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New Character Sheet


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Here is the new Character Sheet, in full colour and with the name changes and simplifications that we are progressively introducing. I have not changed the main link yet because that character sheet is hosted on the purchase page for the core book. 

Watch out for the new quickstart, it is almost ready!



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20 hours ago, Lloyd Dupont said:

Effort? Readiness?

I am lost... :(

What does those means?

Effort -> Exertion Points. They will probably be called Effort Points in the text, but writing simply Effort on sheets is the clearest solution for those who do not come from wargaming background like many of us. "The character spends X Effort to perform Action Z" is the most natural way of expressing that concep.

Readiness -> Strike Rank. You may also call it Strike Readiness so that it has the same acronym. Again, "you lose X Readiness to act" or "with this Combat effect you decrease your opponent's Readiness by X" is the most intuitive way of explaining what is going on.

We knew that not everything is clear at first reading and we have been working on the language used.

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