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Found 1 result

  1. Elsewhere on the web I read a discussion about the best game system for a "Scanners" style psychics campaign. Someone suggested the Big Gold Book's suite of psychic abilities. It got me wondering. I haven't seen the horror movie but I have skimmed a couple episodes of "The Tomorrow People," which seems to be the love child of "Scanners" and "X-Men." It has the grim outlook of the former and the teenage angst of the latter. Unlike in X-Men, I suspect the reason normal folks dislike Tomorrow People is not their scary powers but that they're prettier than you and they know it. No ugly mutants here. Anyway, the BGB gives four power levels providing our maudlin mentalists with anywhere from two to ten powers apiece. (Keep in mind that famous pulp hero psychic The Shadow had ONE ability.) Since the book only lists 21 powers total, ten seems excessive. There wouldn't be much differentiation among the player-characters. Four to six powers apiece would allow them to specialize in different areas and be unique. Also, our cinema and video mutants have a few abilities that are covered by other of the BGB's power suites. To put together a campaign, the Game Master would have to be flexible. So what do you think? How would you build such a campaign? I'm not sure the setting is my cup of tea. I think the best way to bust a secret organization that murders and experiments on people would be to go public and expose it. And I have difficulty feeling sorry for the members of Homo superior. "We're smarter, stronger, prettier than you, have cool powers that can turn your bodies and brains to Jello, and (sob) we're being picked on!" Oh, go get a job you mutant snowflake!
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