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Found 8 results

  1. In Umathela, 50% are Malkionists (Sedalpists for most), 50% are Orlanthists Except Orlanth and Ernalda, what are the other 'common' cults? Humakt seems appropriate. As I would see that most of the big business is in the hands of the city merchand princes (Malkionists most probably), I would say that Issaries is quite small and only in the villages. Chalana Arroy should be present Lankhor Mhy? Again, big university are in cities, hence mostly in the hand of the Malkion Wizards Maran Gor? Babeester Gor? To protect the Earth temples Eurmal? In the villages (or every where as they are always every where... ) Storm bull? Not so much Chaos in this part of the world... Yelmalio for those closer to the elves. Odayla for the hunter Some worshiping Aldrya?
  2. I started to do a family history for characters in Umathela. Just the Grand-parent at the moment. But I'd like to have feed back from you before I go on. 1561 Grand-Parents were born 1585 Vadeli invasion 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest, warrior : +5 1-10 : survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Vadeli) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, Honor passion, Loyaulty (country) 1591 Umathela ruled by Vadeli Slave : -5; noble, priest, .. +5 1-5 : Sacrificed to the Vadeli: Gain hate (Vadeli) 6-15 : normal year 16 : died of natural cause 17-20 : Made good business with Vadeli : Gain 1d6*100 L 1594 Battle of Oenriko Rocks Komarkan, Sulauz, Humaz, Komarkan, Kallima : -5 1-10 : Not present (nothing) 11-20 : Present Sailor, Noble, priest : +5 1-10 : survived. if Cerngoth -> Expell Vadeli 11-15 : Killed. Hate (Kareeshtu) 16-20 : Killed with great glory. +1d3% reputation, +5% Orate, Loyaulty (Country) 1594 if Cerngoth Nikosdros : expel the vadeli garnison 1-18 : Survived. Withness Patriach gain power (Loyaulty (Patriarch)) 19 : Died in battle 20 : Died with great glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation 1598 1-10 Normal year 11-15 Feud : You participated to a succesfful feud with one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...) You gain 1d6*100 L 16-20 Feud : You were victime of a feud from one adversary (Other mechand, other clan/tribe, other gang, other guild,...). Hate (adversary) 1601 All except Sulayz : +5 1-5 : Fight Mostali with Aldryami 6-15 : normal year 16-20 : participate to a Ceremony with Aldryami. Gain Devotion (Earth cult) if deity is Earth. Fight against Mostali 1-10 : Survived 11-15 : Killed. Hate Mostali 16-20 : Killed with glory. Honor, +1d3% reputation
  3. I'll start very soon a campaign in Umathela, where the Sedalpist are numerous. And most probably one of my player will play one. It is said (in the Guide) that : Sedalpists have incorporated many of the meditative techniques of the Cult of Silence, and seek to attain a state of Perfect Reason through meditation How could I translate this into game play? There is no 'mysticism' in RQG that could fit.
  4. Manu


    In the Guide, at the Umathela chapter, the list of population list the different kingdom/region/tribes. All are listed except the Ediruss Kingdom, East of Cerngoth. But the Kingdom is well int he maps (Page 624) with a population of 230k (not a small region) Is there a reason? Or is it just a error of the Guide?
  5. While reading the GoG, I saw that in Umathela, the malkionist are mostly Sedalpists. And this is very close to the Talar on the Brithini (cannot carry weapons) Also, In Talur, there is a sect of 'Daughters of Manena'. In the Britini Society, the Menena is the woman's caste. Is it just 'luck' or is the link between the 2 cultures stronger than I thought?
  6. I love the discussion about Mythical Pamaltela, but I like more 'mundane' information... In Umathela, the main Malkion School is Sedalpism. But is there other school present? On the barbarian villages, are the Thanes Henotheist?
  7. if I simplify a little, Umathela is Malkion/Orlanth (Orlanth mainly on the battle field) and Fonrit is Chaos (or Chaos friendly). The conflict is territorial (as in the Season wars), but also religious? Is Fonrit seen as 'Chaos' for the Orlanthists? (a little bit like the Lunar were invaders but also 'Chaos related'). the Slave (Fonrit) vs Freedom (Umathela orlanthists) is obvious. Is there Uroxi in Umathela? Because there is not big Chaos nest close by (except maybe Fonrit)?
  8. In GtG p.625 there's a depiction of the Household of an Umathelan Merchant-Captain. His wife, described as a Kormarkan noblewoman, wears a headdress already used by Iberian women 2,000 years ago, as the one from this stone bust: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_of_Elche But instead of drawings and pictures of old sculptures, I have also found pictures of real women incarnating that old goddess.
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