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Found 5 results

  1. To my understanding, Trolls came to the Surface World in order to escape the light of Yelm when he was killed (Lesser Darkness). To my understanding, Hell and the Underworld are almost the same thing, or one is a part of the other. To my understanding, there are many ways to reach the Underworld or Hell: various Heroquests, some hidden stairs, cracks in the earth, etc.. 1st question: why do Trolls stay in the Surface world? Don't they want/desire to go back in their Underworld? 2nd question: is the identification Hell=Underworld just a human (or even Orlanthi) semplification? I mean, if trolls are from there, I suppose their Hell is somewhere else..
  2. g33k

    Trolls & "Bugs"

    Trolls have long been associated with insects. What about the other arthropods, not technically insects? Spiders? Scorpions? Centipedes & millipedes? What about the watery ones, crabs & crayfish &c?
  3. So I recall a prior thread touched upon the HQ "Trollpack" product (under development) ... I wondered how much (if any) it would supersede / overrule / contradict / invalidate the old RQ2 (upcoming RQC) Trollpak product? How much of it will be more-or-less-the-same, just ... from a different perspective, a somewhat deeper dive into this facet, or a somewhat broader gloss upon those ones, etc? How much will be assembling existing fragments from old/obscure/unavailable sources, fleshing them out, editing into a consistent whole, and polishing them to a modern standard? How much will be new Uz revelations, un-touched by old info? Last but not least ... is there any ETA, or a newer status (such as "ms. 1st draft in editorial review" or what-have-you) available? Obviously, I'm not asking for exact word-counts, or %-content (specially since it's a HQ book, not a %ile-system!), nor violation of NDA! I'm just hoping for some additional info ... Thanks for anything available!
  4. David Scott


    Lots of interesting stuff coming up from the Pavis Plan thread on Adari: http://basicroleplaying.org/topic/5859-the-pavis-plan/?page=4#comment-86064 so I've started a new topic. Adari survived somehow through the Inhuman Occupation of Dragon Pass, so it must have been similar to the Praxian oases during that time - a barely self-sufficient agrarian community with a fertility connection and holy place, with the trade post function being an optional extra. This doesn't quite tell us what Adari was like during the time of Robcradle. The proximity of uz and aldryami may have been the reason why the experimentators who gave birth to Pavis chose it for their experiment, and the lack of direct draconic emanations may have been a plus, too. Adari sits on the border of the Bison Plain, one of the better pastures in Prax (though not comparable to the Sacred Ground around the Paps). Dagori Inkarth to its north may not have experienced as much damage from the Chaos fighting, but it is dominated by a fertility that brings a lot of decay with it. The Sporewood is the most extreme such place, but the lands east of the Indigo Mountains don't offer any useful grazing for Praxian herds or agricultural opportunities. The vegetation supports the giant and less giant insects from Hell, though. Back to Adari. It may have served as a meeting place where Praxians and Dagori Inkarth traders could trade. How common are chitineous armor and tools among the Praxians? When metal is hard to get, these uz products might be an excellent alternative, especially for protective clothing in battle. The Praxians would pay with herd beasts other than their own, of course. When the Pure Horse Folk took over, this trade may have suffered - sun worshippers usually don't wear chitin, and they had trading privileges with the EWF. The Pol Joni probably don't have any dogmatic reasons to avoid insect products, but they too have trade privileges with the Sartarites, which translates as better access to bronze. During the glorious past of Old Pavis, Adari may have been situated on the trade route to the city. The prohibition against wheeled transport through Praxian grazing may have been suspended here, on the border of Dagori Inkarth. The Pavis Road sounds like an achievement of Dorasar, in the tradition of his grandfather Sartar, and probably building on the impression Sartar left with the priesthood of the Paps. Adari is off the Nomad Gods boardgame map, but the Bison plains are a grazing and hunting ground of the Praxians, and they would have treated the place like they treated any other oasis population. I don't think that the frequent troll presence would have stopped them from mercilessly exploiting the oasis population there. And the same goes for the Pure Horse Folk. Grain-fed horses would be something of a status symbol among horse folk. The Grazers perfected this with their Vendref population. Their distant ancestors would have done the same.
  5. What can you tell me about the trolls from the Blue Moon Plateau? According to the 1st volume of the Imperial Lunar Handbook (page 12) they are winged, but I haven't found any mention of that in the Guide to Glorantha.
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