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is ATtH coming to the retail market?

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Hi @Mike M (or anyone at Chaosium; but really... who ELSE would I ask??!?)

Are there plans to remove A Time to Harvest from the "Cult Only" library, and release it as a general, retail-sales product?   ☺️

PDF, POD ... even a little box-set treatment?  😁


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13 hours ago, Mike M said:

The answer is yes. A book version is in development.



That's what I recall being mentioned.  Is the timing such that this may be mentioned?

There's a query on the main (non-Cult) CoC forum asking for "shorter" campaigns, easier stuff than MoN & HotOE...  My thoughts went straight to ATtH...


Come to think of it... take a look at the Stickied threads over on the "Glorantha" forum:  "Publications" and "Upcoming Publications."

That would seem an asset for the main CoC forum, too... even if the Mythos is an arcane and mysterious thing...

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5 hours ago, Mike M said:

It's the next book in the editorial pile - in fact artwork is currently being commissioned. So, soonish is the answer.

As is often noted int the forums (both CoC-private, and the public areas) -- you rock, Mr. M !

(also, I hope your piles get better)

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