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Mythras Matters 1.4 Out Now


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On 8/1/2019 at 6:37 AM, lawrence.whitaker said:

We have the cover art ready and will be releasing a preview on our Newsletter in the next couple of weeks.


Will you have an ETA when you drop the preview?  Even a rough one?

Also: will it be a sourcebook / supplement, or a complete-under-one-cover game?


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13 hours ago, lawrence.whitaker said:

The book won't be out until next year. It will be a supplement, as all our Mythics books are. 

Fair warning, then:  a BRP-ish mythic take on the ancient Middle East / Near East region has been on my short-list of wanted RPG books for more than a decade.

Don't expect me to last much beyond New Year's Day before I begin pleading for an updated ETA...  🤠  


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