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Found 4 results

  1. BenS

    Day's Rest

    Is anyone aware of substantive information on Days Rest beyond the (relatively minimal) information in the more obvious sources (GtG; Cults of Prax; ToTRM; Drastic Resolutions; BRP Prax threads etc)? Canon or otherwise. Have my own ideas about the oasis folk and the local spirit, as well as the caravan and nomad camps (in 1626), but interested to see others and don't want to deviate unnecessarily from official versions. Any and all steers (or speculation) gratefully appreciated...
  2. Hi. In RQ Roleplaying in Glorantha, shamans of certain cults (Daka Fal, Waha) acts as priests of the cult. Does it means they have the benefits and obligations of a priest, like easy chance to increase Pow, more oportunitties to increease it and to recover rune magic.? Or is it only a social role in the community? Since is easier to became a shaman than to became a priest I think the correct answer is the second but I want to ask another people. Thanks for your answers.
  3. I just read an interesting entry in Wikipedia: Given the scarcity of resources on Prax, I wonder if the animal nomads would do something similar? Anyone out there with serious experience as a butcher have any suggestions?
  4. Rather than hijack Martin's (@M Helsdon) excellent thread I thought to start a new thread around this topic - Praxian swords. The first place to start is the Task of Waha most used for initiations and Khan making - Waha and Death (HeroQuest Glorantha page 170). The basic outline of the Task is: and the Task itself currently looks like this: Where do the swords they find in the marshes come from - mostly they are left there by Praxians themselves - offerings to Waha. This is one of the reasons that Praxians continue to steal / buy / acquire metal weapons from others, eventually they are given to the marshes. Initiates tend to find bone or horn weapons, Khans metal ones. Some that are found are actually part of Storm Bull - a horn or lost limb bone. Rarely an iron death sword is found. But none of this is rules so what is found should of course suit your story. As initiates do the task cooperatively, a range of weapon is often recovered. Oh and the weapons aren't usually just lying there. There are most often in the hand of a broo, scorpion man or other chaos horror...
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