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Furnace 2009: 10-11 Oct: Sheffield, UK


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Just a quick note to say that Furnace 2009 is now open for registration. I hope you can all make it this year and get in some realy good gaming in a welcoming atmosphere. It's our fourth year and we plan to follow the same format with a few minor enhancements. We always seem to have a really good time, so if you haven't managed to make it before then rest assured that you'll have a fun and refreshing weekend with us.

Furnace is a full-on tabletop roleplaying con in Sheffield, UK, October 10-11 2009. We run 5 sessions of games Saturday-Sunday, no panels, no guests of honour, no auctions, just pure concentrated roleplaying.

The con is friendly, in a converted gaol, beautifully quiet and has a strong preponderance of d100 games (CoC, RQ, SimpleQuest, BRP), indie games (Collective Endeavour have a stand every year), Savage Worlds and many more. Have a look at the website and see the Furnaceers at play..


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Another quick update. We have a full gaming timetable for Furnace, we have 58 attendees, leaving 12 spaces free, and we have a growing collection of items for the Con Book.

We'd love to see you at Furnace 09, but spaces are going fast.. so come along and sign up now..


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