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Queens of Holay


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4 hours ago, Caras said:

Queen Phirgia

Comes from the Life of Moonson LARP so not a canonical source. Currently I'm positing her as a sister to Inrana.

4 hours ago, Caras said:

Queen Inrana

The young queen noted in the Guide.

This is generally what we know of her: The ambitious young queen of Holay ascended the Horse Throne and took the Necklace of Radiance accompanied by omens of forthcoming glory.  She is as yet unmarried and without offspring, but has vowed that her unborn daughter shall marry the king of the world.

What Jeff and I have posited is the following:

Inrana was born circa 1598, the daughter of Appius Luxius and Queen Argiskare of Holay/Filichet, conceived during a temple ritual. She became queen in 1613 and has *deliberately* not married, deliberately not had a child, as part of her magical effort to give birth to the Queen of the World. 

As of 1626, there is only one individual who would count as "king of the world" to target for marriage: the Red Emperor.

Whether she succeeds or not with the Red Emperor, or survives to marry Argrath, remains to be seen.

4 hours ago, Caras said:

Queen Inkarne

While KoS notes marrying the Queen of Saird, keep the text from the Glorantha Sourcebook p.17 in your mind:

Inkarne (born 1605, Feathered Horse Queen from 1625 onwards). The daughter of Virkala and Moirades, Inkarne became Feathered Horse Queen upon the death of her aunt in 1625. She has taken the title “Reaches All”. 

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