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Found 13 results

  1. This blog is about settings. And immersion, and getting a sense of belonging. And rejection of the hack'n'slash mentality of gaming. It is also about hypnosis, and hypnotic language, and high weirdness, and the ocarina. Everybody here got into gaming for their own reasons. Give me five minutes, and I bet I could draw out your reason for playing d100 games, or for playing tabletop games at all. What do you get out of your favourite d100 game / setting? What's the payoff for you, that brings you back to this specific game, world, or setting, or even makes this your go-to place for adventures? This blog will explore that payoff. In my case, those payoffs plural. By exploring the things that bring others to the table, you might find the things within you which motivate you to game. And I'll reveal my payoffs, the reasons why I do what I do - writing game material, playing the ocarina, and hypnosis.
  2. Hay my writing buddies. I'm in a bit of a pickle. I want to run a Call of Cathulu Game with my friends but my mate wants it to be western themed. I thought "oh that's unique, could have fun with that" So I have a plot and a wicked bad-y but I'm really struggling on how to make it scarier in the town. Like the Bad-y's layer is super scary and deadly but everything else feels meh. If any scary writers wanna help out it would be greatly appreciated. Also should mention this is my first time running COC and I'll be using 7e Plot: The town of Pleasant Valley is well rooted near a rich coal filled hill. Already hooked up to the railway that runs every week on Tuesday, the town also has all the classic needs of a western town such as a saloon, brothel, doctor, bank and even an ice-creme parlor. Miners set up camp along the hill, they come and they go making their money from the town owner Mr. Hank Trudy to mine at the coal. One day a miner digs up a strange silver seed pod, he takes it to his tent secretly hoping its worth something big. In the middle of the night the seed pod whispers to him about riches if he follows its orders. The man plants the seed in an abandoned mine shaft and it grows. Major Points- -Seed pod is stationary and spreads as it grows. Its purple, slimy, pulsating, vein-y and smells flowery. -The seed pod creates eggs that when inserted into a female human grow into Brood -The miner helps infect three women, three brothel workers. They get pregnant and just think it part of the job. when its close to their time they are kidnapped and taken to the cave to be devoured by the babies inside. -Now the new brood can enter the town on their own and impregnate more women without them knowing. Using sleeping gas -I was playing with the idea that the big plant also makes more seed pods. these seed pods look like silver cases holding a slime covered glass ball. This slime when applied to the skin makes it soft and smell of flowers. This slime is actually enzymes that help the eggs inside the women but the miner has begun selling these seed pods as a cosmetic item. The pregnant women get their enzymes without knowing it and the miner gets money as promised. END Game- at the start of the week the three brothel workers go missing and the town doesn't know whats going on. One missing sure but three at the same time. On top of that Mrs. Kitty take good care of her girls and knows they are not the types to run away. The players have one week to figure out whats going on before the train arrives on Tuesday, once it does there will be enough seed pods disguised as cosmetic creme and brood babies to send on the train to hundreds of town just like this one to plant more and more seeds.
  3. How much content from the SRD would be needed in theory to build a d100 campaign supplement using Revolution rules? If it is to be understood by all d100/BRP players, is there any rules material from Revolution that would need to be reproduced?
  4. I hope it's okay that I put this up. I'm a writer, and I plan to put the adventure scenarios I create on itch.io, as a pay-what-you-want scenario modules. I'm writing mostly Call of Cthulhu scenarios right now, and I'm interested in knowing how much content I can pull from Chaosium books. Am I legally allowed to put up my writing as pay-what-you-want modules if I take some of the described cults in Pulp Cthulhu, or the monsters in S. Petersen's Field Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors? In putting this up, I hope to accomplish two things. 1. Get answers to my questions. 2. Allow future members with the same questions to see this thread. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out!
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I'm working on an adventure set in Ummayad-era Damascus circa 725 CE, and I'm trying to make sure I have brought the era to life while also making sure to provide answers to common things the Investigators (and the players) would want to know or ask questions about. I'd also like to write this up for other Keepers, so I have to cover the problem that no one knows exactly what you know, so a different Keeper might only be working with whatever I am able to write up for them. Here's my rough idea so far: Some "boxed text" type descriptions that the Keeper can read for the Investigators as a prelude (what you see when you approach Damascus for the first time, for example) and whenever they enter a new area or scene. Then a list of flavorful "encounters" that a Keeper can drop into the background or add to another scene to help it feel more grounded. I have a historical background for the Keeper to fill in basic ideas and themes about the city and setting. I also have a rough timeline of historical and Mythos and adventure background. I also have a lot of pictures and I'm working on several maps. I have a list of common and nonexistent things (that I believe was in the 6th edition rules for the 1920s?) like "coffee hasn't been developed yet!" "backgammon is popular!" etc. Common player/Investigator knowledge or areas of curiosity: How does trade work? How is knowledge recorded? What weapons/tech are common? How do people travel? What does art look like? What are science levels, particularly astronomy, and how does the government/religious groups view it? What are medicine levels and how is it viewed? What are superstitions? How multilingual is the society? How is the society balanced economically? What are the roles of the sexes? What are the interactions of religions? What are the interactions of minorities? What food is common? (I'm not sure I can answer all that but I'd like to know if I missed any important areas! Or if you have a good source for 8th Century Middle Eastern cultural history!) What has worked best for you as Keepers to help you feel grounded in bringing a historical era (1920s or whatever) to life? As an Investigator, what did you need to know to feel like you could play in a different era? thanks! -jared
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. I am writing a Call of Cthulhu scenario, and was wondering if this sounded like one that would be fun to play? A group of occultists took up lodging in a small town in the heart of the Pennsylvanian forests when they discovered an ancient underground Pawnee burial chamber for which they had been looking for a decade. Inside was a tall stone altar, large rectangular slots cut into its sides. On top of it, surrounded in green flames, an animal skin scroll rested; the final teachings directly from an Ancient, containing vast power. But in order to get past the fire to their prize, the occultists found that they must find specific people to place within the slots cut into the altar. These persons needed, described in archaic writing throughout the temple, must be those who had committed specific wicked deeds. So the occultists set up a shop in the small town, and began to kidnap those they needed over the course of ten years. The last victim, a young schoolteacher named Sarah Marneski, has a childhood friend in Harrisburg who contacts one of the investigators. She asks for help in finding Sarah after receiving a concerning letter from her and finding her friend disappeared from the small town. The investigators must follow clues concerning the various disappearances in order to find traces of the cultists and discover the temple where their ritual is almost complete. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I would appreciate any and all advice and constructive criticism you may have.
  9. I'm planning to get some RPG writing done and would like a little guidance from more experienced BRP/d100 gamemasters on how POW is gained and expended. The reason I ask is that some forms of magic and psionics are so demanding that even to learn the technique requires the character to sacrifice a point of POW or even more. There are many places that POW can come from depending on the setting, but let's assume it's the user's own POW. IIRC, that POW can eventually be regained and even improved, though that might not happen for quite a while. But how does that work in-story? And are there stories where a magic user sacrifices enough POW that he dies to achieve a particularly potent effect (assuming one dies when they reach 0 POW, which is not a given).
  10. Classic Fantasy SideQuests Vol. 1 SideQuests feature short filler adventures for Classic Fantasy taking no more than an evening or two to play out. Typically, these will be locales stumbled upon while travelling from one place to another, or short interludes in areas of civilization. Maybe a child’s puppy goes missing and the characters decide to help her find it out of the goodness of their heart, leading to a kobold encampment a few miles out of town. Or the characters discover an overgrown entrance to a forgotten tomb while setting up camp for the night, leading to an encounter with several animated dead protecting the resting place of a forgotten warlord. · Each SideQuest should be no more than 6 to 8 pages in length, not counting maps and stat blocks, and each should feature an encounter, dungeon, or lair, that can be explored in one or two sittings. · Detailed setups of how the characters get there are not important, just a map of the area and some background. This will more easily allow the Games Master to select a SideQuest and drop it into his or her adventure with little prep. · Area maps should be kept small, detailing only the area around the key encounter locale, to more easily fit into any setting. · Each SideQuest should be centered around a single Classic Fantasy creature type and maybe their subordinates, if any. However, dungeons and tombs may have several ‘typical’ dungeon creatures as well. · Each SideQuest should be balanced for a party of four to six Rank 1 adventurers. However, a couple paragraphs should be included detailing how to scale the adventure for more powerful characters. Those interested in participating in this project should submit one or more 500-word proposals detailing your chosen SideQuest to... Rod.leary@thedesignmechanism.com
  11. Classic Fantasy has seen a very successful launch, and while we have several projects being developed to support the line, we want to keep the momentum moving. Therefore, we’re looking for writers familiar with both Mythras, Classic Fantasy, and Old School dungeon adventure, who would be interested in writing adventure modules to help flesh out the line. Prior writing experience isn’t necessary, as long as you have some awesome ideas and know how to put them on paper. We’re looking for adventure modules similar to (but not copies of) the classics of old, both in tone and feel, preferably starting and mid-rank adventures to get things going. Setting material may be included as well, however the module should be generic, able to be slotted into any high fantasy setting, and center on a dungeon, tomb, or other ruins. Feel free to include one or two new monsters, magic items, or spells if desired; however, most should be pulled from Classic Fantasy. New monsters, spells, etc., should be fitting of the genre. Finished modules should preferably be 16 or 32 pages. Writers will be paid for their work for submissions that are accepted and published. If any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to send us your proposals via private message on this forum. Said messages should be sent to “threedeesix” to keep everything together. We’ll send out writer’s guidelines to those proposals that interest us. However, we’ll freely answer any general questions via private message as well. TDM
  12. Okay, probably a weird time to post this. But perhaps the weirdest time is the best time. I'm an aspiring writer of supplements for BRP. I've never had anything for BRP published in any form. So, I'm a complete noob. I've got two ideas I've been working on for a long time. Both would require a lot more work before I would feel comfortable publishing them, but I might be able to finish at least one in the next six months. I've got two settings, two half-finished campaigns, introductory material, a bunch of creatures, four new races, some ready-to-play characters, and some adventures I'm not satisfied with. Nothing has been playtested. Dustin at Chaosium expressed an interest in one of them, but that was several years ago. Here are my alternatives, as I see them: 1. Revise over the next year and publish through Chaosium. I'd love to give them right of first refusal, but recent events suggest they won't be publishing many BRP supplements for the foreseeable future. What they do publish will probably be written in-house or by more established writers than me. But you never know. 2. Revise over the next year and publish through a third-party, probably Alephtar, if they'll have me. 3. Revise over the next year and self-publish, probably through print on demand, maybe through Amazon. I'm reluctant to go this route mainly because I don't know anything about it and as far as I know, no one here has done that. There may be copyright issues and other drawbacks I haven't though of. 4. Polish what I've got and upload it here. Let others playtest, get feedback from the fine folks at BRP Central, revise, then either revisit options 1-3, or not. Maybe set up a PayPal account as a tip jar. Possible drawback: It might be harder to convince Chaosium or Alephtar to buy it after I gave a bunch of folks a free preview... but I'm not doing this for the money. 5. Don't polish what I've got--just dump it all here as is and let you guys sort out the juicy bits from the less than juicy. Look at it as my flawed gift to the Basic Roleplaying community. 6. Rework the adventures for a different system, maybe RuneQuest 6, Legend, or OpenQuest. I'm very reluctant to go this route, even if I can find a system that has all the qualities I like in BRP--and I'm not certain I can find that system. 7. Walk away from a lot of work and a project I really enjoyed, content with the pleasure I got out of working on it, even though no one else will ever see it. I know there are a lot of writers here--people who have had experience working with and for Chaosium and Alephtar, and people who just upload excellent stuff here. Also a lot of people who buy supplements and therefore have opinions about them. So what do you think I should do? I'm looking for advice, encouragement, ideas, a heads-up about some of the dangers lurking in the path ahead, and maybe just some reassurance that there is still a path.
  13. As BRP Starships hopefully is making the transit to print-on-demand soon, most of the text needs proofreading. I would like to do this myself, but as my Read/Write (English) is not good enough, I just can't. I need help. In total there's 116 pages, and about 100 pages with text. There is one volunteer already, and with a couple of more the work should be quite brisk. Anyone interested?
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