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Found 3 results

  1. A short time ago on Facebook @Ian Cooper wrote something that might be worth preserving & commenting here as well (also for those who are not on FB): I don't know how & when YGMV came up, but I always detested it. I don't remember it coming from Greg himself, by the way. For me, it was always WILL & not MAY... as in Your Glorantha Will Inevitably Vary & Cannot Do Otherwise (YGWIVACDO)! Anyway, Ian really nails it & says it very, very, very nicely.
  2. So, Everobody's Gloranthat Will Vary... we are all us, after all! But I'm looking at some stuff about Glorantha before Time, and comparing it to my old/grognardian understanding, and 2+2 isn't adding to 4 any more. Is that just an illusion? <ahem> Specifically: I had always known "Godtime" as a sort of eternal and ineffable divine Simultaneity: while there were "events" and "cause and effect" there was not really any "before/after" or SEQUENCE -- that sort of thing is an artifact of Time. Yet I'm seeing the Green Age / Golden Age / Storm Age presented as entirely time-based and sequential. Have I been mistaken all along? Was there "time" before "Time"? Or are the write-ups implying this before/after sort of wibbly-wabbly timey-wimey stuff actually just presenting a "sequence" because it's so hard NOT to write "sequential" cause/effect accounts in English?
  3. g33k


    Prepping for a new Glorantha/Prax campaign -- wherein nobody but myself has ever played more in Glorantha than 1-off adventures at general-RPG 'Con's -- I had a sudden thought. I wrote in my "brief overview of Prax" for them: Morokanth - The only non-Humans to have become Eaters under Waha's Compact. They herd placid, herbivorous, non-sentient Men as their Herd-Beasts! Men are ill-formed to be riding beasts, so the Morokanth are charioteers. I also thought that the Gern might well become physically-stronger -- like Agimori, basically -- so they'd be more-apt for Beast-like labors, faster runners to draw chariots, etc... Any thoughts, broken-ness I haven't considered., etc?
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