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Found 1 result

  1. Prompted by Christopher Moody's note in the G+ forum Related to my updated postings on Imther, here's some of my content on Vanch and the Vanchites/Tunoralings. Tunoraling Charms The folk of Vanch have a wealth of odd and diverse charms, fetishes, runes, and talismans. They learned from Tunoral and Negalla the Green Woman how to take the odd bits and pieces of broken magics and spells they found left behind, whether by Dara Happan, Horselord, Orlanthi, Lunar, or other, and bind, transform, and weave them together into something similar but new. The Yaztyr have their little talismans to the Golden Rider. Queen Jannisia wears the Little Clouds of Molanni the Calm. The Rugadyr have the 18 Rings, each fashioned from a different material whether gold or stone, wood or bone, and each with a different though minor magic. And the Seeker of Farewell had his Fetish of Red and Brown Feathers that allowed him to see through the eyes of sparrows. Though these insignificant charms are hardly equal to the powerful magics and rituals of the gods, or even the wild shamans of the nomads, somehow they seem to have aided the survival of the Vanchites. How Tunoral Found Food When the land went dead, the people found that they could not get food as they had before. Where before fruits hung from the trees, now only dead branches waved in the winds. Where before bowls filled with food, now only dust gathered in the bowls. The people felt hunger for the first time and were frightened. The people asked Tunoral to find them food and he agreed. Tunoral came to the Seat of Judgment where Heliakal sat. He spoke before Heliakal and said that the people did not have food and that they felt hunger. Some even died. Heliakal judged this and found that this was not right. So Heliakal said to Tunoral to go and search out other peoples and see what they did for food now that the land was dead. Tunoral went first to the north, for this was where the Sun had gone before it fell. He looked upon the Zarks and saw how the lions stalked and then killed the goats of that land. When the lions slept after their feast, Tunoral went among them and took from them the Stalking Feet. When Tunoral came back to the people, he gave them this gift. And this is why men hunt but amongst the lions only the females can still stalk. Tunoral went next to the west, for this was where the Serpent came from before it divided. He looked upon the Nogs and saw how they called the fish together and then gathered them in with a hook before killing them. When the Nogs slept, Tunoral went amongst them and took from them the Darting Hand. When Tunoral came back to the people, he gave them this gift. And this is why men can catch fish with their hands, but the Nogs must use nets to gather fish. Tunoral went next to the east, for this was the home of the Green Lady’s before she slept. He looked upon the Blood Queen’s Folk and saw how they gathered the dead seeds and fruits and brought them to life. When the Blood Queen’s Folk slept, Tunoral went among them and took from them the Blackblood Berries and the Nightflower Scent. When Tunoral came back to the people, he gave them these gifts. And this is why women can gather these berries, but the Blood Queen’s Folk cannot find this food. Tunoral went last to the south, for this was where the Dogs stood guard over the Last Path. He looked upon the Jadam and saw how they hunted as a pack and stood guard while all ate of the kill. Tunoral waited for the Jadam to sleep, but they did not. At last Tunoral tired of waiting, so he used the Stalking Feet to follow the Longeared Squirrel, then he used the Darting Hand to catch the Longeared Squirrel, and then he used the Nightflower Scent to lure the Jadam. When the Jadam came, Tunoral released the Longeared Squirrel. The Jadam chased the Longeared Squirrel, even to the Crossways. And while the Jadam were away, Tunoral picked over their kill and took the Face Mask and the Death Wish. And this is why the Vanchites can both gain the secrets of others and curse those who rob from them, while the Jadam can only be the dogs they are. [The Vanchites refer to the Jajalarings as Jadam, roughly meaning 'dog servant'.]
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