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Found 1 result

  1. This is getting vastly off-topic in the RuneQuest thread, so I moved it here. Yes - clearly a continuation of Jewish practices, and not one challenged in the gospels. "He who is without sin may throw the first stone" doesn't attack the practice, only the practitioners. The church did have a point, though, after the pornocracy of the papacy in the 10th century (and something similar again in the Borghia papacy). The assumption of the victim role for the priest hasn't changed much in the church, only the target of the desires... There are aspects of Glorantha that aren't politically correct or fun, like e.g. the dreadful practices of broo propagation, and the hardly less politically correct facts of unicorn or satyr propagation, or the origin of the Triolini races. "Feel no love" is a gross mis-interpretation of how marriage works in a Bronze Age society. It appears as the curse of Gunda the Guilty for breaking the enslavement of the Queen of the Kiss. "Don't have children" doesn't quite fit it, either. As I wrote in the geas thread, a geas is a plot device meant to be tested to or even beyond its breaking point. It is meant to cause discomfort - if you take that deep discomfort away, you are making the geas meaningless, leaving only an overpowered gift. (And yes, riding a magical unicorn is way overpowered.) "Don't accept magical healing" - imagine a barrage of foes offering 1 point Heal spells, or replacing that character's wine bottle with a healing potion. "Never trust X" is another weird geas. "Never accept hospitality, drink, food, or kindness from X" might be how to play this out, but basically it makes your character a bigot asshole. "I want to have fun playing this killer cult" is a statement which may tell an uncomfortable truth about the player's motivations. Coupled with "I don't want my character to suffer from the downsides of that cult" makes it "I want to play a murder hobo, only one loved by his culture." Yeah. Why not play in Gor, then?
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