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Found 2 results

  1. Glorantha has talent, or at least that is our impression amongst our Wind Words podcast crew, and we thought, “why not bring this talent into the spotlight?” So…. It’s time for a contest! While our crack team of Mostali craftsmen build us an edifice to house your Gloranthan talent, and our Grey Beard sages argue the minutiae of the rules to judge the competition, and we select the judges with an eye to them being open-minded, unlike Yelm’s Court when Orlanth brought the raucous horn and the radical “new music” to the contest. it is my great pleasure and honour (by the grace of silver-tongued Issares and the ever entertaining Orlanth) to bring you this announcement of overflowing Gloranthan Goodness. Glorantha Has Talent? Wind Words is audio, and so is our first contest. Okay, so think of an audio friendly entry and how to make it happen, Now that you have an idea for an entry, what’s next? What will you need? A computer, its recording software and a mic, maybe sound FXs. found sounds, instruments and/or noisy friends. We are looking for jokes, filk songs, poems, the standard audio things and beyooooond: Heortling boasts or greetings, myths and folktales told around a crackling fire—you can add crackling fire to your audio file, yes? Plan up to 3 minutes of audio, keep it PG 13, wrap it up all in Gloranthan goodness and push record. We will accept almost any digital audio formatted entry (let’s say some of you are still operating on a a Wang computer, check with us to see is we can still listen to your file created on it) . Keep an eye to BRP Central and an ear to our WInd Words’ podcast for more info and the rules in the coming weeks! Contact us at tribe@windwords.fm or here for questions, help, hugs, validation* or encouragement. *Sorry no hugs or validation, Joerg is still open to smuggles Glorantha, let’s see that talent!
  2. Really enjoyed this amazing podcast, made me want to play a game I had really never heard of!
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