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Found 3 results

  1. So, without getting into the details of the campaign I'm in, my character just became the priest of a newly founded community's wyter. It's a weird community, and the resulting spirit is a bit odd as well (it's a huge spider with legs that become serpents' tails, bound to a bronze spear). My GM and I haven't worked out all its mechanics, but he rolled a POW of 28 and CHA 11 while generating it. My character gives it access to a spread of Darkness and Harmony magic, Rune and spirit; it will also have some more as-yet-undefined spirit powers. I've played a fully initiated shaman in RQ:G, but the relationship between a wyter and its priest seems a little different. This thing is a lot bigger than anything my shaman character directly bound, for one thing. Any advice on what skills my character should look into to get the most out of their new friend? Or thoughts on potential applications for the wyter out in the world? The Bestiary mentions going on heroquests to establish wyters for a particular community, and going on further quests with them to empower the spirits further; my character has ready magical access to the Gods realm and is a lay member of the House of Black Arkat, so precision questing to enrich the wyter is definitely on the table. The first Sacred Time after the community's founding is within a few in-game weeks too, so suggestions of anything jazzy that could be done with or for the wyter during those rites would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello again, I recently watched Psycho Pass, which is a near-future anime where "emotion-reading" is possible and deviant thinking can get oneself killed by a special police squad. All of this is made possible through an advanced AI, that pretty much oppresses society. Now apart from the mind-reading, which is not a thing in Glorantha, I wondered if a tyrannical chief like for example Harvar Ironfist could have used his clans/tribes wyter to oppress his people. If so, did the wyter cooperate willingly (because it's a robot) or not? And now, that the "tyrant" is no more, is the new King of the Vantaros tribe at loggerheads with that wyter? Does it need a heroquest to "cleanse" the spirit? Or do they even have to seek a new wyter altogether because the old one is bent for good? Could such a bent wyter even exist at all and start to be a negative influence on a community by its own (the dog vs tail conundrum)? I know, that wyters need the community to provide magic points, but what if an upper echelon of nobles or a misguided sect, who profits from an oppressed tribe, would be in league with that malign spirit? What about the other sub-wyters (other clans, temples, etc.)? Is there something like wyter-on-wyter civil war possible? Thanks a lot.
  3. Is Pavis the same type of entity as a Wyter and is his actual magic working the same way for the communauty of Pavis? I assumed that City Gods and Wyters are the same thing (also assumed that communauty spirits of animists are similar and that Malkioni simply use Chains of Veneration for all their communal magic instead) but I'm not sure given that the description of the communal worship of Pavis imply that they are just worshipping him and then he uses his own magic to magically maintain and protect the city. My own guess is that he is not even really a City God and that people sacrificing to him is a theistic form of a Chain of Veneration (or just lending him magical energy in a similar way) but maybe City Gods are different from Wyters? Thanks!
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