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Found 6 results

  1. There was a very useful thread that was lost in time where published CoC 7e materials and upcoming and rumored supplements where compiled. Since we already have an official new post with all that's been published for CoC 7e, I thought it migh be fun and useful to centralize the talk about upcoming supplements somewhere, and keep it as a reference. Feel free to expand on these. New Material: Regency Cthulhu (Source) Sci-Fi Cthulhu (Source) Modern Pulp Superhero Sourcebook by Chris Spivey (Source) The Curse of Seven: A Cthulhu By Gaslight Campaign (Source) The Dead Within: 1920s Campaign set in the USSR by Tim Wiseman (Source) Mobtown: Baltimore Sourcebook by Evan Perlman (Source) Let Sleeping Gods Lie: Down Darker Trails Scenario Book by Kevin Ross (Source) Hastur Book by Matthew Dawkins (Source) New editions: Arkham Unveiled (Source) Dunwich Sourcebook (Source) Kingsport Sourcebook (Source) Innsmouth Sourcebook (Source) Miskatonic University (Source) Cthulhu By Gaslight: Players and Keepers Books (Source) Dreamlands (Source) Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (Source)
  2. What titles from the Cthulhu back catalog that haven’t already been revised or otherwise made available would you like to see in print again? For me, Before the Fall and Return to Innsmouth.
  3. We are participating in DriveThruRPG's annual sale, so stock up now and save 25%. Hey, only two products are behind a paywall anyhow, but now's your chance. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/10499/Old-Bones-Publishing I regret that the timing was not better for the release of Savage Swords Against the Necromancer. We are still on track for the end of the month, though. It won't be too much, I promise.
  4. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/201171/Interludes--Stalked-on-the-Mountainside Interludes: Stalked on the Mountainside This game aid presents a few linked scenes to spice up or round out a larger scenario of yours, to serve as a centerpiece or inspiration for your own full adventure, or to fill in a sundry night’s gaming between “real” episodes in your story arc. It could also help in cases where your players zig instead of zagging. The supplement is shorter than a full adventure, but its scenes do offer a beginning, middle, and end, with a clearly defined setting, sample characters, traps, an adversarial creature, and brutal action. This interlude is an unanticipated “monster hunt", in which the characters’ abilities in fighting, tactics, stealth, and outdoorsmanship are tested. From a horror perspective, it fits the “slasher" genre. Stalked on the Mountainside has been crafted for the MYTHRAS gaming system, and should be rather compatible with other d100 systems as well. You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun. If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us. Interludes: Stalked on the Mountainside is offered as Pay What You Want. If you like it, please consider leaving a tip, but in any case it's yours for the taking. Happy gaming!
  5. Peoples and Paths: The Travelers This game aid presents a sketch of a Nomadic people who practice a Mystic tradition, with three sample characters and flavor text to illustrate how they think and behave. The supplement has been excerpted from Secrets of Blood Rock, an upcoming adventure that takes place in The Realm, the setting featured also in The Design Mechanism’s Book of Quests and Hessaret’s Treasure. The material has been written for MYTHRAS, and should be fairly compatible with other d100 systems, too. The basic ideas are independent of system and meant to be broadly useful. You are free to use this material in your own game world, for fun. If you are interested in doing more than that, such as incorporating it into a scenario or campaign setting for publication, please contact us. Happy gaming! It will be available as soon as the devoted minions over there have signed off on it ("1--5 business days"). http://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/ ... Publishing Note also the shameless plug for my next creation...soon...
  6. Okay, probably a weird time to post this. But perhaps the weirdest time is the best time. I'm an aspiring writer of supplements for BRP. I've never had anything for BRP published in any form. So, I'm a complete noob. I've got two ideas I've been working on for a long time. Both would require a lot more work before I would feel comfortable publishing them, but I might be able to finish at least one in the next six months. I've got two settings, two half-finished campaigns, introductory material, a bunch of creatures, four new races, some ready-to-play characters, and some adventures I'm not satisfied with. Nothing has been playtested. Dustin at Chaosium expressed an interest in one of them, but that was several years ago. Here are my alternatives, as I see them: 1. Revise over the next year and publish through Chaosium. I'd love to give them right of first refusal, but recent events suggest they won't be publishing many BRP supplements for the foreseeable future. What they do publish will probably be written in-house or by more established writers than me. But you never know. 2. Revise over the next year and publish through a third-party, probably Alephtar, if they'll have me. 3. Revise over the next year and self-publish, probably through print on demand, maybe through Amazon. I'm reluctant to go this route mainly because I don't know anything about it and as far as I know, no one here has done that. There may be copyright issues and other drawbacks I haven't though of. 4. Polish what I've got and upload it here. Let others playtest, get feedback from the fine folks at BRP Central, revise, then either revisit options 1-3, or not. Maybe set up a PayPal account as a tip jar. Possible drawback: It might be harder to convince Chaosium or Alephtar to buy it after I gave a bunch of folks a free preview... but I'm not doing this for the money. 5. Don't polish what I've got--just dump it all here as is and let you guys sort out the juicy bits from the less than juicy. Look at it as my flawed gift to the Basic Roleplaying community. 6. Rework the adventures for a different system, maybe RuneQuest 6, Legend, or OpenQuest. I'm very reluctant to go this route, even if I can find a system that has all the qualities I like in BRP--and I'm not certain I can find that system. 7. Walk away from a lot of work and a project I really enjoyed, content with the pleasure I got out of working on it, even though no one else will ever see it. I know there are a lot of writers here--people who have had experience working with and for Chaosium and Alephtar, and people who just upload excellent stuff here. Also a lot of people who buy supplements and therefore have opinions about them. So what do you think I should do? I'm looking for advice, encouragement, ideas, a heads-up about some of the dangers lurking in the path ahead, and maybe just some reassurance that there is still a path.
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