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Swedish edition of Call of Cthulhu is now live on Kickstarter - do watch the video!

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The Kickstarter for the Swedish edition of Call of Cthulhu is now live. Our friends at Eloso Förlag have created a special international collectors backer level for non-Swedes, but if you don't do anything else do watch their campaign video - its AMAZING!


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On 8/28/2019 at 6:20 AM, groovyclam said:

It IS amazing - remember to turn on the English subtitles peeps (bottom right clicky).

They should KickStart a full-length film of the advert.

In the latest update:


A new video is planned, stay tuned! And if you haven't heard, the silver Ennie award-winning podcast Red Moon Roleplaying, will do an Actual Play of The Black Minotaur, the mini-campaign for the swedish Call of Cthulhu, in English (next year, around the time of release)


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Here's the next video instalment from our friends Eloso Förlag. If you're a Call of Cthulhu fan, do yourself a favour and check these videos out, you won't be disappointed. In fact, we think you'll be as amazed as we are! (Click for English subtitles bottom right).

And do take a look at their Kickstarter campaign for Call of Cthulhu in Swedish: there's a special level for international backers.


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