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Found 3 results

  1. Psullie put together this really good list of Glorantha trade goods. Campaigns where merchanting is a thing - whether you're doing it with Our Heroes are paid caravan guards, or where every player, each with their own cargo, has come together and hired a captain and their ship - need goods to trade. From a rules perspective, I'd suggest using that list, with a roll against Evaluate with Homeland Lore (Source) to identify a sales opportunity, and a roll against Evaluate with Homeland Lore (Destination) to know who to sell it to on the other end. A normal success indicates a probable 2
  2. Thoughts on GMing Gloranthan long distance trade: I previously posted links I had found showing various GMs’ work on Gloranthan long distance trade. These references include two approaches: (1) considerable work on defining regional exports and imports, and on trade routes; (2) alternatively, work on a formula for applying bargaining & evaluate skills and distance to produce profits or losses. Today I’d like to suggest approaching it from another direction, in two steps: Given what’s written in the RQG rules and supplements, what scale of reward is appropriate for suc
  3. Apologies, if I failed my search and started a new topic unnecessarily, but… Looking at the map for the Colymar lands has given me an inkling for a campaign, and I’d like to see if it makes sense or is it all ill-considered madness. The major trade routes in the area seem to be from Jonstown to Runegate, across the wilds to Tarsh (dangerous and controlled by Dragonewt friendly Rungate trade cartel). Also, Wilmskirk to Duckpoint and then South to Esrolia or West to Grazelands (dangerous and controlled by Druluz Undead hating cartels). And Clearwine seems awfully isolated f
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