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Magic Traits and Stunts

Lloyd Dupont

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Just some clarifications

To use Arcane Magic one would need the following Skill/Trait-Stuns
Knowledge: Arcane
Concentration: Might,Combine,Range,Target,Spell1,2,3....

4 traits slot being taken to extend spell to their fullest (i.e manipulation stunts), is that right?
I am not complaining, just asking for clarification...

In fact, I kind of cheated that requirement already by creating a "Specialisation" skill that hold no purpose other than providing additional stunt, power and knowledge trait.
Though I'd like to have more trait ideas in combat. manipulation, etc.... to make it impossible to do everything to optimal degrees....

I already have a combat idea (that will occupy just 1 or 2 slot in practice though) to offer further specialisation in each individual weapon type as a stunt. i.e. Sword Trait, Broadsword Mastery (+20%)

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