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Found 1 result

  1. I'm trying not to repeat what has been published. The Waertagi used pagan literature whenever they found it and were able to use others' myths according to the places they visited. They certainly cared about certain local traditions. Wherever they survive, their religion looks like some kind of simple ancestor cult mixed with the worship of local water spirits, which the Brithini of the City of Brass do not want to hear about, yet which contributed to keep the Waertagi in power over the oceans in the Dawn Age. They hate Dormal as much as they hate the memory of the God Learners. A few key points of Waertagi beliefs and ideology (in addition to what is known of Waertagi culture) include: The gods don't want to be manipulated. They empower those who worship them with the proper rites, and do so reliably. Their genealogies spread far and wide in places that were unaware of each other until the God Learners came, and in the Third Age Waertagi ethics of secrecy still hold true. They are especially good at divination and necromancy and also all kinds of repair magics due to their Dragon-slaying ancestry. The Waertagi do not doubt or question Malkionism although their understanding of Malkion is simple and agrees well with polytheism. Malkionism is in fact sorcery, is not inherently moral, and Dormal was not the type of Malkioni the Waertagi get along with because former human attempts to navigate have proven his cult is dangerous. The origin of this Sea-opening magic is unknown. New Hrestoli Idealism is evil and despicable. The Church of the Ship and City is a spin-off effect of Waertagi traditions in a place inhabited by humans. The goal of trade is to get rich. Good opportunities are desirable. Piracy is an option. Modern naval powers are of no consequence. History books are prized.
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