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Found 7 results

  1. These designs are illustrative but not definitive examples. Differences in size, weight and detailed design vary according to the requirements of the customer and the skills and patterns of individual smiths. The style of hilt also varies enormously, and many of the styles shown might appear in conjunction with other blades. A: Pelorian sickle-swords. The examples shown vary from those almost indistinguishable from agricultural implements (though of much finer quality) through to Moonswords, khopesh and the form often described as a scimitar. B: Examples of Kopis swords. C: Examples of Doblian two-handed Rhomphaia. D: Orlanthi leaf-shaped broadswords E: Orlanthi long-leaf swords, also common in Esrolia. F: Western broadswords. The shorter swords are often carried as secondary weapons by Humakti and hoplites.
  2. Recently Tod has been testing out items against his "Lockdown Longbow"; a modern compound crossbow that has the interesting trait that it releases recreated Mary Rose type arrows with the same energy as a roughly 100 lb. longbow. He's done shooting against a shield, recreated cuirboilli, and now Gambeson material. Mail is coming, but he is waiting on a riveted sample to arrive. Hopefully this link will get you to the playlist... or not. Now on to each individual video. Shields Arrows Crazy Idea Who's Shooting At Me Leather Armor Sandbags Gambeson SDLeary
  3. Looking at my most recent download of the character sheet included in the core book, it seems odd that 1H/2H Axe and Spear plus 1H Mace are listed on the sheet. Per the rules (and the sample characters), those are weapon categories - shouldn't the skills be, for example, Small Axe, Battle Axe, Great Axe, and Dagger-Axe? (Though I wonder if it should also be Battle Axe 1H and Battle Axe 2H since the default starting value for those different styles are different.) Thoughts? Apologies if this has been covered before - my forum search came up empty...
  4. a question came up last night during our M-space game and i didnt know the answer even after a quick search through m-space, mythras core, and mythras imperative. are there any rules for using things for weapons that wasnt intended to be used for weapons. for example using a trash can lid as a shield against a baseball bat? or a lamp as a blunt weapon etc. thanks in advance for any ideas.
  5. I am interested in game masters' experiences with the use of magically enhanced weapons in Mythras. Do most GM's allow ubiquity with magically enhanced weapons or does this screw the gameplay too much? Is it better to restrict magic use to time-limited casting onto weapons eg bladesharp? or do you allow Rune-weopens or weapons with a sorcerous matrix embedded that convey permanent benefits to the wielder? or weapons that give on one hand and hamper on the other eg +10% to combat skill but -10% to evade As a side-question, does casting bladesharp on a weapon allow it to damage a wraith? and if so, is it only the magical enhancement damage or full weapon damage that is inflicted?
  6. The version of the BRP book I have doesn't have prices for the weapons just Cheap, Expensive etc. Can some one provide me with a list or a link to a list of all the weapons and their prices.
  7. Again, as a disclaimer I'm a newcomer to BRP about to run my first campaign, so apologies if I'm just missing a key point in both of these areas... But far as I can tell, the only benefit to using a shield as opposed to any other parrying "weapon" is the durability in HP (re: fumbled parries leading to broken weapon) and protection from missile fire. I guess you could throw in the knockback attacks. Otherwise a player's main weapon will be just as effective defensively, and probably moreso as they can concentrate their skill points there. What's the deal with that? I mean, for a combat system that's relatively realistic ("relatively" being the operative word here) this doesn't make sense. Attacking and parrying with a longsword alone, or attacking with a longsword and parrying with a shield - IRL that is a huge difference. Along those same lines - although I'll probably discourage any dual-wielding in my campaign - fighting with two weapons seems to be based on the same exact mechanics as striking twice with one. There's no real advantage. Is this just lazy mechanics? Or is there a subtlety that I didn't get the first few reads through? If the former, are there variants (I'm especially thinking of shield use here) that make a little more sense?
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