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2019 RQG releases?


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13 minutes ago, Sumath said:

There's usually some news coming out of The Kraken convention each year, so hopefully one of the attendees will post any news or indications of when stuff will be released. Anybody going to that this weekend?

Sure. Though the close term product queue is well known, and GaGoG is around the corner, too.


Telling how it is excessive verbis


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13 hours ago, Beornvig said:

So please, for the love of all that's holy, make more Pavis & Big Rubble / Borderlands, and make more Apple Lane/Snake Pipe Hollows.  

Maybe these will come with the Jonstown Compendium.

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4 hours ago, Paid a bod yn dwp said:

Excellent! Can’t wait to go back there. I’m saving up my lunars ( hope they’re still an accepted currency)

Depends on where in the timeline you've set your campaign.

Has Sartexit happened yet?

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Belatedly reporting from the RQG near future release panel, the next two releases still are Smoking Ruins and Pegasus Plateau, Jeff and Jason went into how art direction for Glorantha is a lot more time-craving than for e.g. Pendragon or Cthulhu and how bad that is for a project like GaGoG. The possibly most enlightening news (other than Jeff and Jason name-dropping various authors for the two scenario books) was that the upcoming RQ Starter Set will contain a write-up of Jonstown with detail on par to that on New Pavis.

Robin's upcoming Pavis/Big Rubble project had its own panel which dealt with the way it is going to be a sandbox, what everybody believed the old Pavis and Big Rubble boxes contained and what people imagined it to contain. Overall, exciting perspectives - there will be a character generation system in the Pavis box that allows you to create characters who followed Argrath and Harrek on the Circumnavigation, with the option to have gained the attention of Harrek, losing an arm as he ripped it off, then having had it regrown or otherwise re-attached, resulting in a character having the potential to both gain the passions Loyalty: Harrek and Fear Harrek.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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