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Scifi Setting Idea (or material)?

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I am planning my next campaign to be scifi in a Master of Orion inspired universe!
One of the specific is, I made it post win condition (Orion has fallen, half of the galactic quadrant has been conquered), in a fallen Bulrathi empire (pick your race of choice), due to an internal coup and a coup de grace by the Antarian (during the succession turmoil).
There would be Psionic powers with Elerians (and Illithid a minor space race aka minflayers, i.e. which didn't discover space travel but has been discovered by advanced races), psionic items (to help normal players, since most if not all would neither be Elerian or Illithid) and possible genetic or psionic manipulation to gain them.
I wonder if someone already has something similar? :P 


Meanwhile I am playing my fantasy totally custom adventure in a multiverse inspired by D&D, Master of Magic, Call of Cthulhu all together... (Player currently stranded on Arcanum trying to escape dark elf slavers :P ) good fun! :) 

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