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Demon and Elemental Summoning

Lloyd Dupont

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I am baffled by Demon and Elemental summing.

Can someone help me understand by making a detailed example of a lesser Demon/'Elemental summoning with maybe one extra power?

I wonder.. how many MP does it cost, what are the creature characteristic and power.. etc...


Let me have a go to, so far, as I understand it:

With 9MP you have 8D8 of characteristics or 1 of MOV. which would be STTR:4 CON4 INT4 POW4 DEX4 MOV4, you need to pay at least 35MP for a lesser demon with 3D8 in all characteristic and 10 in MOV, is that so? But base damage 0. Add like 6 more MP for D10+d2 damage. Add more MP for power. Or if one is limited to INT D8, say 16D8, that mean 5 characteristic at 2D8 and 2 at 3D8 which would below human average, an no extra power

I.e. those spell have ludicrous cost.....

But if one has access to such ludicrous power, maybe using multiple brazier of powers and chain of being, it is unclear if there is any limit to their power.. For example chain of being with 8 sorcerer having 15POW each will have 120MP.

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But even the BRP book is a bit vague...

Sorcery > Summon Demon

"Unlike other sorcery spells, summoning a demon costs 9 power points, paid when the demon appears." ... "Typically, your character is limited to his or her INT in D8s of demon POW, just as if were a spell. For example, a POW 3D8 demon counts as 3 levels of INT that your character cannot fill with sorcery spells."

But then the Demon, Greater in the bestiary is "POW 3D6+6" no D8?!


Or Magic > Conjure Elemental
Cost Per Level: 1
What does higher or lower level do?!  :o 
And only 1MP to summon a rather powerful creature? (I know, only 10 round, but even so..)

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On 8/23/2019 at 1:11 PM, Sean_RDP said:

Right, those are a bit vague, which is why I would just use the MW core book itself. Lesser Demon = 6 MP; Greater Demon = 9 MP

That is much more straightforward and easier to deal with.

Thanks.. I needed that info right now... Can finally thanks you 2 years later! 🙂

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