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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all fellow MW enthusiasts, I'm volunteering for a local charity to introduce their young people to roleplaying games and related activities (character backstories, world building, map making, character art and the added benefits of RPGs - cooperation, socialising, maths and english skills, among others). The charity's website can be found here: https://www.littlemiraclescharity.org.uk/ Please take some time to look over their website and see the sort of young people they are helping and that, by extension, I am working with. Now, the current iteration of D&D is, in my experience, too complicated and too expensive to get into. I am a big Chaosium fan and I've GM-ed an introductory adventure using Chaosium's Magic World system. The adventure went down a storm and the young people are keen to carry on. The main problem is that I have only one copy of the Magic World rules and at least one player has expressed an interest in buying a copy so she can be the dungeon master. I do understand that the Magic World PDF is available but, imho, that's not the same as the physical rule book. I know that Magic World is no longer in print, which brings me to the point of this email. Is there any possibility that you, players, contacts 'in the trade' or Chaosium staffers themselves can source a couple of copies of Magic World to help in this project? Perhaps there are copies in your store room that you have forgotten about? Or maybe you know someone who has a copy or two that they'd be willing to part with? I'm really keen on pressing ahead with this work and any help you can provide would be gratefully received. Many thanks in advance, Colin Brett
  2. If I were to ask folks to give their five essential "things" to a Magic World campaign/setting, what would you say?
  3. I have submitted a monograph set in the Southern Reaches -- and Nick thought it might be out by Gen Con... Back text: Is Horsechester a typical village of the Southern Reaches? Hardly. Built around an ancient wall, or chester, the village is home to Equerry of Drumhold, the noble charged with maintaining Barron Drum’s fighting horses. Not the great warhorses of the knights, but rather the hundreds of horses used to wage the barons wars. The horse market in the village attracts wealth, and wealth attracts adventurers. And all of this is built on top of ancient sites dating to the time when the Fey ruled the Southern Reaches. This Magic World monograph details the village of Horsechester, several of its institutions, and has three loosely coupled adventures all starting in Horsechester and ending in trouble. The adventures work for beginning characters, and the first can be used to bring to either bring adventurers together, or with an existing group. In Horsechester adventurers will encounter scheming ogres, raiding orcs, swarms of undead, and a lot of bad weather. And I have added two of the maps to the download section: Magic World Monograph Maps -- Horsechester - Downloads - Basic Roleplaying Central
  4. And by Vikings I mean the History Channel show with Ragnar, Rollo and the ineffective Christian/apostate priest... Magic World already has rules for ships, and should be light enough to handle a large® number of combatants than say RQ6. Thoughts?
  5. Any word on whether or not the PDF is going to be put up on rpgnow/drivethru? Any word on whether or not the print version is going to be available via Amazon?
  6. Do you have Hawkmoon first edition? A review of it mentions that there is a short timeline of the Tragic millenium - 2100 to 2842 AD. Can you tell me more about it? I am running a post apocalyptic setting based on Gamma World rpg, and the two BRP scenarios Escape From The Slavelands and Dwelling Of The Ancients. I am thinking about adding Hawkmoon's Narleen into the game and would like to know more about the Tragic Millenium to add detail to the game.
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