Zebra Fort, Major, and the other small towns, hill forts or earthen berm EWF-patterned forts of Pavis County manage during the "Liberation"? How depopulated is the region and how displaced are the centres of settlement in the valley? What has happened in Sun County? Solanthos is dead. Invictus rises for a time but falls and a succession schism between followers of Vega and Belvani occurs, splitting Sun County and Suntown (Pavis) loyalties. Rurik plays no major role in the post Invictus schism and basically focuses his attentions on supporting the wars in Sartar and Tarsh. What about other major families and personalities in both Sun County and Suntown? How do they fair? What is the fate of the Grantland settlers and the River folk communities? I know Raus leads an exodus as far as Corflu and then ships out for parts unknown. If the Lunars have lost all of their sea ports and thus their access to the sea, then how are former Grantlanders of any status supposed to get back to lunar controlled territories? Is there a pro-Lunar underground-railway at work in Esrolia and the Grazelands, despite recent regime changes? What becomes of the rest of Prax? The Fimbulwinter and the subsequent upheavals must have effected if not out-right shut down trade for a time. How have the various communities from the Paps to Barbarian Town/Exile Stead to Adari faired in the turmoil and privation following the fall of Whitewall, the disaster of the Fimbulwinter and the collapse of the Lunar military dominance? What are the best printed and digital sources for getting a better understanding of the changes over this five-year period? I have the GtoG but that is a broad-strokes source, so there is not enough local detail to piece together a new and detailed setting for players to deal with. Perhaps this thread could serve as an ongoing vessel for building up a clearer picture of the period unless other pre-existing threads are about which I have forgotten or am unaware of already exist? If they exist could somebody clue me in. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer this lost Gloranthan traveller as he attempts to cobble together a post-Fimbulwinter River of Cradles campaign that is at least close to canon in its progression above the character level. I fear I may just kill them all through starvation or strife unless I get a better handle on this period. Cheers. Evilroddy.
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