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Interactive Stellar Map (for RoH)

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6 hours ago, Michael Hopcroft said:

How many of those stars have habitable exoplanets (assuming there is such a thing, which I doubt)?

This takes a couple of definitions of "habitable". Proxima Centauri B for instance lies in the habitable zone in times of normal brightness, but would be over-exposed to radiation during periods of signiicantly increased activity. However, presumably being tidally locked, the backside or the twilight zone of the planet might offer the temperature range we would deem habitable even in times of greater activity.

If you mean habitable as in having a biosphere supporting an oxygen atmosphere, probably none. Having conditions where such a biosphere could be introduced, possibly a few.

Allowing domed habitats without intensive thermal requirement - probably quite a few.

Having a planetary magnet field to ward off cosmic radiation - hardly any.

All of these at once? Probably similar to a jackpot in a lottery.

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Thank you for the map and the link. I've been looking for a good 3d map of the stellar neighbourhood for some time. And since I've yet to find any that works well for gaming purposes, I have resigned myself to using 2d maps. For RoH I used the map found here to create this:


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