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Found 2 results

  1. So, Everobody's Gloranthat Will Vary... we are all us, after all! But I'm looking at some stuff about Glorantha before Time, and comparing it to my old/grognardian understanding, and 2+2 isn't adding to 4 any more. Is that just an illusion? <ahem> Specifically: I had always known "Godtime" as a sort of eternal and ineffable divine Simultaneity: while there were "events" and "cause and effect" there was not really any "before/after" or SEQUENCE -- that sort of thing is an artifact of Time. Yet I'm seeing the Green Age / Golden Age / Storm Age presented as entirely time-based and sequential. Have I been mistaken all along? Was there "time" before "Time"? Or are the write-ups implying this before/after sort of wibbly-wabbly timey-wimey stuff actually just presenting a "sequence" because it's so hard NOT to write "sequential" cause/effect accounts in English?
  2. g33k


    Prepping for a new Glorantha/Prax campaign -- wherein nobody but myself has ever played more in Glorantha than 1-off adventures at general-RPG 'Con's -- I had a sudden thought. I wrote in my "brief overview of Prax" for them: Morokanth - The only non-Humans to have become Eaters under Waha's Compact. They herd placid, herbivorous, non-sentient Men as their Herd-Beasts! Men are ill-formed to be riding beasts, so the Morokanth are charioteers. I also thought that the Gern might well become physically-stronger -- like Agimori, basically -- so they'd be more-apt for Beast-like labors, faster runners to draw chariots, etc... Any thoughts, broken-ness I haven't considered., etc?
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