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Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Pack tip!


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Hello all... that are real interested in OOP CoC material.

I know this tip probably would be better put on a mailing list for Call of Cthulhu,

but I want you CoC-buffs on this site to know also!

Do you remember an old out-of-print Call of Cthulhu-supplement called

"Antarctic Expedition Pack for Beyond the Mountains of Madness"...?

Well, I for one bought the Beyond the Mountains of Madness (hardback)

supplement from Chaosium for $75.00 a couple of weeks ago. After that

I remembered seeing the old extra kit way back in '99, and suddenly

wanted to that one as badly as any hardcore collector of CoC!

So I started to search Ebay, Amazon, others for it! But to no avail...

And then after many days of agonizing pain in not being able to locate

this OOP supplement I found a few dusty and forgotten exes of it in

Denmark, on a Fantasy and Comic selling store called: www.fantask.dk !!

Have a look all you that are interested in ordering it. Good luck!

"I intend to live forever, or die trying" - Groucho Marx

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