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Found 8 results

  1. It is officially Super Tuesday in the United States. Any updates on the BRP Superworld and Mythras superheroes projects?
  2. This month I will be streaming two (related) sessions of Superworld, using a homebrew setting. It is part of a Supers Jam for August. I will link it once I have the dates firmed down. ~SMH
  3. Hi, I recently purchased Elder Godlike on a whim, and am awaiting its arrival. (The pdf won't download yet.) Anyways, there's not a lot being said about it, here or elsewhere, so I'd like to know how it compares to the BGB or Superworld power system, if it's compatible with either of those, and basically whether it addresses any of the issues I have read about Superworld here. (I expect it's still fairly lethal.) But do the powers scale in opposition, as it seems they have some resistance mechanic that might address earlier Superworld/BGB criticisms? (Where a high POW mental power will wipe out the big guys.) So, if anyone has any feedback, comments, experience, and knows if Elder Godlike can supplement the BGB (which I haven't got yet - I would only really want it for the powers, but they seem to get a mixed reception), I'd love to know. (I have RQ3; MW; Stormbringer 5E; and CoC. Buying the BGB is tempting, but I would mainly want it for the superpowers. But they either seem problematic, or few in number, thus requiring a lot of work.) What I love about BRP is the use across genres, so for me being able to run a viable Supers game (or to use a workable mechanic for other games) would be important to take the splash and buy the BGB. I went with Elder Godlike because it was more recent and was designed with this end in mind. Maybe it addresses some of the Superworld/BGB issues? Thanks!
  4. So JMS of Murder, She Wrote fame just posted this Facebook post on the death of Lawrence "Larry" DiTillio, who wrote Ringworld along with the late Lynn Willis. JMS' Facebook post
  5. Not D&D 5E! I read somewhere that there were Advantages and Disadvantages in the Superworld rules. I'm curious what those were like and surprised they were not featured as an option in the BGB. Can anyone share to how those were portrayed?
  6. George RR Martin writes of his first experiences with RPGs, playing Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu and then later, Superworld... "I had seen kids playing D&D at cons, pretending to be Thongor the Barbarian and Pipsqueak the Hobbit while killing monsters and looking for treasure. I had read too much bad sword and sorcery in my youth for that to have much appeal. And there were all these weirdly shaped dice you had to roll to determine whether you lived or died. I would sooner have joined a weekly poker game or an on-going game of Diplomacy. I was much too old and sophisticated for this role-playing stuff, after all. Still, if this was what the local writers were into, I figured I might as well give it a try. Famous last words, those." More of the story here at Wild Cards World: http://www.wildcardsworld.com/the-first-wild-cards-day-or-the-game-that-ate-my-life/
  7. I posted this on the BRP subreddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/BRP) a while back, but I wanted to ask here and see what everyone thought. Anyone had any experience running or GMing very high powered/cosmic level superheroes in BRP, either with Superworld (which I think is terrific and underrated) or with the super powers in the Big Gold Book? I know that common wisdom asserts that superheroic BRP games work best from street-level characters up to about Spider-Man power levels, but then breaks down from there (indeed, the example characters in Superworld fall into this power range, and the DC and Marvel characters that were statted out to promote Superworld using during its initial publication were the New Teen Titans and the X-men, all of whom--at least at the time--fit right in that mid-range power level as well). From reading the superhero material created for BRP, I feel like there is nothing intrinsic in the game (especially in Superworld and its companion books) to prevent the creation and effective play of really powerful characters, and that the system could handle cosmically high power levels as well as any superhero system. It's just a matter of handing out the points so PCs can make a Superman or a Silver Surfer or another ultra powerful character, and then making sure that other characters, especially NPCs, aren't overwhelmed by the potential lethality of the power levels (which would be a problem that seems both logical and easily avoidable with basic houserules or general GM fiat). I realize that high-end characters present their own problems in any system; I just don't see anything unique or inherent in BRP/Superworld that would prevent these characters from being workable and fun. However, I haven't been able to test this out for myself yet and I could easily be missing something. Any thoughts or opinions on this?
  8. I am thinking of incorporating two rules into my BRP Superworld game, one from BRP Central forums and one from Yogsothoth.com but I would like people's input into how the two are likely to combine. Both changes are to speed up combat and reduce calculations by the players. 1) Opposed rolls do not go to the person with the highest level of success but to the person with the highest roll which is still a success. E.g. 80% attack vs 60% dodge. Attacker rolls 61%, dodger rolls 10%, attacker gets higher roll and hits. This ignores special rolls, levels of success etc on contested rolls. 2) I'll quote part of the forum entry: "But if you want more predictability and less failure, just roll percentiles but allow the player to choose which die to take as tens, and which as units. This would give your character with 60% Drive only a 16% chance of failure or thereabouts. A relative beginner with 30% skill would have about 50:50. Won't suit everyone, but might be worth considering." Much better chance of succeeding but player has to decide which is it better to use. Example above, attacker would get a special result if he reverses his attack roll (uses 16 instead of 61) but runs the risk of opponent dodging the attack more easily. The roll becomes a curve with successes enhanced and failures reduced, suiting a Superworld type game. Opinions please?
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