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Found 5 results

  1. One of the underlying themes of the Prax book is that Praxian animals are not Earth animals. They behave differently, eat differently, but look similar to their Earth counterparts. I do however need at starting point so that readers and players have some idea what I'm talking about: and then I came across this really cool site: http://prehistoric-fauna.com and more specifically http://prehistoric-fauna.com/Bison-priscus Are praxian bison an more ancient kind of bison like Bison priscus? The other bison form do exist in the Wastes certainly bison latifrons.
  2. Some of you might be interested on the current work on the Prax book. I've been mainly working on the Praxian history section. You might think that we knew plenty about this kind of thing because of the Guide and the Pavis book, but it turns out that most of the history is Pavis / Zola Fel Valley-centric. Some areas are completely blank in the Praxian's history - Who and what was/is Jaldon, Sheng Seleris and his influence, the migrations into to the Wastelands and the Praxians interactions with their neighbours. Some of this will go into the book, the rest will provide a basis as to what is cu
  3. Rather than hijack Martin's (@M Helsdon) excellent thread I thought to start a new thread around this topic - Praxian swords. The first place to start is the Task of Waha most used for initiations and Khan making - Waha and Death (HeroQuest Glorantha page 170). The basic outline of the Task is: and the Task itself currently looks like this: Where do the swords they find in the marshes come from - mostly they are left there by Praxians themselves - offerings to Waha. This is one of the reasons that Praxians continue to steal / buy / acquire metal weapons from others, eve
  4. @Joerg's post Termites in the Wastes http://basicroleplaying.org/topic/4425-termites-in-the-wastes/ reminded me of the critter section for the upcoming Prax book. Initially I was a bit daunted that I would have to populate the Wastelands with creatures to possibly emulate a real ecology, so I ignored it for three years and came back to it. My realisation is that the Wastes don't have a rich "ecology". It has a limited damaged one maintained by a magical pact with the gods. I don't have to fill it. The main cycle is Earth -> Plant -> Herd beast -> humans/predators -> Earth. Any wast
  5. I've just started a new playtest for the Praxian book at my local gaming club. Some of you may be interested in what I'm doing, how stuff is progressing and what I do with my group. Some Background The first playtest was an all Bison rider group (Copper Bison clan) to look at how the magic, social structure and feel of setting would work. The second play was an all Morokanth group. This looked at the politics of the Praxians internally, how the Paps worked, how the Morokanth worked as vegetarians, more work on the magic background and clan generation with seasonal migration routes. I
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