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Found 1 result

  1. Because of when I got into Glorantha, Maniria was "my" setting, even more than Sartar or anywhere else, thanks to Blood Over Gold right after I got into things. I recently got back into Glorantha, bought a PDF of the Guide, and loved it immensely. I have several of questions about Maniria as it stands now. Most are questions about what is canon or what is in print about a particular issue, though there are a few questions that amount to me asking "exactly how idiosyncratic is my Glorantha?" I am of course aware the answer "It's a certain way if you want it to be" is always an option, but I believe firmly in the value of structure as a source of creativity, and I like to know what's been written, and what's the current version of things. Thanks! And now, the long list of questions: I: Orlanthi My first set of questions is about the Orlanthi culture of Maniria. Is there a culturally relevant umbrella term for the Ditali, Solanthi, Nimistori, and Maldros? Manirian? Wenelian? Second, how different are they from Heortling / Sartarite Orlanthi in terms of religion? A straight question here is what is the current state of Entru? Is he affiliated with animals in general now, or specifically pigs/boars? Did he have priests or spirit talkers? As a piece of speculation, what is the possibility that Manirian heritage includes the Helerings, a tribe separate from the Vingkotlings? It has the mountain where Heler surrendered to Orlanth, and its residents ticked off the water gods enough that a beautiful city got sunk and trapped, but not destroyed. And finally, are there still Haranding clans tucked away various places, screaming "freedom!" at irregular intervals? II: Western I also have some questions about the Slontan heritage of Maniria. First, where did the Malkioni kingdoms in SW Maniria come from? I ask because overland routes at that time were blocked by elven forests. I also doubt that they came with Arkat who had already become an Orlanthi before liberating Maniria. Were they colonists from Sheshnela or somewhere else? Any info on why they came? Second, there are polities that are remnants of Slontos: Kaxtorplose, Ramalia, Handra partially, and I'm guessing Khorst. How similar do people think religion is in those places? Are the Slontans of Handra worshipping the same way as the people in Kaxtorplose? Is Ramalia just an "evil and proud of it" version of Slonton style Malkioni? Regarding Handra, I'm just curious what's been published and/or is canon. I own the Tradetalk issue, but I feel a large overhaul of that info is necessary after the GTG. I'm assuming, however, that the religion is an idiosyncratic form of henotheism, and the governmental structure is still some sort of council of guilds and temples. And that brings up my last question: Kaxtorplose survives thanks to pilgrims. Who are these pilgrims and where are they from? III: Geography I have 2 geography questions about Manira, and they both involve the Mislari Mountains. First: what is Ramor Mountain? I ask because it has an illumination rune on the map, and as far as I can tell, it isn't mentioned ANYWHERE. Anybody have info? And Second: other than trolls who want to eat elves, why would anyone want to find the one lost pass through the Mislari Mountains? IV: Hero wars My questions regarding the hero wars in Maniria revolve most around the reforestation plans by the elves, since I didn't know anything about this before I read the GTG. As I look at the map of Maniria, it looks pretty forested overall. But I know there's more here than just planting trees. Am I correct in thinking this is about covering the entire region in dense, (magically created) old growth forest that is all perfectly integrated into Aldrya's song? Also, would I be correct in thinking they want to push humanity into a simple existence that would make them less destructive (hunter-gatherer lifestyle with minimal agriculture or industry, etc.)? V: The Loper People My last set of questions are about the Loper People , aka the Zaranistangi. Was their magic rune or spirit based? What does a loper beast look like? And third, are the blue moon worshipping fisherman leftovers from the Lopers?
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