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Found 1 result

  1. I've allways found trickster characters in myths among the more interesting and consequently I have a fondness for tricksters in glorantha. I'm also a bit sad about how negatovely tricksters seem to be portrayed in the setting and how hostile and wary everyone living inside it seem to be against tricksters (for instance I remembe how everyone in the player clan got reallly nervous when several tricksters turned up at once awith the motion bannner) and befuddled over what they can actually do. HeroQuest Glorantha doesn't really help there unfortunately. The cult writeup there pretty much say 'everything goes but each trick has to be really narrow and you have to get each at a separate shrine'. edit: turns out I remembered wrong. I looked up the cult write-up in the Sartar Companion and noticed that Tricksters do get examples for rune powers. It's the subcults that are one per shrine (although they're treated a bit diferently than other cult's subcults) and Devotees that are realy different. I feel a bit silly now. Oops. I mean sure Eurmalli has to have the Illusion Rune and the Dissorder Rune. That tells me something (even if my grasp of the later is a bit vauge) and the way King of Dragon Pass treats tricksters in some of the events make me understand that they can create illusions more real than reality, that's pretty powerful, almost too powerful game mechanics perspective so there must be some limiting factor. Anyway this thread is all about tricksters (and the Illusion and Dissorder Runes i guess). Not just my questions. I asked a few (two I think) in the Personalities of the Fire, Light and Heat Runes thread but decided that tricksters deserve their own thing. With that said here are some questions: Did the God learneers ever take an interest in trickster? What did they do and what happened went horribly right? What about Illuminated tricksters? What about an illuminated trrickster with both the Illusion Rune and the Truth Rune? Are there tricksters aside those bellonging to Eurmal (and outside the Orlanthi, I've heard everyone else just kill them on sight)? How exactly does trickster magic work and how does it differ from normal rune magic? Are there any friendly tricksters? I've heard about 'Eurmal Friend of Men' but don't know anything about that particular variant of everyones favourite scapegoat. Does every trickster have to be cowardly?
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